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The Apple Eye cover by CookieZoela
The Apple Eye cover
My Nanowrimo Novel for 2014 I had dozen variation of colors  and finally setlled on GREEN. Just a bunch of edits from stuff all over google. So I Don't own anything obviously. 

if i can manage"
Writing is hard 
Amaya's pov

Have you ever felt a knife in your gut? Chances are you haven't but I could help you understand the feeling. The sharp pain that rips through you as the knife sinks into your body?  The lasting pain but even longer lasting weakness from the bleeding wound. Now imagine that knife being placed there by a friend. Several friends you taught you could trust to hold that knife as close as possible without hurting you and You got the jist of how everyone, mostly reacted to the news. Naturally I was exaggerating but it still hurt like hell. When you trust someone and it turned out they they didn't trust you as much as you thought, it stings and the salt on the wound was the idea that they thought we'd mooch off of them. 

Adding insult to injury. 

"Um...." Aika started looking at Mai with the blankest expression she could pull off.  "You thought we'd do what?"

"N-not you guys!'s always been a worry that people would befriend us for what we have and know us.." Still sat there silent on at the table. Since Jirou had been released from the hospital, it meant the only way we could visit him was if we went to his house. To be honest all the years I've known these guys never did I ever think the reason I'd never went by their house would be that. I just figured it was an Uchiha thing. Sometimes they were weird. My own grandfather has issues with me popping by unannounced, it was practically in their wiring. 

"That's a great speech and all for like the 2nd date" I stated simply with crossed arms. I didn't even want to bother hiding how annoyed I was.  "We've known you guys for years. Years and you didn't trust us enough to tell us that? It's not even a big fucking deal to begin with, who gives to shits about money here?"

"It's not that we didn't trust you" Madana said calmly taking a side glance at Ria who was just as upset.

"Sounds like it to me" He said with a mumble.

"Does it matter? you know now." Taro said matching my glare. "And if you guys didn't care it wouldn't have mattered when we told you"

"That is so not the point" Yukio said after finishing her smoothie.  "Had Jirou never gotten hurt , we wouldn't have known.....I asked you...Mai..I asked you hey Maybe i could come by your house to study...and you just brushed me off..gave me an excuse...that was a few weeks ago.....did you really think we'd react like that? see dollar signs? seriously thats all you've picked up from knowing us all this time? It's not about when you told us it's the fact if circumstances were different you wouldn't. You didn't trust us enough to think we wouldn't use you... Did you really think that low of us that?"


"You're saying one thing but did another" Aika said looking straight at her. "We tell you guys everything, Money related or not.....You know my mom's side is well off or Kasume's hasn't been an issue with our why did you think it would be?"

"Just.." Madana started trying to figure out how to pace her words. "It just never left us I guess,  we grew up with the idea in our heads for so long and it was an automatic reaction..." She paled when even Ria frowned at her. 

"6th grade. We met you guys at 6th grade."  Ria spoke sadly. "How automatic can that reaction be by now?"

"It was awkward for us being well off , how were we supposed to tell you guys without sounding like we were bragging?"  I gave a harsh laugh as she bit her lip. I rested my forehead in the palm of my hand feeling a headache come on. 

"That and our dad doesn't really like guests because he'd think we were being used. He's a bit paranoid and so we're uncomfortable having anyone over"

"The dad part I get" Aika explained. "But jesus Mai it's not rocket should have just said're the last person on earth we'd ever think would be bragging. Any of you! come on give us a little credit here. We've known you guys how long? "

"6th grade" Ria repeated.

Aika gave a little point in his direction.  "Anything would have done it really, literally anything. We talk about parents all the damn time, relatives, uncles. millions of scenarios and questions and any one of them could have done good in opening that can of worms."   Yukio said with an exhausted sigh before her eyes landed on Mai. "Wait a minute.......that anonymous donation..." Mai's face paled just as our reactions understood just what she was saying. "Well if that wasn't an opening I don't know what is."

"You got your family to make that donation." Aika reasoned before Mae nodded. "And you pretended not to have a single clue about it....."

"To think I told Yui she was being paranoid when she thought it was you"  Boy did this conversation hurt, seemed like more knives for lining up to stab us in the gut. "That was literally the perfect timing to say it, we wouldn't have cared about the fact you had money just excited about the epic move you did to stick one to those bitches who tried to close the clubs."  I said with a shake of my head. "God I feel so stupid."

"We're sorry alright?" Taro said with a sigh. "We're sorry."

Kasume only looked sadly at them but managed a weak smile. "Guys, calm down please..just try to take a breather here?"

"I'm sorry if i'm pissed off that my friends think i'd was a gold digger. I solemnly apologize." I pushed myself from the seat. It squealed dragging against the tiles.. "We'll be there okay? obviously we want to know how Jirou's doing....i'll be sure to keep my hands off everything" I said putting up my hands dramatically. 

"Amaya come on" Mai pleaded.

"Guys trust works both ways......and each of us trusted you guys with literally everything. There isn't much we don't know about each other outside our underwear choices...and I know some of those too.......I get your dad wouldn't have any reason to trust us...but he's not the one we've known for years...You guys were ..and if you honestly couldn't tell him we weren't like that.....then  I don't have time for this. I'm heading to track.. 4:00pm right to meet outside the school after club meetings to head to the house? I'll be there but till then I don't have to be here."   Mai tried to stop me but I just shrugged her off. Therapy at least has taught me that if an environment is upsetting you distance yourself from it until you're calm and that's exactly what I did.

I'd much rather run until my legs were like burnt rubber then stayed another minute in that Cafeteria. 

Aika's POV

Part of me figured that I should have stopped Amaya from leaving but I think she needed her breathing room. The air in the cafeteria was still tensed but it simmered down from the original anger just to everyone being upset at each other. Mai looked like she was seconds away from bursting into tears when Amaya shrugged her off. I know Amaya would have hated to make her cry but I also knew that she didn't handle stress that well either.

"Guys please" she pleaded practically begged. "There's way too much going on right now can you just be mad at us later?"

"'Yeah okay we didn't really intentionally hid this from you it's just we're not comfortable talking about it can you get that at least? If you haven't noticed our brother had is mind screwed around don't you think that a bit more important right now?'" Taro said with a frustrated sigh. They didn't get it, at least he didn't seem to. I didn't exactly fancy being upset with them not when all of this was going on but it didn't seem like they understood just why everyone was so upset. Madana wasn't even saying audible things anymore she just kept looking apologetically over at Ria who seemed far more sad than angry at her. 

"okay we get it you're hurt we didn't trust you and that's not even why we didn't say so but whatever if that's what you're going to believe fine. Then tell me how do we make it right? Obviously offering you things will make it worse so what do you want exactly?" Taro looked so frustrated I knew it took him everything in his power not to walk away but he couldn't. He didn't want us upset with him, or any of them. He clearly didn't need that on him with the stress going on at him "Look our brother almost died and now for whatever reason he's in love with that bitch and THIS is what you're gonna grill us over? our minds are kinda elsewhere currently we don't need our friends pissed cause we didn't tell them ours dad is a founder and ceo of a company"

Yukio only looked to her feet. No doubt like everyone else feeling guilty about he had just said.  "We can't help being upset Taro" 

"But he's...right" Daichi spoke up after a while with all eyes turning on him when he had. "At least on the priorities we should be finding a way to help Jirou."

"Thank you" Taro said practically half relieved. It didn't help lift the atmosphere any brighter  but we did all agree that we'd push the issue for another time. 

" last thing?" I said. "Mai were the first person who found out about my eating disorder.....I didn't tell you about it because it was easy to talk about....I didn't tell you because I was comfortable in saying it to a person. I hated it. I didn't want to talk about it. It made me feel so uncomfortable and guilty that even thinking about saying something would leave me ill but I told you....and everyone else...because you're my're all my took a while but I told you guys because I trusted you......It didn't matter what the secret was Taro,  whether the secret was that Mai was depressed, you were gay, had eight toes on a foot or was getting married...and didn't tell us we'd still all be upset.  Part of having friends...or being friends isn't being there for the easy's trusting each other and being there for each other for the moments we wouldn't let anyone else help us with.....We get you guys were uncomfortable....we do.......but we all shared our uncomfortable moments .....just sort of wish you trusted us with yours...." I sighed but I didn't want to dwell on it much longer. Least I end up having to leave to leave as well which would no doubt send Mai into tears if I had.

Madana spoke up . "'it just didn't seem that important to us for you to know, we believed it wouldn't affect our friendship that much is true, and Jirou was even a bit worried you guys would be upset with us if you found out on your own but it just wasn't that beg a deal to us, a simple fact that we didn't think would really impact anything but at the same time we couldn't get ourselves to say it.'it just didn't seem that important to us for you to know, we believed it wouldn't affect our friendship that much is true,but it just wasn't that beg a deal to us, a simple fact that we didn't think would really impact anything but at the same time we couldn't get ourselves to say it." She just groaned sneaking one last look at Ria before looking away. "This this whole thing, was exactly what Jirou was scared of"

"It's not like we want to be upset with you guys" Ria said. "Believe me we don't. This sucks just as much for us too but it would have been alot worse if we laughed, joked and pretended it didn't bother us when it did. That wouldn't have been fair to anyone." The rest of us nodded.

"You guys pretty much said in not so many words you think we're shallow enough to be unable to handle the fact you guys have money" Kiseki pushed around his peas on his plate. His eyes glued to his tray. "Honestly I'm too exhausted to be madder than this." 

Kasume sighed and Akina kept her eyes at the hallway Amaya disappeared too. "Guys I get it okay? It's only natural to be worried about people taking advantage of you" Kasume said. "Whether it's for money, skills or just using you in general that's all normal but like Amaya and Aika said, friendship is all about trust isn't it? of course you have to feel comfortable with us to share your story which is why it hurts so much. Not just because you didn't seem to trust us but because you may not have been comfortable enough with us too."

"That isn't the case though" Taro said. "We just didn't know how"

"I swear the god Taro, it's as simple as saying 'oh by the way family has money hahaha funny right?' It's not as difficult as you're making it seem and honestly I want to be done with this conversation because I'll end up leaving right along with Amaya." I hated that my own mind was guilt tripping me, being mad at people who already had so much of their plate but I couldn't help it.  The urge to get out of the room was only growing. No wonder Amaya had to bolt. "We're still your friends.....we're upset yeah but we get's what important so......" I took a deep breathe trying to push down the hurt ."how do we go about getting this done ....stopping the bitch from stringing your brother along that is" 

Everyone was still in a sulky mood but Ria managed to pipe up again still not catching Madana's glance. "Have you tried finding his journal?"  Taro raised an eyebrow at him. "He keeps one. He mentioned it to me before he's got to have something about Kairi in it. I had a journal once and I wrote down a bunch of nightmares about- " His eyes glanced at Taro. "Not important.....point is he's got to have something"

"If the idiot didn't want his journal found we're not going to find it."

"That's not the attitude that'll find that thing that's for sure" I joked forcing my lips to a smile. "If all of us look we'll be able to find it no doubt. Maybe that'd help jog his repulsed memories for her"

"And if it doesn't?" Yukio asked  

"We'll have to try plan C"

"We just thought of plan A what the hell is Plan C" She asked.

"We put him in a nun school....away from vile's worth  a shot" It did manage to make everyone laugh but Taro seemed like he seriously considered it as a viable option. "Dude i'm kidding."

"Never know" he shrugged.  "But that's as good a plan as any" He looked off a bit in the direction Amaya went. "Remember 4:00 okay?" We all nodded before he nodded at us on his own and left.  Mai sat down near me and I rubbed her hand. She was still pretty upset, we all were but when she turned I gave her a smile.

"Let's forget about that right now and just focus on getting brother back alright?" She gave me a a smile. 


Kairi's POV

I was on my bed when my phone had vibrated to life. I raised an eyebrow. Harumi was on her way here what would be the point in texting me? Then I realized it was from Jirou and instantly I sat up after reading the message.

From: Jirou

To: Kairi

Message:  Hey sweetie!  So um, So a bunch of people from school are coming to my house later today and it wouldn't be fair if my beautiful girlfriend wasn't there right? So ugh here's my address can't wait to see you

He left little hearts at the end of the message. My cheeks bubbled with warmed that spread all the way to my toes. There hasn't been a day before this year that I hadn't tried to figure out where he had lived and now here he was sending me his address without a single second thought. This was just beautiful. I wanted to dance and scream how I was so happy. 

I looked at the time and realized that staying home today payed off. I couldn't do any spells my body felt too weak and I needed to sleep it off and thank goodness I had. I flew over to the closet and started scouting for an outfit.  This had to be my best looking one yet. Casual but stylish and not too revealing after all his parents were going to be there and I knew he had young siblings.

Moms fell in love with me all the time but from meeting her at Parents Day I knew that Jirou's mom was going to be a challenge to win over. I couldn't do any mistakes  with this one it was all or nothing. I bit my lip after choosing a dark one sleeved shirt with shimmering silver feather designs on it and the words "Angel" with a halo on it. It was one of my favorites so I paired it with my white jeans and figured it was perfect.

Harumi arrived just as I finished my makeup.   "Where are you going dressed like that?"

"Jirou's house" her eyes widen as I smirked twirling on my flats. "How do I look?"

"Bombing and what he invited you over to his house?!"

"I know! Unfortunately the stooges would be there too. I have to get there before they do"

"Wait can I go? I mean if you're going to be there with them you'll need all the support you can get"

"No, you stay here. I promise next trip which will happen you'd get to come okay? I need to find something in Jirou's room and I don't want it to be obvious" 

Her shoulders fell. "But I've been helping you for so long and I don't even get to see it?"
"You will just not today. I need to go alone for now Harumi" I placed my hands on her shoulder. "You've done great you have and  I promise you'll get to see it just not now?  She nodded after a while and I kissed her forehead. "Good girl. I'll text you okay?" I patted her shoulder and grabbed my bad. "Got to get there before the stooges...Wish me luck"

"I'll be watching from the mirror bowl then" I winked.

"That a girl"

I took a cab to a few blocks to the location and walked the rest of the way there. I kept staring at the phone to make sure I didn't get lost or anything. It wasn't that far away from where I lived, it was about an hour drive before I made a stop. That was good to know for convenience's sake. I walked along the blocks looking at the mail boxes.  Then I got to the end of the lane and my jaw almost hit the floor. That couldn't be right. I kept looking at the  phone making sure I had the address right. 

I couldn't believe my eyes . The houses on the street were pretty great, huge actually but this house was absolutely gorgeous. Large black iron fencing and gate it was one of those traditional styled Japanese  mansion, it rested on the end of a long road stretch of road, there were a few dozen trees to the back and few in the front. Cars were parked in the driveway and I saw what looked like motorcycle tracks no doubt from Taro's bike.

My heart threatened to leap out of my chest. I could have been staring for a half an hour straight I wouldn't have noticed.  Talk about being lucky with my choice of guys. I was seconds away from taking a picture or something to send to Harumi but I bit off the urge and simply sent a text to Jirou to say I was there. 

The drive way slid open making a grinding noise as the large iron gates slid open and I made my way inside.  When I got to the entrance the door opened just as I was going to ring the doorbell.  Eri had a surprise look on her when she saw me there.   "Hello ma'am nice to meet you again" I said with a bow.

She blinked and tilted her head in confusion. "Um" Then her look turned to one of concerned when she saw the time. "Hello, um isn't school still going on? Taro said he would't be here with the others till Four"

"Today's my day off" she looked even more confused. "You see since I have so many positions in school, head of student console, hall monitor and a few clubs to run, I typically give myself a day off every two weeks" I giggled. "Got to rest up or i'd be running on zero" She nodded understandbly.

"Jirou did say he had invited someone else" I gave the sweetest smile I could and nodded before she directed me inside. "Well he's in his room"  The sound of running me took my attention to the living room. I recognized one of the kids from meeting Eri on parents day. The little girl was playing with no doubt her younger twin brother. 

"Hey there" I knelt in front of them. The second the boy saw me he made a beeline behind of Eri's leg. "It's okay you don't have to be scared of me.." But he only kept hiding. The girl looked straight at me.

"Hello" she said simply. 

"Remember me from parents day?" she nodded. "Great..Yasu right?" She nodded again. Her expression didn't have anything you'd usually see, not curiosity, happiness or excitement. Just a blank look as if she was studying me. It sent a little chill down my spine but I brushed it off feeling ridiculous. What was she like four? 

"Well I have to keep an eye on the young ones" Eri said putting a hand on the little boy's shoulder. He still didn't peek out to look at me so I only sighed. "Sorry about that Tsuneo's always been a shy boy" I smiled waving my hand dismissively.

"Don't worry about it." I kept my smile on trying not to let the fact Yasu was still staring get to me.  

"Jirou's in his room like I said but please don't overload him with information or have him move around too much. He's still very fragile and the doctor said he needs all the rest he can get alright?

"I understand believe me the last thing I want to do is hurt him" She nodded her features still showing concern.

"Alright, my husband's in his study so you won't be seeing him until dinner and everyone would be here at four" I followed her to Jirou's room. Smiling when she opened the door meeting on his own smile.  He was sitting up in his bed with sheets covering his leg. He had a few books at his bed side and was in the middle of finishing one no doubt. 

"Mom" he beamed and looked excited even with me there. "K-kairi"

Eri went over to him checking the sheets and putting her hand lightly on his head."Are you comfortable baby? does your head hurt? do you need anything?" the speed at which she spouted out the questions made it a little hard for me to keep up but Jirou seemed to pick up every one of them.

"Yes mom, No mom  and don't worry about it i'm alright" he smiled. She gave him a soft smile of her own before kissing his forehead.

"If you need anything, I mean anything."

He held up the tiny string and pulled a small button from under his shirt. "I know mom, don't worry I'm okay"

"Sweetie you're my baby, all I do right now is worry" she smiled before adjusting his covers and putting her hand on his cheek. "Have to go keep an eye on the twins......remember..every and need"

"I'll call I will" She smiled. I knew the last thing she wanted to do was leave his side but after a while she reluctantly left.  I went over and sat down besides him on the bed.  His cheeks lit up and I gave a little laugh. "You're nervous around me...I get it I do...don't worry I don't bite"

He nodded and I rubbed my thumb across his hand when I placed it on top of his. "What are you reading hmm?"

"Um..j-ust an adventure novel...n-not sure"

"That's alright, You  used to read those alot" I laughed "sometimes I thought you liked them more than always had at least one in your hand. You had the cutest look and pout whenever something happened to one of your favorite characters...It was so funny" 

"W-e-ll...i-if I like the character I wouldn't want t hem t-to die....some authors are just cruel" he stammered. 

"You said that all the time too" I smiled. "You full on cried after reading mockingjay. That much I remember.......I'd read it with you but I don't want to make you cry" he looked horrified.

'I think I just read...catching fire.....If i cried in the last book...something bad must have happened."

"I don't..want to spoiler you" I smiled. "I'll be there to wipe your tears when you read it though alright?" He blushed even deeper with a nod.   He stayed quiet for a little while. I told him he could keep reading that I didn't want to disturb him and after a while he did. He looked really into the story but I was more proud of myself that I remembered that mockingjay thing.

When I was with Harumi in the library and Jirou, Amaya and Aika just happened to be nearby when we were. Jirou started tearing up and complaining to Aika about the ending of Mockingjay and about how just yesterday he finished catching fire and she didn't even blink or warn him. He apparently really liked some guy named Finnick and a little girl name Trim, or Prim I believe. She only smiled sadly telling him that 'true friends give friends books to ruin their lives' 

Saya was confused and only patted his back while he sobbed for a good twenty minutes. He couldn't even explain why to Taro knowing he'd get smacked if he had. 

During the time though, I used my mind to figure out just where exactly he'd hide a journal if he kept one. The usual suspects were under the bed or hidden in his dresser but those were far too simple. Anyone looking to hide something would hide it right. I glanced around the room during those moments he kept his eyes on the pages and when my eyes fell on a poster an idea came to mind.

The poster was a simple enlarged picture of his swim team at a regional competition holding up their trophies. It was the only one that was that massive. Why was that? Every other poster around was about medium to smaller size. Jirou did woodshop in school and I was willing to bet there was a hidden compartment in the wall behind that poster. 

"Um....I have to go use the bathroom" He said getting up.  "I'll be right back...." I smiled nodding just as he left the room. I knew I had only five minutes at the most before someone walked past that door. No doubt his mother who loved checking up on him was the biggest concern. The second she heard movement upstairs she would be there before I could blink.

I  carefully removed the poster off the wall and just like I thought there was a box perfectly fitted in the wall. Pulling it out I opened it my eyes landing on a few things I recognized from years before. A wooden rapidash sculpture, he carved it as his first woodshop project back in 9th grade, a few photos of his family and a few old items no doubt having some meaning to him. I took out the brown leather back book that was tucked at the bottom and shoved it into my bag before putting everything back in place. I couldn't risk having him walking in while reading it. My curiosity just had to wait until I got home. 

Jirou walked in a few moments later and climbed back onto bed. Soon enough he started asking me questions, about our first date, how we met and why was it that the others didn't seem to like me much. I took the opportunity to plant seeds of distrust about them. Flipping the story wherever I needed to suite.  I warned him especially about how manipulative Kasume could be and that he shouldn't trust her, that she played innocent knowing that the others would back her up no matter what might even going as far as to suggest she might have been the one to push him after all she did find him first. 

He seemed a bit concerned that his sister and brother would have friends like that but I told him not to worry too much about it and went on telling more positive things to make him smile. I couldn't wait until 4:00 came, If i can manage to get Amaya to cause a scene during dinner no doubt that'd aid my plans even further. This was their first time coming here as well and first impressions always mattered. I highly doubt Eri would want fighting, so I was going to do exactly that.

This day couldn't possibly get any better only I knew it was and that brought a genuine smile to my face as I started telling Jirou another story.

Amaya's POV

Turns out running did absolutely nothing to help at least not the way I thought it would.  I kept my soaked rag on my face trying to  soothe my splitting headache.  Coach told me to take a breather that I had met my quota for the day and then some so I did. My legs were secretly thankful but if she hadn't told me to stop I probably would have kept running.

What the hell was I doing? Their brother almost died and here I am being pissed off at them and being unable to stop it on top of that which only made me feel worse. They just didn't want to talk about it, Why couldn't I get that? Why couldn't my head get the idea that it wasn't because they didn't trust me? or thought I was shallow? I hated the fact my feelings were hurt so much for something that seemingly shouldn't matter. It was only 2:00 pm so I figured I had two hours to cool off when I felt someone approach where I was.

"You're still invited you know.." Taro spoke up.  "And for what it's worth we really are sorry"

I just gave a frustrated sigh. I so didn't need that right now. I felt like crap enough all on my own. Kendo club and Track were very close to each other meeting room wise. The sports clubs typically were all close to each other in general.  "Dude, I was always going but can you please leave ? I really can't handle this right now."  I really didn't want to sound irritated because I knew he'd think it was more at him than myself. "You know though last year when I had my accident. I didn't want a soul to bug me. I literally  told the nurse to tell everyone I really didn't want any visitors. Most people minus my mom listened and as you know. You didn't."

I kept my back to the door and the sheet over my head. Part of me hoped I was invisible because god knew I wanted to be. When I heard heavy feet walk in I knew it couldn't be a nurse. "Go away."

"You're not going to get rid of me that easily" I heard Taro say. 

I moved the rag looking straight at him.  "when I had my breakdown last year the person who convinced me at the hospital to talk about it and agree to therapy was you. I didn't want to talk about it. Every fiber of my being wanted to evaporate but you didn't have it and in the end I didn't tell you because i finally suddenly got happy about talking about talking about it wasn't because you were being so persistent either.  I trusted you, it wasn't easy to say it wasn't comfortable to hear the words out my mouth but I trust you...Trusted that you wouldn't judge me or something...I just wish you guys trusted us is all. It didn't matter what you hid just that you guys felt the need to hide it" I put the rag back over my face so I couldn't see his reaction but his voice portrayed it well enough.

"It didn't seem important to us to tell you since we didn't think it'd impact our friendship, we didn't think it'd be important to you guys either... and i'll let you know one thing... our dad doesn't even trust his own family, he doesn't like dealing with anyone in the Uchiha clan, and not even we know why. He only seems to trust our mom and us" I took my rag off of my face and sat up in my seat. 

"That seems to be an Uchiha thing since my mom and uncles don't exactly trust many people in their family either but if it wasn't important then why lie? People don't lie about things that didn't matter....we don't care about the secret taro..its the fact you guys lied about it just seemed like you didn't trust us at all. You barged into my hospital room and practically didn't want to leave till i told you why i almost know..and that wasn't comfortable ..i didn't think it already happened..why was the why important?..but i told you said see a therapist that people were worried and that they could help. I hate therapists but you know what i gave it a try because i trusted you....three therapists i went to before I saw doc...three.....all because i didn't want go give in that wouldn't have been important to us..we don't care who your dad is..what he does..only thing that mattered is you guys felt the need to hide it or something and that's what bothers me.."

I didn't have to look at him to know he was getting irritated. I heard the light ruffle of his shirt when he crossed his arms and the low growl that past his lips. Hell even I was getting annoyed. 

"well you know now, and we're trusting you not to tell the school, i don't want more damn groupies then i can handle, you think if we wanted to continue hiding it we wouldn't have told you?"

I frowned laying back down putting the rag back on. "dude do not get on my nerves..i'm trying to calm down. You think I want to be pissed at you guys? I don't I'm completely hating myself and I feel like shit just being mad this long after whats all that's happened...I'm already pissed at Kairi and Harumi and their zombie minions I do not need to feel like I'm angry at my friends too. I get it. You guys didn't think it was didn't feel're trusting us now I get all of that but I cant help the nagging voice in my head that's saying stupid things in my head. I'd like it to stop im trying to make it stop I need some alone time to try I cant get annoyed with you right now cause it'll end up in an argument and i don't want that so please go"

I peep past the cloth to see him raise an eyebrow before shrugging. "you're joining us after you're done with track, don't make me hunt you down" he warned.

I almost scoffed and shot him a look that clearly challenged that notion. "Right"

"'Trust me don't I'm aggravated enough"  Wait did he actually believe me? I sat up the rag falling into my lap. 

"Of course i'm coming just cause I'm pissed doesn't mean I'm heartless even if you guys are all fucking idiots"  He started walking past me just as his hand patted my head.

"I know you aren't" He said before leaving.  I groaned laying back down on the couch the feeling of the headache only getting worse but a slight sigh left my lips. I couldn't ever stay mad at those idiots for long anyway.

When 4:00 hit I found myself at the school gate. A little disturbed some seemed surprised I'd be there at all. Mai looked incredibly happy and looked like she was seconds away from hugging me. That fact she felt the need to restrain that made me hate myself a little more so I warped my arms around her in a quick hug. 

"Everyone here?" Taro asked and we looked around to check. Yui and Ria were next to each other, my sis and Aika were near Daichi, Saya and Kiseki,  Mai  and Madana were standing near Taro and Kasume was leaning on the school gate.  

"Seems like it" Kasume said with a smile. 

"Alright" He said getting on his phone and in a few moments a black mini limousine came from the road and drove into the school grounds. "Let's get going then"

We went into the limo while Taro and Mai used the back in front of us. None of us really said anything just kept looking on the road trying to figure out the streets we were in.  For a while I didn't recognize them but I knew the general direction so that was good enough.  Eventually we pulled up to this large house that was fenced by huge iron gates.  The gates slid open allowing the bike and car into the long drive way.  The house on the end of the path was gorgeous, I didn't care much for how fancy a building looked but I gave credit where credit was due.  An old Japanese style mansion  was the best way I could describe it though another word I'd use for the place was definitely big.

Kasume was probably having a field day looking at it. She loved designs and appreciated it in any form. When the limo parked we all got out of it with Taro walking towards us after parking his bike.  I knew he and the others were watching our reactions. Part of me questioned whether why and didn't feel like showing any outward care for it. It was a house after all.

Kasume looked like she wanted to kiss, sketch or marry the thing which was a tad concerning. Waved my hand in front of her a few times but she didn't seem to notice me. 

Mai giggled a bit before leading us to the front door. I had to guide Kasume along since I knew if I left her staring any other she'd pull out a sketch book and probably never leave till she was done.  When we got inside, we were met with a taller woman who looked alot like Mai and otherwise looked way too young to be a mom.

"Hey mom." Taro, Mai and Madana said.

"hello my name is Eri, please welcome to our home,"  Taro stepped in front of us and started introducing us one by one. When he got to Ria and Yuikio though Eri made a smile and mentioned how she'd met the duo previously as Ria and Yuikio grinned.

"Nice meeting you again!" They both said. Ria threw his arms to the back of his head as Eri giggled.   " well I'm very happy to finally meet the friends of my children, Thank you for visiting my son, he's been getting lonely, his girlfriend is already here though."

The general reaction was probably alot like my mental one. Taro did his best not to hide his mental annoyance but I knew behind that calm demeanor he was letting out a string of curse words internally.  My eyes drifted around the corner and saw the flash of red hair by the couch.  Taro eased into me when his mother had turned to guide us into the living room.

"You have to calm down during this okay? if anyone causes a scene my mom will throw you out" He warned in a harsh whisper.  I gave him a surprised look before I rolled my eyes. I was absolutely furious. Naturally. There was no denying the idea of dinner with Kairi there or her being anywhere around Jirou made me ill but I wasn't an idiot.

"I know that smart ass. I can control myself." he gave me a doubtful look. Which I admit was a tad hurtful but then again I hadn't exactly shown a track record of control. Considering him and his siblings were on thin ice with us I didn't feel the need to point out the hypocrisy of him getting mad at me.  "You think I'm going to risk being kicked out? forget it I got this"  

He didn't seem all to convinced but he didn't grill me about it any further. Just before we had gotten to the living-room I heard Daichi pip up.

"So what do you think of Kairi?" Eri gave one of those smiles mothers typically gave. You know the ones when they're trying to be fair but are truly lying through their teeth. 

"Well any mother would be wary of a girl thinking she's good enough to date her son until she proves she's worthy"  I liked that answer. Hopefully she'd realize the answer to her whether she was worthy or not soon enough.  When we got into the living the sound of running feet practically came to a halt. Two kids seemed to be playing before we got in, the smaller boy had a look of panic mixed with worry.  He was about to duck behind his mother's leg when his eyes fell on mine and stopped. Looking a tad bit scared so I tried my best to give the warmest smile I could. 

"Oh hey buddy" I said going on my knee. "Remember me? We met when you were with your uncle at Parents day?" He nodded and I titled my head with a grin. "How's it been ? these are my friends....and don't worry they're cool too"

Kasume smiled near me. "You must be Tsuneo right?  He nodded hesitantly. "It's okay to be nervous sweetie but I promise we're not here to scare you or be mean at all. You don't have to be scared" 

"You know I'm not a meanie right bud?" He nodded before whispering a 'right'. 

"Hi" he said softly and Kasume and I smiled. Everyone gave him a small wave while Eri seemed a bit shocked.  She managed to shake out of it long enough to point out the small girl not much further away.

"And this is his twin Yasu"

I heard Ria let out a tiny squeak and when I turned around he was huddling behind of Saya who looked so confused.  Eri seemed a tad lost as well but Yasu only gave a smile to all of us.


"Hey" we all responded but Ria kept his eyes from her view. It could have been my imagination but at the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw that kid smirking at him. The second I focused my gaze though it was a regular smile. She even turned and faced me with a little bow. I figured I was seeing things until I heard Ria whisper over to Saya.

"You've got to save me. She's a demon"  

"Please Ria I could only deal with one headcase friend at a time thank you." She whispered back.

Kairi and Jirou were on the couch watching television when he turned to face us.  She had the smuggest smile on her face looking at us and of course it turned to picture perfect smile she developed specifically to win parents over when Eri had turned to look at her before her own cheeks turned a bit pink.

"Forgive me though I completely forgot do any of you have any allergies? I'm just so used to cooking for my family I forgot to have Taro find out for me"

"That's alright" Aika smiled with a giggle. "No allergies."

"Nuts" Kasume answered and Kairi laid back into the couch completely relaxed.

"Only shell fish and peppers" She said hesitantly sneaking a look at us. What she think I'd do poison her? It was a thought but I wasn't her. I didn't fight dirty nor was I homicidal. 

Eri breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. You all can still eat the meal then. I'm making a sweet beef stew with potatoes carrots and green beans" Jirou's entire face seemed to light up with joy. Eri giggled at his reaction.

"That's my favorite! are you going to make those little cheddar biscuits I liked too?"

"Of course sweetie if I'm going to make your favorite stew I'm going to make your favorite biscuits" Jirou gave a fist bump to the air practically hopping in his seat.

"YAY!" He cheered. We all couldn't help but smile. Kasume giggled and Eri just laughed before petting his hair and kissing his forehead. He was practically a little kid the way he was reacting and Kairi had the nerve to try to string him along like that?  Her little kiss on his cheek made me want to punch  those lips right off of her. Leaving gaps in those pretty white teeth of hers. Taro gave me a little bit of a look as if he could read my mind or something. I just rolled my eyes and mouthed 'I know' over to him.

When Eri left the room Jirou started playing with his fingers. We all took a sweet, I was seated on the floor opposite to where he was near Aika. 

"How have you been feeling?" Aika asked.  He seemed nervous but gave a few small answers.

"P-pretty good...just tired sometimes especially in the morning"

"You never were a morning person" Kasume added with a giggle "You always used to complain about whose bright idea was it to have school start in the morning"

"Then you said you wish you were a vampire sometimes just to have night school" Yukio added.  I'm sure we all felt a little happy seeing him crack a smile at us.

"T-h-hat does sound like me" He laughed. "I-i guess. Night school thing sounds like a good idea though but I do love sleep"

"Don't we all" I smiled.  It felt like those moments at the cafeteria, though Jirou was a tad more nervous here than there it was still pretty close and I'm sure we all missed that.   Suddenly a small black tabby ran into the room dressed in a light blue skirt and polka dot top adorn with a bow.  It meowed and ran up to Jirou's leg.

"That's quite the fashion statement" Ria said with a snicker.  Eri walked in with her hand on her hips just as Yasu came closer to the kitten. 

"Sweetie are you torturing the poor thing again?" She gave her mother a little smile.

"It's not torture it's dress up. " She answered simply and Eri gave an exasperated sigh.

"You have dolls for that sweetie, cats aren't even supposed to wear clothes. It's lucky that dear wouldn't hurt a fly" It didn't seem to matter to Yasu who only shrugged and walked away. 

"Aww, Ko right you're such a sweetie?" Kairi asked with a smile putting her hand on Jirou's hand.  Ko hissed at the contact which surprised the two on the couch especially Jirou. Eri looked puzzle but her expression seemed a little suspicious as well. 

"Huh? buddy that isn't nice" Jirou said petting the kitten's ear.  "Is Ko usually mean mom?" She shook her head hesitantly before shrugging. 

"Not at all really, maybe he's just over protective." She suggested. "Or jealous"

"I don't know" I said with a smile rubbing the tabby's ears. He purred and rubbed his head against my hand. "He seems like an excellent judge of character to me"  The others gave a slight chuckle and Kairi sent a glare at me. Jirou only pouted holding Kairi a bit closer. 

"That's not nice"

"Glad we're getting that surprise out of the way then" I said with a wink. Though it was time to end the poor thing's torture so Akina and Saya removed the clothing. It was a bit tricky since they were on pretty snug but we managed to get it done before I lost my patience and scissored the damn thing.  "Freedom" I cheered. Ko only stretched his limbs before jumping on the chair besides Ria and rested on his leg, nothing but the low grumble of his purrs were heard from him after that. 

"Food's almost ready alright guys" Eri said with a smile. Jirou was shaking with excitement. How good was that stew? I certainly couldn't wait to find out.  Taro gave me a look and I figured that was the signal. 

"Hey Taro where's the bathroom?" I asked getting up. He got up out of his own seat and ushered me upstairs.  When we got to the entrance of the bathroom he pointed further down the hall . 

"That's Jirou's room you have 5 minutes at the most before they get suspicious. I'd help but I need to make sure no one else goes upstairs alright? Hurry up."  He whispered. Taro would have looked for it himself if Jirou actually left his room long enough and was comfortable enough around him. They still had a bit of tension from what he had described. "Go." he whispered. "You better find that thing"

"I live on searching for dairies my friend. If there is one i'll find it." He left and I went into Jirou's room and closed the door quietly behind of me. The room was fairly large, bigger than mine that was for sure and filled with bookshelves, marvel and Supernatural figurines, posters and clothes scattered across the floor. I checked all the obvious spots first despite knowing Jirou was too smart for that you never knew for sure. Sometimes the answers were in the most obvious of places. Under the bed and his clothes drawer was empty. Not a thing in his closet besides lots of wooden pieces no doubt from past projects he'd dump in there. Found his consoles, texts books and a few drawings no doubt from Kasume but no book. Checked for false bottoms, hidden panels in the floorboards or drawers in the closets and nada.

I looked around before looking to my wrist. Barely two minutes left and nothing. I bit my lip. "Come on Amaya, if you were a shy dorky teenager with a  wood-shop major and a moody twin that'd live to embarrass you...where would you hide..your journal..."   I found my eyes rested on the rather large poster on the wall left to the bed. Why was that thing so huge? I knocked my fist against it lightly and heard a hallow sound. I smirked. Gotchya.

 Moving the poster carefully there was a box wedged and fitted in a space in the wall. How he managed to carve that out without anyone noticing? I was a bit impressed but none the less  I checked in the box and my soul deflated. Small wooden pieces and other stuff no doubt with some importance to him but no book. "You have got to be kidding me"  I groaned but quickly put back everything the way it was and headed back downstairs.
"Took you long enough" Kairi said with a tilt of her head. I only gave her a forced smile before sitting down.  Taro gave me a look when the conversations started back up again and I gave him a little shake of my head and mouthed 'none' .   He sulked back into his seat with arms crossed. My mood fell for a while and didn't seem to get better when we sat down to eat either. Taro and the other's dad had emerged from his study and joined us for dinner. I could see where Taro got alot of his charm from. Eri smiled and greeted him with a kiss on his cheek.

"This is my husband, Madara" She introduced and began recalling our names. We all said our good evenings and he nodded at us before taking a seat and eating his plate. He seemed a tad upset which Eri caught onto and gave him a smile.  "Is everything alright hon?"

"Just the stress that comes with idiots working under me"  I few of us snickered a bit. Definitely where Taro got his charm. Kairi didn't waste any time milking that situation.

"I know what you mean, being in leadership positions tend to raise the blood pressure" She said but he only nodded. He didn't talk much after that and mostly for a while everyone was too busy enjoying the food.

Yasu had taken a seat near Ria which seemed to freak him out. He barely touched his food at first.  I was in love with the thing. Stews were always my favorite things, only more on tons of beans side rather than the meaty side.  

"I think I'm going to need a new favorite" I heard Yuikio said with a dreamy look. "This is delicious."  

"Thank you dear" She smiled.

"Closet thing to anything this good would be the Culinary Meet we had last year" Aika said with a smile.

"Culinary meet?" She asked. 

"It was this event we had in 10th grade, we invited a few top chiefs to participate in contest. It was held by the Culinary club, everyone had to try to match each of the chiefs dishes in their time frame. The food was so so great but still pales in comparison to thIs" Kairi added much to Aika's annoyance then she turned to me. "You remember right Amaya? the food was to die for."

I blinked feeling my mind go blank.  ""

"She wasn't there" Aika said with a quick stare. 

"Oh right, forgive me. It was around the time of your accident right? My bad....just so used to seeing you close to club activities I completely forgot" I almost bent the spoon in my hand. I knew she was trying to bait me but that was so fucking low.

Jirou shot her a confused look. "Accident?"

"Amaya had a little bit of an incident last year in the girl's bathroom. Who knows what would have happened if Yuiko and Saya hadn't found her. She ended up having to go to the hospital for a long while just before the dance. She worked really hard that year...sometimes that can get to even the strongest of people. We're all happy she's okay, no relapses and she's taking her medication"  She explained with a smile at him. Taro gave me a side glance knowing in my head I kept replaying the scenario where I stabbed her with a fork for saying that but I kept it calm on the outside despite the fact my blood was about to steam over. My hand shook a little but I kept it under the table. 

"Oh." He said. "Well glad you're okay now"  I knew Aika and Yukio were pissed off but they did an excellent job at hiding it. I was almost a little proud. Akina laced her fingers between mine under the table. I knew the only thing going through her mind was all the ways to get the bitch back. Eri turned to look at me with a soft smile.

"Oh so you're the patient Yoichi bumped into then? He really likes you"  I perked up as my eyes lifted off the food and onto her.  Stabbing the biscuits with my fork was the only way I could keep it out of Kairi's face. 

"Really? I don't annoy the living day lights out of him?" I sighed slumping back into the chair. "Well that's a relief." 

She only smiled after taking a bite. "No, he really likes you even said something about being a younger version of me" She scratched her cheek a little. "Not sure what he means by that but he wouldn't give puppies to anyone how are they doing by the way?" I grinned and snickered a little when I saw Mai grumbling in the corner. Eri turned to look at her. "you know the deal darling straight A's like you promise your father in return for helping with the budget then you can pick a couple of your choosing from the pound, child and cat friendly requirement of course"

I blinked at her a little. Me? a younger version of her?  "You don't look like you could have been the hell raiser I currently am" Aika gave a small bow though.

 "Thank you and your family again for the donation"

"Yeah it saved our skin a ton" I added. "And  the puppies are doing awesome and getting along with my kitten misha too so that's a plus"

She only shrugged. "i'd ask but doctor/patient confidentiality, so only you're able to ask him, he certainly didn't call you any variation of hell raiser though. and that's good to hear, he was so proud of himself for thinking of using the pups as part of therapy" 

"He should be proud those puppies help tons!" I grinned "No matter how bad her day got..or how..troublesome some people got" I said wearily trying my best not to look at Kairi though I'm sure she knew I was talking about her.  "Snuggling with pups helped a ton...and well...I'm not exactly the calmest person in the world....or the most peaceful"

"Glad to hear it, Yoichi always puts so much into his patients so I like hearing about the results" Then she shrugged and mentioned how people tend to calm down after having kids. I only paled at that revelation. "I'm utterly doomed then but Yoichi's pretty much the best therapist I've ever had and he hasn't gotten fed up of me or judged me so much like my middle school counselors did."

She let out a laugh. "You never know Amaya, I'm very proud of him because he's a very good person and quite frankly I don't  know where I'd be without him"  I could practically feel the anger radiating from Kairi from afar. She looked very pleased with the conversation but I knew otherwise. She was absolutely furious that her attempts for me to cause a scene backfired like this and I was damn happy about that too."I was quite a different person before having the twins, never fancied myself a mother before I was pregnant with them and now my children are my world" she commented.

Taro raised an eyebrow mid way lifting his spoon. "How different?"

She waved her hand dismissively. "The past is in the past darling. I've changed" A small scoff was heard from her husband besides her. She only pouted before turning to him. "I have"

"I didn't say anything" he responded with a smirk before continuing his meal. My fear only deepened. While the spat with her husband was funny it did nothing to help. 

"My mom said the same thing about me and my sister....maybe if i say I want kids i'll escape...." She held her hand to her mouth as another laugh escaped. 

"Kids aren't for everyone but no one said you needed to change dear" I only rubbed my shoulder with a pout. No one said directly I needed to change but teachers all taught it. 

"It's not that I need to change...I just need to yah know calm down sometimes....well ...triple digits detentions from middle school don't exactly look good..I mean teachers decided whether to like me or not on the first day of high school"

She had a really pretty smile so it was good to see her do it often. "Well the puppies will help, they're like children in a sense" I thought on that for a while before crossing my arms in another pout. 

"I do like puppies..I could live with puppies..." She laughed at my reaction. Glad to know my horror amused her. The puppy idea wasn't a  bad one for the future though. Kairi shoulders seemed to tense up and I gave her a little smile. "I think you should get a bubble bath or something when you get home Kairi. You seem tense"

"I'll be sure to remember that suggestion" she said calmly. "Thank you" It's amazing how threatening a simple thank you could sound with the right pair of hatred emanating from her eyes. I've never felt more proud of myself and that was the honest truth. 

The dinner conversations lasted another thirty minutes or so before we had to leave. Eri had the limo drop us off at our individual houses since it was a tad late. I had no problems with that. I would consider the night to have been a mini success. Unfortunately while Jirou didn't seem to have a diary I may have won over his Mom which is always good and succeeded where Kairi obviously failed which made me feel even better. In fact I was in such a good mood I didn't punch out a few of her teeth the next day for dealing such a low blow at dinner, nope the utter realization her bitchy tactic only got me on Eri's good side was enough of a win for that week. 

The next day started out pretty mediocre. All of my prefects were late and Kairi wasn't in school that day. I snickered picturing her tearing her clothing apart at how bad her plan failed. Opening the locker door I started sorting out my books. 

 I didn't see just when Taro had ended up behind of me but luckily no one was around to see that startled jump. He raised an eyebrow me and I stared at him.

"That never happened" He only shrugged before I leaned against my locker door after closing it. 

"Are you sure you looked everywhere?" He started.

"Dude I'm a master diary finder. Ask, Saya, Daichi or Kiseki" or you. I wanted to say, I did take a second bathroom break and found Taro's journal though I figured to keep that to myself "I checked everywhere even the floorboards, see if there were any hidden compartments, false bottoms, believe me the places people hide their diaries can be unbelievable sometimes and I checked every one of them. The only weird part was the fact there was secret compartment in the wall behind his largest poster but all it had in were pictures and a few other stuff" I crossed my arms. "I didn't get why he went through the trouble putting that there......Thought for sure I had found it.."

"There are some pictures my dad definitely doesn't want around..even my'd make sense for him to hide those..I guess" he groaned. "That nunnery idea is sounding better by the second"

"Might be the only thing to cleanse him of whatever evil Kairi put on him maybe an exorcism or something" I finished arranging my bag and turned to meet him. "because I swear magic's the only way Jirou would ever fall for Kairi" His entire body seemed to tense as he looked straight at me. "What?"

"Say that again exactly how you said it"

"What?" I repeated.

"No. The thing before that"

"That magic was the only way Jirou would ever fall for Kairi?" I asked confusingly. He frowned his mind clearly elsewhere. "Um i'm not following how that's an idea"

"I got to go research some things now. Thanks" He practically power walked down the hall the way he was going so fast. 

"You're welcome?" I groaned. It seemed like my friends were losing their marbles far too quickly for me to catch them. 

Beyond the Veil C.18
Kairi's still my favorite character yah know lmfao ~ 

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Next chapter: 10/19/14

Aika Inuzuka - Aria-Abomination
Eri Sincera Jirou, Taro, Mai Uchiha - :iconaisteachsam:
Yuiko Uzumaki - CheshireNova
Amaya and Akina Shiranui, Kasume Aio, Kairi Hozuki, Harumi Yamanaka (c) Me
Ria Uzamaki, Madana Uchiha and Kiseki Uchiha - annria2002
Daichi Uchiha (c) ch3rryb3rry101
Saya (c) Pelissa
Akina's POV

"Trust me, I've read a ton of magazines that said if you want to get over one emotion. You have to completely give yourself over to another" Saya promptly placed her laptop onto her desk, pulling a chair and seated herself between Kasume and I. Pulling her peanut brown hair in a lose pony tail she pull up the program on her laptop. I adored being in Saya's room.

The lime carpet felt soft against my feet, she had a sea of pillows with small plushies to drown in them. Animal plushies, Manga characters or Avenger ones. She adored Loki and Thor, even had a few posters up and about.  Her furniture were all bright and popping with a collage of photos on the wall behind of her mirror. Photos from family trips, fairy lights draped on her huge full length mirror, with beanie bags arranged around tables for sketches for different outfits for drama class on them.  

"What emotion is that exactly?" Kasume asked with a forced smile. 

"Nothing trumps Grief and sadness quite like fear" I agreed. "Remember last year for exams, when we all fell asleep during studying"

"You guys were all wasted, wasn't much studying done" Kasume giggled eating a cheesy french fry from her bowl. "Grief and booze aren't the same thing"

"Is in the morning" Saya joked. "Trust me"

Matching beanie hats, in blue, green and pink respectively, Kasume, Saya and I devoted Tuesday night to Fright night. Where we sat down and watched scary movies, played scary videos or listened to creepy audio books in the comfort of our home. Sporting large technacolored hipster glasses and treats all around.

With the accident, it was Operation Cheer up like it's never been done before. Operation Cheer up, rocked many names and sparked to life after the drama of last year since then it was made a duty that whenever one or many of us were sad, we'd split into groups and tackle the objective. Kasume hadn't spoken much, so Saya and I decided we'd handle her. Ria and Madana were left to Daichi, Yuiko and Kiseki who were hosting a movie icecream night at Uncle's place. Taro and Mai were probably burying their fists into some pour unsuspecting victim since Amaya and Aika thought it was a good idea to take them to a underground highschool fighting ring that Natsuko told Aika about.  Aika figured having them fight their issues out would be better medicine than any chocolate could provide though just in case, they were going to head to Uncle's for icecream if they weren't exhausted by the end. 

Jirou's memoryloss affected everyone but it was no secret that some friends needed more attention than others.  Kasume's eyes widened when Saya pulled up the game to screen.


"Ria suggested it" Saya defended. "He said he's not touching that game again seems like a contender"

"Ria's scared of Taro and we all know Taro's really just a teddy bear in wolf's clothing how bad can the game be?" I asked.  Never regretted a decision quite like that one. If Fear was the objective, Saya succeeded in scarring all of us to the point of envying Jirou's memoryloss just a tad. Lords knows I'd love to wipe that fuzzy, white and black screen out of my mind and if Kasume and Saya's death grip on my arm and chattering teeth were any indication. The only thing their grief morphed into was regret. It was absolutely terrifying. At first the game hadn't looked so bad, holding a dimly lit flashlight through the forest even when Saya had opted to take off the lights it hadn't been too bad. Kasume was holding the mouse with Saya and I at her arms. It seemed to take her mind off situation for a while.

"Where's the first letter..I can't find this thing if my life depended on it..and it kinda does" She commented with a hopeless sigh until we all spotted a small bathroom as the forest opened up to a flat land. 

"A bathroom in the middle of a forest? might as well have a sign saying "Hey slendy come butcher me now' " I added.  "Go for it"

"Isn't the objective not to die?" Kasume blinked. "Every horror movie in the world would point out not to go in there and I quite like my virtual life"

"Not much a life being in a forest. How does one even end up in situations like that?" Saya shrugged. 

"Who knows but that's how you know there's definitely a note inside of it" Saya coached. "Go and check it out"  Kasume hesitantly looked at me taking a breath before maneuvering around the trees as her game self towards the bathroom. Instantly we were met with a tiled maze. Every wall, every corner looked exactly the same. It didn't help with such poor lightly either. The only indication the hallways differed was the chair that had been slanted on the floor in one corner, than completely faced up in the other. The slow thudding sound mimicked my heart. It only got louder and echoed through the hallways as we moved through it, scanning the walls for the slightest of shadows that could indicate something was there. Unfortunately Saya picked up a shadow and pointed it out then nothing stopped the shriek that escaped our lips.

In the shape of arm in a suit that blended with the shadows.  

Needless to say. Kasume tried backing out as quickly as possible when something caught my eye. 

"Look LOOK! A note!" 

"Where where?" Kasume asked , letting out another squeak when the echo of footsteps were heard. 

"On the wall look" She turned the first view player to the wall and found the small piece of paper that was close to it. She clicked it and the glorious 1/8 notes appeared. 

"T-hat wasn't so bad"  Kasume breathed. The door swung open and the lights flickered on. The sound that came out of our mouths had definitely waken up the neighbors. Saya's mother gave us an oblivious smile holding a plate of freshly baked sugar cookies, dressed in pajamas with a silk blue apron over her that matched her head tie.  

"Are you girls in the mood for more snacks? I had to bake some snacks for Ai Suki's school trip" And speak of the devil, the small cloud haired girl peep by her step mother's hips. Her long silky hair in two buns on the the top of her head that were as huge as the sugar cookies on the plate. She wore Pink short pajamas as sky blues looked curiously at the disaster of a battle field the game had left behind. "Are you girls alright?"

"Are you playing a game?" Ai Suki asked a grin spreading on her face. "Can I play!" Horror spread on our features as if somewhat like she had teleported, her hand was at the computer mouse ready to click play again. 


I sighed my back hitting the sea of cotton plushies on Saya's bed, after Ai Suki went to bed after countless rounds of Monopoly to appease her for not playing slender man. It was edging close to 1 am and sleep looked like it was the last thing on anyone's mind. "Well since snoozing is out of the picture what do you guys want to do?" Kasume sat laying on the out stretched futon with her bag in hand. She took out a few marvel comics out and opened them up. Mostly Iron man and Avenger comics.  "I didn't know you liked marvel"

"Is there something wrong with it?" Saya said her eyes narrowing suspicious. She spun around on her computer chair letting her feet dangle. "Maybe Kasume finally joined the higher side, come Kasume. let me anoit you with Loki's helmet..or would you prefer my Captain America mask"

She smiled shaking her head. "No no, I'm still a slave to DC" Saya gave her a sad look shaking her head as if Kasume was a confused puppy. "These are Jirou's...He let me borrow them a few weeks ago since he was trying to convert me. We were hanging out and he asked me if I wanted to see Winter solider with him." She hugged her legs. "I told him I hadn't even watched any of the Avengers movies, or Captain Americas and the next day he came with boat loads of comics and movies..said we could watch them together with you guys..since Saya loves Marvel too" Saya who had been stuck on the idea of Kasume being a media dinosaur in regards to Marvel was frozen in shock. 

"Not even the first Iron man movie?"


"Well we just found what we're doing next tonight" 

"..I..don't know." She smiled weakly. "I brought them to take to the hospital. To give it back to him but..he looked terrified of me..barely spoke. I don't know what Kairi told him but..I was just hoping to maybe read them with him. I know he'd love it.." I crawled off Saya's bed and the both of us wrapped her arms around her. "I just read one his favorite books to him" she smiled a bit. "My Mom and Kai finally left too....I'm staying at Shisui's but..I miss them alot..yah know?"

"I almost thought for sure considering your knee, They wouldn't have gone at all" Saya reasoned.

"Surprisingly my knee healed pretty quickly.." Kasume perked up. "Even the doctor's amazed. Guess Jirou's healing hugs really did work." Forcing a smile she looked at the comics. 

"Well we'll give you all the hugs till then okay?" I smiled. "Trust me, Jirou's gonna go back to his clueless self in no time."

"I hope so." She smiled. "I really do"  

Aaya pushed herself off of her bag and ruffled through her school bag. "Now if Iron man is out of the question. Which do you guys want to watch next? Mama? or Insidious 2" 

We ended up watching both that night needless to say No one got any sleep. 

Amaya's POV

'You're so full of shit Inzuka" I grumbled facing the mirror wincing at the pulling from her combing out imagining knots . "Just because the truth hurts doesn't mean my roots have to suffer for It" Aika rolled her eyes taking my long locks into her hands and starting the braid.  "Are you even listening to me"

"Depends are you still talking?"


"Then no"

"Your birthday is in a few days and you're telling me you don't want a party this year? It's your big 17. Finally. You're practically the baby of the 11th graders. Rocking Lip piercings and taters but baby non the less, second to Kasume but still" Aika finished the braid and rested it off my shoulder.  Flopping onto my bed I spun on my chair to face her.

"Don't you think with everything going on with Jirou and Kairi . We got better priorities than a party? Like I don't know saving our friend from a lifetime of herpes shots? God just he'd need a fucking condom just holding hands" I almost chocked on the muffin,  Aika's stepdad Teshu had made us previously.   "You know it's true. We need to focus on how to get his memory back and what's the big woop about aging? Growing closer to death what the hell's the appeal?"

"Miss Body shots and hooks up doesn't want a party?  I call bullshit and this thing with Jirou is exactly why we should be having a party" Aika propped  herself up against the wall of her bed hugging one of my home made Zebra pattern cushions on my bed. My Mom was obsessed with them. Most angry Pregnant women liked to scream, curse and punch through walls while my mom did a lot of that mostly during her most steamy days she knitted. She knitted the days away to the point it quickly shifted from cute to terrifying. Seeing her hands move and the length of yawn slowly wind down as a pattern flowed down her bulging stomach like a river. Dad only left his peace offerings of food and flowers after she was finished since she wouldn’t touch them until she was.  During their fights Mom would make a dozen new pillows from all sorts of patterns and designs, cloth and stitching.  It got to the point we needed to take a lot of them off our hands before we drowned in them.

Uncle Itachi loved them and would take ten at a time and there was still enough to go around. Uncle Sasuke hated them but it didn't stop them from popping up in his living room courtesy of Aunt Sakura.   Pretty much if you owned one of these pillows, it meant you were family.

Blood or not.

"How does helping our friend equal to party and hook ups??? One hook up I only slept with Natsuko" She defended narrowing her eyes. She and Natsuko had a hook up the other night. 

"Host a pool party this year, Jirou adores swimming. Swimming, water, friends, Kasume in a bikini.  Done deal Kairi's done and we'll have our dorky friend back in his oblivious memory filled glory and you were eye humping Daichi just this morning"

"Eye Humping?" Her cheeks flushed but I ignored it. Daichi and Aika ship  has been a complicated ride all my life. Aika might want to deny it but it was true. Natsuko was her distraction, her vacation away from life and represented everything she didn't have to face. I still smelt the liquor on her breath while she was braiding my hair. She had gone partying last night. Again.  I swore even though I was the track star, Aika did a better job at running then I did.

 Daichi was  real.  A possibility. A risk. One she could screw up if not handled correctly and Aika doesn't handle failure well.

It was something we both had in common.

I decided not to push her on the decision but was the parrot to her ear to remind her she at least had to make one. Daichi wasn't a nun nor was he a psychic. He wouldn’t hang onto those feelings forever if he didn't think he had hope to latch onto. 

"It's fool proof plan okay? It’s your party and if you don't want Kairi's bitchy ass there then she can't show up"

"She can and will"

"Well then I'll just kick her ass in the pool again or maybe put Nair in her shampoo, she'll never go outside"  Aika snorted and munched on her muffin eating the bottom first as she usually did. "Was really hoping she would have melt the first time but oh well"  Aika then pulled a book from her TARDIS shaped book shelf and laid on her back while I stayed silently using her computer. It felt good just to hang out like this.  We had spent the better half of two days, letting Taro and Yuiko punch their frustrations away in some street fighting. Doc wouldn't have approved, considering how it was both against school rules and pretty bad of me as Mai's senior to lead her in that position in the first place but the chick was a time bomb.

Her entire form was tense, her hands balled into fists at the slightest sound of Kairi or Harumi's voice and she carried the constant look that if not helped she was about to do something both incredibly impulsive and equally stupid if I hadn't taken her by the hand and led her off to the bathroom to cool down.  If some she-witch had her claws in my brother I would be hostile too.

It was why I had taken her to the Underground fighting club with Taro. I knew they would underestimate her and equally knew it was fire her up to prove them wrong.  It felt good doing some actual helping that week. Being a prefect was like being the gate keeper to hell.  The other prefects made it their life's mission curtsy of Kairi, to stir all of the freshmen into recruits for Kairi's little cult.

Earlier that week I had been running late for Track practice and had shuffled through the crowd ignoring the blatant PDA of those seemingly persistent in getting to fourth base in the hallways. I had accidentally ran into one of my freshmen charges. Her name was Miho, a shy looking one who had less boobs than Aika or I did.  Her bubblegum pink hair almost reminded me of my cousin Saki, the only difference was she had a rounder face, with blue hair ends and equally bright blue eyes. She didn't seem to take the run in well. She groaned on the floor and twisted in pain.

"Shit shit, I'm so so sorry" I helped her onto her feet and picked up the remaining of her books.  There was no saving the spilled coffee and unfortunately I was too much in a rush to worry about cleaning that up. "Are you okay?"  Her  widened as her face went pale staring at the spilled river of life on the floor.

"Oh my god, she's going to kill me" She whimpered out. 

"Whose going to kill you?" I asked frowning.  "It's just coffee, if they needed it so bad tell them to get it themselves"  Her hair was cropped in a pixie cut, pair that with her cute nose and pouty lips. She almost looked like a fairy.  She spoke not another word before took her books from my hand s and ran down the hallway to the coffee machine in the break room.

They followed her everywhere, didn't listen to a word I said. They were her mini servants and I hadn't the slightest clue whether I wanted to stop it or not.  I  couldn't force anyone to do anything they didn't want to do, even if did mean I was saving their soul.

A knock echoed through the room as the door swung open.  

"You girls in the mood for some pizza?" Teshu came in wearing a frilly white apron with pink pokadots over his black shirt and jeans as Tekkin, Aika's four year old step brother and love of her life sat on his shoulder playing with his father's Cedar messy brown hair. 

"I helped" The adorable tyke beamed waving a blue toy rolling pin in his hand. Lipstick marks smeared on his cheeks from Emiko no doubt.  He was practically a carbon copy of his dad, only with shorter hair and jet black eyes rather than hazel ones.   Aika grinned.

"You did, did you? Keep this up buddy and you'll be better at cooking than I am"

"A playtpus with no limbs is better at cooking than you are" I said nonchalantly playing temple run on my phone after shutting down the laptop.  "That I'd trust not to give me food poisoning"

"In your case it'd be intentional"

"I love you too"

Tekkin blinked in confusion. Teshu gave his confused son a smile. "What did we say about girls buddy?"

"They speak their own language?"

"That' a boy" He smiled ruffling the top of his hair.

"Oh really" Came the provoked voice of his wife behind of him.  He froze and turned around to face her, her hair was neatly tucked under light  pink hair wrap with daisy flower pattern.  Her arms folded across her chest before she took Tekkin into her arms. "Ai, do me a favor and translate this for him.  One week"

"You don't really need me to spell it out for you do you?" Aika deadpanned facing her pale faced step father as her lips tugged to a clever smile.   We relocated to the kitchen to feast on the pie. Teshu started making some strawberry treats to apologize to his wife, while she sat at the counter between Aika and I while Tekkin sat happily in Aika's lap.  Suddenly an idea sparked in my mind.

"Hey Tekkin…" His curious eyes met mine. "You like pools right?" Aika whipped around to face me. Her eyes narrowing sending a message I could only decript as 'Don't you fucking dare'

"I Love pools! Kaede and I went to the pool with her Dad last week, it was so much fun! It was a Go away party for Kai!" He grinned. "I wore blue and brown colour floaters!  For Ravenclaw! Big sister sorted everyone there! Kaede's  and Aiko are slytherins and Kai and Kaiya are hufflepuffs. "

"Sis's been reading her bible to you again hasn't she?"  He giggled while I moved the knife set away from his sister's reach. Least she get any ideas.

"Every night she's been reading it to me"

"I'm not surprised but that does bring up the perfect idea for her birthday don't you think. If only.." I winced from the sudden kick to the knee cap. Tekkin tilted his head.

"If only what?"

"Aika doesn't want a party this year"  Had to hand it to the kid, the look of heartbreak he put on could be a dangerous weapon. Good thing he wasn't sorted into Slytherin.

"What why not? " He looked up at her. "Are you sick? I love your parties. I was going to help Mommy make the cake too!" Aika took a deep breath forcing a genuine smile to suppress the urge to strangle me to death.

"No buddy, it's just that one of our friends is really hurt" She spoke softly with him rocking him by swaying her knees.  "I just don't feel like celebrating when someone I care about is hurt yah know?"

"Oh,  hurt how? Which one? It's not Ria-nii is it?" He asked completely worried. "I haven't seen him in forever please tell me he's alright" Aika ruffled his hair.

"Ria's alright bud, don't worry. It's Jirou whose hurt, he can't remember anything buddy." Tekkin was such a curious kid. It was no wonder Aika knew what words were going to come out next. "He has amnesia, It means that he hit his head really bad and now has a hard time remembering everything. You know how sometimes you walk into a room and completely forget what you wanted? That blank feeling of being completely clueless?  He nodded. "It's sorta like that except no matter what room he walks in he's going to feel that way.  He can't recall anything. Not his name, his friends nothing buddy."

"That's horrible" His mouth hung open. "I never want that to happen to me, or you. His  family must be so sad. I don't wanna think about you or Mommy or Daddy or anyone forgetting me or me forgetting them" He said closing his mouth his eyes looking down sadly. "Forgetting people you care about hurts.." Aika picked up on the drop in his voice.


"I can't remember my Mommy, my..real mommy's face anymore"  He buried his face into her shirt. Tekkin's Mother died a year back, Tekkin had a drunk one night stand with her a few years ago and when she died in a car accident. Tekkin's Aunt who was on death row herself from Cancer. Tracked Teshu down and  now they've been insperable ever since. Aika's been in love with Tekkin since he first arrived at their doorstep. Frightened and confused as to why he couldn't just stay with his Aunt.

Why he had to stay with a bunch of people he didn't even know while Aika was just excited that she wasn't an only child anymore.  She would give and arm and leg for that boy and I had no doubt I was about to lose a limb for opening a door to a topic that made him cry.  Amazing how terribly bad my ideas failed.

"How about tomorrow we take a walk to all the places your Mom and you used to go? There's a park in Suna you guys loved wasn't there?" He sniffled and nodded. "Well we'll go together buddy. Memories keep those we love alive even after they've become angels."

"So mommy is an angel?"

"Of course" She smiled. "Your Auntie too...they're all watching over you" Tekkin erupted in fits of giggles when she started tickling him. Glaring at me all the while too.

Luckily my savior arrived in the form of Daichi. Who I waved over to sit next to me between Aika and her death glare. He greeted Aika's folks. Teshu glared at him from behind the counter. You know a crush is obvious when even the father picks it up. In their minds no guy was good enough for their little girl.  Daichi of course, didn't catch any of that and just figured Teshu didn't like the guy. Pale faced and stuttering he said a hello to them once more.

"Dad" Aika whined.

"Teshu" His wife warned.

"But Em" He whined. "It's my fatherly duty to be a boy block" He gestured to Daichi. "Boy"

"You can stick with your fatherly duty" she suggested "And spend an extra week on the couch if you want. I hope your 'duty' keeps you warm at night'

"Alright Alright" He said defeated resting the strawberry treats in front of his beloved. "Hello  Daichi" 

"H-hey"  He took a deep breath. His pony tail swaying off his shoulders. He smiled at Tekkin who pouted at his wave , tightening his grip on Aika.  When even the little kid could see what was going on, I was about to give up at this point at those two ever figuring it out.  I remembered when Aika complained to me about it a few months back.

"I just don't know why he doesn't like Daichi" She sighed. "Every time he shows me, He never says anything, just hugs me and glares daggers at Daichi"

"He's jealous"

"He's four Amaya"

"What makes you think a four year old can't get jealous? When I was eight. I was jealous of My dad for getting all of Akina's attention."

"You're the poster child for abnormal behaviors in kids"

"Says the chick who bit her nanny's finger off as a toddler"

As usual my hard headed friend didn't listen and now she was stuck with the most important love in her life hating the most important guy friend in her life.    Tekkin got carried into the living room for his evening show marathon with his parents while Daichi turned to me.

"How did it go?"

"Brilliant" Aika smiled. "Mai pounded into guys twice her size, I think imagining they were Kairi worked really well for her"  Daichi smiled. He wasn't usually an advocate for violence as a matter of fact had I said that he would have scolded me and said something pantsy like "violence is not the answer"

"It's been a stressful few weeks" He smiled at her "Glad she's getting it out somehow"  I rolled my eyes. Biased love sick moron.   "Kiseki and I went through some of Uncle's tapes but we didn't find any of the ones we were hoping for. Like anything with Jirou on tape confessing his like for Kasume or his  non-existent positive feelings towards Kairi."

"Never thought we'd need to film that. Didn't think I'd ever have to worried about Jirou falling for Kairi, god what if he sleeps with her?" Aika gagged at the thought. "No serious that's what she's wanted this  entire time isn't it? God, what is with Uchiha and it's hold on woman. I'm half Uchiha I don't see this much action"

"ugh, hello Tall dark haired handsome. Did you forget about your boyfriend?" Daichi mused.

"Riko's out of town, so no action from him"

"And It doesn't work with all Uchihas. Mom confessed to Dad not the other way around"

"Uncle Itachi is single, by choice has to be no way I'd accept any other reason. I think he might be Demisexual or Asexual or something." I reasoned. " Your Dad's such a whimp but Kairi's Mom was obsessed with him and Harumi's obsessed with you  Daichi, Taro has a mob of people to tear his pants off even Mai has her own little crowd that drools when she passes" I saw that twitch of jealousy pass Aika's features at the mention of Harumi. Her lips settled to a frown.  "It's like Madana and Kiseki are the odd branches of the Uchiha tree. No fan girls to speak off, unless you count Ria"

"Ria's obsessed with Kiseki?" Aika mused.

"No dumbass Tar-Madana" I corrected quickly.

"Harumi isn't really obsessed with me. She's never as bad as Kairi"  Daichi reasoned.

"Not as bad? Are you kidding me" Daichi held up his hands in defence, his skin resembling the white counter as he stuttered. "You're defending her?" Aika said. "After all she did?"

"I'm not defending her. I'm just saying she's not on the level of crazy Kairi is in terms of how she is with me. She doesn't really terrify me is what I mean" I snickered at the two.  "Jirou had nightmares about Kairi, I didn't. " Aika looked off to the side. "She's still horrible with the way she treats you of course, but I mean" Poor kid was stumbling over his words.

"I know what you mean  Daichi" Aika sighed. "Sorry, just thinking of her sometimes pissed me off"


"Next time she pulls a stunt like that again I'm breaking her face against the water fountain"

"Okay, psycho path on other news." I said trying to dispel anger growing with my tiny friend. "Jirou's discharging from the hospital day after tomorrow, after the Track preliminaries.  Taro says Jirou says he's fine with going to school again maybe on Friday. Any plans?"

"How are you with training for that anyway" Aika asked. 

"Non-existent, the biking looking for the idiot is about it." I sighed not wanting to think of the impending doom that was Track meet. I was not fit emotionally or physically but there was no choice in the matter.  I couldn't skip.  "I'm thinking of asking the swim team to help, yah know Jirou's their  teammate and he has a lot of friends there , those who know he's terrified of Kairi.  Seniors at that too, who can watch him during his classes that they have together when we don’t"

"Sounds like a plan.." Daichi nodded. "Mai and Yuiko have dance in the afternoon, Dance isn't too far from the pool. I'll just let them go on Kairi and see what happens"

"Wow Daichi busting out the big guns" He smiled.

"What dot hey say about desperate measures?" Aika giggled and bumped his shoulder. "Besides, I know we've been doing a pretty sucky job at winning him back so far and I want to change that"

"We'll get him back Daichi, I know we will"  Aika smiled. The two locked eyes before prink rose up their necks. For Pete's sake would these idiots just kiss already? It was getting a bit annoying seeing history repeat itself. Though I didn't want to think of what I'd do if Daichi was a blank slate mind controlled by Harumi. Jirou was my cousin too of course, but second or third or something. Hell if I know but I grew up with Daichi. The last thing I wanted to see was him being like that.

"And hopefully keep Taro out of prison. If Kairi takes the idiot's V card. I don't think Taro'll take that lightly"

"That's a bit of an understatement" Daichi said. 


"Easy for you to say, dudes and chicks are tripping over themselves just to get with you while I have the appeal of moldy cheese" I sulked sinking into the covers. Laughter wasn't the response I had hoped. I didn't call my older brother from his apartment to get laughed at, I would have settled for a skype call for that. Matsuda sat at the edge of the bed, dressed in a long white sleeved shirt and dark pants with silver chain designs hanging from the pockets. 

"What makes you think the guys or girls aren't tripping themselves over for you too dove?" He mused throwing the ball against the wall, the ball bouncing back to his hands in a steady rhythm. 

"Not the ones I want" I sighed.

"This about Daichi again?" He gave me a playful smile. Matsuda almost looked exactly with my dad with the playboy charms of my mother, along with her sky blue eyes and golden skin tone. Only thing he inherited was my father's bluntness and dark hair that he kept in a pony tail.  "Maybe showing him the video of those sappy love letters you recite infront of the mirror would do the trick" I tossed a pillow to him that broke his rhythm with the ball. 

"Shut up" I said rolling onto my back. He patted my knee and propped himself up against the side of the wall of the corner my bed was jammed up against. "It's not about Daichi,'s mostly about Kairi.."  His brow arched in curiosity but he stayed quiet waiting for me to say something. "She's getting herself in a bit of a ditch...I mean..she's happy, I should be happy about that but.." I muttered "Would you do horrible things if it meant keeping the people you love safe? or happy?"

"Of course" He said without a shred of hesitation. "More so safe than happy because sometimes  happiness conflicts with wanting to keep them safe. Sometimes being miserable keeps them out of harms way" I gave him a face. "Yah life sucks I know"

"That's comforting.." I said picking up the copy of the Game of thrones Kairi had left on my bed after our last sleep over. She spent hours talking about the texts Jirou had sent her from the hospital. My heart sang at the excitement in her voice, the blush on her cheeks and the bounce in her step. I hadn't seen Kairi this happy since the 70% off one day sale at one of her favorite stores. Yet...Jirou didn't have his memory. That could put a dent in his school life, his home life and just who he was as a person.

Was I really okay with that?"

"You asked sis, you didn't drag me all the way over here just to lie to yah" He looked thoughtfully at my ceiling. "Think Mom's gonna make crab dumplings tonight" 

"Doesn't matter, you won't live to see it" I said standing up . "Mom warned you about your gas spendage"

"Hey you called me over here, you're being my shield by will or force" I smiled sneaking a look of admirable over to my brother. There was no closer person in my life than him, not even with my parents. He was only two years older than I was a grade above since he got held back for one class due to skipping school one too many times.   He was the best friend away from my best friends. The guy I could sit down with and play video games, lose terribly and being reminded about it every second of the day.  The guy who kept me from burning the house down with my fail attempts of cooking. 

The only person besides my parents who thought I was pretty and meant it and ever since our younger brother Kira ran away it was almost as if we were scared of letting the other slip by like we'd both done with Kira without realizing it. I still remembered the night after Kairi tried the locator spell for the first time. I rummaged through the boxes in Kira's old room, trying to find an item of his that meant something to him.  The first few months after he left was the hardest for everyone, Mom barely was able to look into his room without sobbing. Matsuda packed some of kira's stuff into boxes to save Mom the pain but the silence and emptiness of the room kept picking at the wound in our hearts. I even sobbed seeing a few of the things I gave him. His first drawing books, a couple CD's of the gothic music he loved and a couple punk shirts. My heart threatened to jump out of my mouth. I kept myself sane and steady by shutting my eyes and letting my hands do the feeling for me. I had been through his box dozens of times, that I knew an item just by grazing it. Trying to let the items speak for his stead. To Understand why he left us. Naturally they stayed as silent as the room was without him. I kept my mind focused on the task. 

The stronger the connection to the object. The better the signal. He left with most of the items he cared about, his sketch pad, his copic markers, camera, gameboy and two of his favorite books. I was almost about to give up hope when I found a pocky keychain. Packed tightly at the bottom beneath a few books, his old toys and his old CD's. Yuiko gave him that keychain, he had a huge crush on her in middle school. They were in the same class after all. Yuiko gave it to him after he complained about Matsuda eating all of his Pocky.

"Sucker can't eat this now can he?" It shocked me that he had left it behind. He must not had been able to find it. Never the less, I took the charm and did the spell. My heart swelling with anticipation that quickly floored when the silver fog faded away without revealing my brother's whereabouts.

I did it again and again until I was blinded by tears and did the spell out of muscle memory. It couldn't find my brother. I didn't want to think of the implications and with Dad arriving home earlier than usual. I had to bury my feelings and carry on with the rest of the night.

 I don't know what I would do without Matsuda. Sure he annoyed the hell out of me sometimes, teased me beyond end and ate all of my food when he was by.
I wouldn't trade him for the world. 

"So by piecing together your broken information, Kairi's happy from something that's making someone else sad?" I nodded. "Well, the way I see it, making someone you love happy isn't just about wanting them to be happy. You also got decide whether or not you could  live with the cost but at the same time, you gotta be mindful of others too yah know?  We have to live with it no matter what so always makes sure the decision you make in the end is the one you really want and are comfortable with....mind telling me exactly what this is about ?" 

"Not yet, maybe it'll work itself out I don't know yet. Thanks, what would I do without you"

"Crash and Burn little dove, crash and burn"

"Say Bro" He turned his head to face me. "Do you believe in magic?"


"You do?" I Blinked

"How else can you explain the dark arts of this world, bigfoot, chupacabras, yeti, lockness monster, math" He shuddered. "Unnatural forces always have unnatural sources" He laughed when I started hitting him with the pillow again until he had feathers in his mouth. "Come on i'm starving let's head out for some food. When I get back in school got club practice, if the next time we meet I have gills don't be surprised. Coach is making us spend more time in the water than on land I swear"  

"Mutation's only way to get your lazy ass winning anything"

"Please, Principal Gaara practically begged me to transfer over."  It was hard imagining the principal of Suna begging for anything. Or smiling for that matter. He and our Principal Naruto always had bets running with the clubs in the school and Suna academy had several scouts with connections to the schools to national swimming teams and offered alot of the swimmers in Konoha a chance to join.  Matsuda was one of them, The captain of the Konoha swimming team, Jirou and a few others had the offer. Only about less than half actually took it. Bro wanted to shave off as much financial burden for our folks as possible. 

"Or Naruto just wanted to be rid of you" Cringing my nose patting my shorts down I smirked. "Who can blame him"

"We'll see how quickly that attitude changes,after all I'm paying"

We walked to the barbaque place to save gas but definetely not time. It gave us time to catch up on the latest gossip from either schools. Middle school, everyone for the most part attended the same school and it seemed right after everyone entered highschool we split into groups of two.

Kairi's older sister Haruka, my brother, Aika's cousin Takuto and a few others migrated Suna while everyone else stayed. I had thoughts of following Matsuda to Suna. No one for the most part besides those few knew who I was. It was the appealing idea of a fresh start that sunk it's hooks into me but whether it be cowardice or love I stayed for Kairi.

We got to one of the small diners that was a good hour walk from our place. Matsuda hadn't broken a sweat while I sweated through my shirt trying to catch my breath holding onto his arm. He held me up with his hand. "Woah sis, don't die on me. Come on i'll buy you a bottle of water."  Knotting my hair in a quick side braid I nodded taking a seat.

Good thing we had, the rain suddenly began pouring buckets. The wind wiped the streets signs and neighboring trees ferociously. The sunny atmosphere had melted away into a mini hurricane. The clear blue skies were raided by the sudden grey that shallowed the peace with it's presence. 

I sighed instantly regretting our decision to walk over here. Kairi's place wasn't that far it meant I could walk and spend the night over by her than asking Mom to pick us up.  Matsuda spent a while at the counter, flirting with the cashier. A lanky girl with buck teeth, greasy  strawberry blonde hair in a limp pony tail and freckles . I wrinkled my nose. My brother really needed to get his eyes check.

And what's so special about you?   

I shook my head and focused my thoughts on something else. Anything else. The mouth watering smell of barbqued meats, the dewy freshness of wet stoney grounds and damp air from the opened window to the side. The people chattering in their booths. I tried to ignore the voice that appeared since I tried locating Kira. I tried to ignore the possibility the voice was there because I had used a spell. 

It took me by surprise. I hadn't heard Kairi complain of anything and she had been spamming those spells like they were effortless. I had done a few measly ones and now I was going mad.

"The cute waitress gave me her number" Matsuda announced taking a seat facing me. He handed me my share of the food. Barbecued sticky short ribs with sweet and sour sauce with a side of fries, a bottle of water for me and a juice for him. 

I frowned pointing a fry in his direction. "You're not actually gonna call her are you?"

"Why not?" He asked as if not noticing the obvious. 

"Well, maybe her rabbit teeth weren't as apparent to you as they were to me"

"Her teeth are fine" He rolled his eyes. "She's a really sweet girl. She helped me a few nights ago. Didn't think she worked here. I was out of gas after heading home from a party and you know I'd sooner dig out my grave then call mom or dad about it so I was stuck contemplating to either ditch the car and walk or sleep in the car till morning then call a friend to pick me up. If i called a tow truck, Mom would know and then make me wish I had dug that grave. So I chose the latter and she drove by and stopped like a winged angel, having extra gas in her trunk"


"Not that I needed that reason to be nice to her" He said. "But she's pretty cool. You shouldn't be so judgmental all the time" He poked my forehead. "Think less with your head and more with your heart sometimes."

"Did you get that from a fortune cookie"

"Astrology actually." He snickered. "Zodiac phrase of the day" 

"Whatever" I started eating the rib.

"Point is sister. Beauty is just tangible. Not gonna last not physical beauty anyway. If a person's beautiful on the inside who cares what they look like that makes them beautiful just the same"

"Now I see why people throw their panties off to you. You're a line reusing pantsy" I joked. "You're worse than a fortune cookie, least they're profitable" 

"Eat your food smart ass" Retreating to the mental bliss of enjoying one of my favorite treats when something caught my eye at the end of the room. Coming out from one of the private rooms to the back that were often on reservation was one of the last faces I wanted to meet.  Kasume smiled to the book keeper in the front who gave her a nod as she waved off. She limped in her walk a bit carrying two duffle bags over her shoulder.  

Why was she limping? Her knee brace had been removed days ago. Super quickly if you had asked me but I guess that was all a facade for school. I had hoped she could walk on by without noticing Matsuda or vice versa but I couldn't have simple things in this universe.

"Little blonde!" Matsuda said with a cheesy grin. Mouth full of beef ribs and fries before he swallowed them. Kasume couldn't even blink before his arms had swung around her in a tight her. She squealed and promptly hugged back while I sat wishing I could disappear into the chair.

"Matsuda! I didn't know you were in town" she grinned. "How are you?" Matsuda sat her down in the booth near him. Kasume looked at me, sitting there with fries in my mouth and waved. "Hey"

I rolled my eyes and didn't bother returning the gesture. I knew Matsuda wouldn't appreciate it but I wasn't going to act any different just because the setting changed. Lines had been drawn and I was staying with my position. Kasume's shoulders dropped slightly but Matsuda stole her attention away from me. "I've been perfect,  little blonde. It's been ages since we last spoke how are you?"

"Been better" she admitted.

"How's your Mom and Kai doing? He still sends me little drawings sometimes and asks if i can do better. Sadly he's bested me" Kasume giggled and I felt like gagging. Not alot of people might remember this, but there was a period where Jirou wasn't always front and center. Kasume had a mild crush on my brother at the beginning of highschool freshmen year. He and Jirou were both taking the same classes, even on the swim team, only Jirou always had to head home early for some reason so alot of the times they were hanging out together.   It didn't help that Kasume's Mom was practically in love with him too. She was the boy who helped out with Kai or the babysitter when Kasume was away. That was Matsuda. He had the power to slither into people's hearts.

"They're actually in America now. Mom's doing some business for a few months."

"Does that mean you" She shook her head. 

"No, I'm staying at my Godfather's place. I couldn't possibly go to America not with everything's that's going on here" Matsuda looked puzzled.

"What's going on here? Everything okay?" My heart did a somersault in my chest. Considering the conversation I had with Matsuda earlier, he'd make the connection if Kasume explained. He wasn't an idiot nor was he gullible.  Kasume glanced at me. I guess the panic I was feeling was radiating. "Yuiko's okay right?"  She jumped when phone vibrated in her pocket.  Looking at the screen she eased out of the seat and stoof. 

"Yui's fine, she's alright. Just a stressful time right now. Exams coming up and stuff" She smiled. "I hope we can meet up soon again, I gotta head home for a few things. I'll skype you later"   He smiled. I couldn't believe Kasume hadn't blown my cover. Jirou was Matsuda's friend too. I didn't know her reasons for not telling him. 

"There's a storm outside seeingly though you're not going in there"

"My godmother's picking me up." She nodded. "She's outside now. I'll skype you later I promise!" They waved off each other and Matsuda snickered a bit.

"Man all these years and Jirou still hasn't manned up and told him he liked her" He shook his head and sighed.

"How could you possibly know that" He stuck his tongue at me

"I just know" He said smoothly. "Love has a way of showing itself even if you don't realize it"   

"God make him stop" I prayed and he tossed a fry into my hair then took several of mine to replace it. 

"I should make you walk home"

"We did walk here"

"Times like this I wish I brought my car"

After food. Matsuda went to visit Ria's place to pop a surprise visit to Yuiko. I headed straight to Kairi's place and told her everything that happened. Took a while to even get a chance to talk to her. She laid upside down in her bed. Legs kicking in the air as she stayed on the phone with Jirou. He was wishing her good luck for cheer leading at Track preliminaries or whatever I couldn't remember. Sports and their divisions felt all the same to me. 

Kairi started painting her nails after to her color of the day for tomorrow. Lime green with glitter.  It shimmered and she held out her toes as she applied to to them. "Maybe it would be good for Kasume to keep having a crush on your brother. Let her forget about Jirou alot faster" Kairi snickered. I turned sharply giving her a look. "What? I'm not heartless. It's not like I don't want her to end up with nobody just Jirou"

"Easy for you to say he's not your brother"

"Well i don't have a brother but if Kasume wanted any of my sisters I wouldn't disagree"

"What have you been smoking lately?" Kairi rolled on her stomach sticking her tongue out keeping her toes in the air.  

"Love" she sang. "It's true what all those cheesy romance books and movies say. Feeling someone who totally and utterly loves you is just.." she smiled and hugged her phone.

"Jirou just doesn't remember he's scared of you"

"But doesn't the fact he trusts me make it better right? I mean it means had he given me a chance we could have worked out!"

"Or the spell is making him loyal" Kairi frowned.

"Well sorry I'm so unwantable in your eyes" She spat. 

"I'm sorry Kairi but if you wanted someone who'd never lie to you you would have kept one of those freshmen you're brainwashing here with you not me. I'm telling you the truth and the truth is Jirou's love for you right now may not be real"

"But it feels real" She grinned. "That's what matters."


"Harumi, you don't get it. Okay? Everyone around me is hanging around me for something. They're scared of me, they're jealous of my status something but when all of that melts away" She frowned "And it will. Sis warned me as much. Senior year chances are I won't be as influential as I was. Someone else would raise into power and that's fine but they'd be taking everyone with them. Sooner or later everyone leaves. That's what I've realized about life. They leave when it's no longer convenient or when there's something bigger and better out there.   The idea of having someone by me for me." I frowned. What was I chopped liver? "Someone wants me. Actually me. Not sex or favors me!  That's addicting!

"I guess I don't want you then?" I huffed.

She frowned then roll her eyes "You know what I mean. It doesn't matter if Jirou doesn't really feel that way..I could show him who I am until he does then it won't matter if he gets his memory back or not he'll care"

"You never told me why you liked him so much anyway" I picked at her covers. "I told you about the whole hanging out at the hospital thing with Daichi but. Why do you always fixate on Jirou so much"

She grinned turning on her back once again. "When I was in elementary school. It was the third week of school. You remember that right?"

"Oh, i had applied to the wrong school and Mom said it would have taken a year before I could re transfer"

"Well, yeah and without you there I was getting lonely. I wasn't making any friends, people picked on me and even worse I forgot my lunch money." She sighed. "It was dreadful pathetic time of my life, I had a hard time applying what sis had taught me. The whole mind over matter, dominate school, be assertive thing. Well yeah I was miserable, lonely and one lunch I was absolutely starving and in swoops in this savior, with a tray of food he had paid for me in his own money with everything I wanted from the lunch line. You see, I had picked up everything on my tray andt hen when it came time to pay I realized my wallet was gone. Jirou did that for me, he spent his money and talked to me a bit  encouraged me saying school was always bad everyone's first few weeks and that he had forgotten his wallet too. I didn't even know what to say so I didn't say anything but thank you but he gave me the biggest smile I had seen in a while told me no problem then ran over to Kasume to hang out. He might not remember. I was pretty forgettable but" She smiled and tugged her sheets. "He was the first person who hadn't grown up with me or was related to me that..thought I mattered enough to talk to me"

I blinked, I did not expect such a story. I was thinking it would have been more along the lines of 'I saw him swim and loved his ass, gotta tap that' sort of deal. She looked happy talking about it. "Really? That's why you've been so persistent?"

"It's why I even bothered with Sis's rules. I thought if i became popular or smart or in the spotlight. He would have noticed me again maybe cared enough to hang out. In elementary school, I had the shittest confidence. It took years before I could speak as easily as I do. I'd call myself an idiot after every conversation I thought these things ' Shit Kairi, you messed that up' 'great kairi now they'll never want to speak with you again' 'how does one do conversation without slipping over themselves or crying whenever someone raised their voice' 'Kairi still can't call and make her own appointments over the phone sis did this at 8"  She smiled. "It wasn't until the two years of Middle school that I got my act together. He didn't notice me at all then the next year he was in Highschool and thus the story continues." She shrugged. "I guess part of me always believed if I tried hard enough. He'd just start one conversation with me. Just one that didn't involve him running and screaming but then again I wasn't even worth remembering that one lunch time in elementary school. " She had a sad smile to her as she looked to the sky. "That's why I hate Kasume so much. She gets the results I've wanted in half the time and the effort.  Teachers love her, she does great in school and guys notice her and want to date her. It sucks when people work so little for things you've spent your whole world creating"

"Guys want to date you too" I countered. 

"No they want to fuck me. Highschool is built on guys claiming to give you the best two minutes of your life."

"They probably want to fuck her too" I shrugged.  "What guy doesn't think with his dick nowdays?"

"Maybe but that's the thing. Jirou doesn't care about sex, he just liked her. I tried all that effort just to try to be in a position I could be memorable to him. All I ever did was scare him and everything's just handed to her. She has such a great person in her life and she doesn't even make use of it. Well you know what the saying is. If you don't use it, you'll lose it"

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were"

"If you say Jealous the next thing that'll be lime green is your hair" 

I snickered and bumped her shoulder. "Whatever denial-pants." I sighed. "That's an awfully lot of effort for one guy isn't it?"

"Well, Mom used to say the best things are worth fighting for and I always fight dirty"

"Well Kasume can't fight with a busted knee" Kairi shrugged her shoulders and finished painting the rest of her names.

"Kasume's knee's healed up already anyhow" I shook my head.

"No, I saw her limping earlier today."

"I saw Risuko trip her in the hallway, she got up like it was nothing. Trust me, Kasume's knee is fine"

"Why would Risuko trip her?"

"Someone might have told her, that Kasume kissed her boyfriend Ren." She smirked. "Risuko's a gullible idiot who'd believe the sky was purple if you told her so" Kairi snickered. "To quote the words of a my bookish husband "I'm always right even if I say the sky is purple and made of hedgehogs"

"Which bookish husband is that one?"

"You'll find out later, anyway.Two I need my game of thrones book back and three her knee's fine"

"Well guess she must have reshattered it" I shrugged. "Besides I doubt her Mom would leave her in the country alone if she had a broken knee"

"It takes alot of force to shatter a kneecap. Kasume's a klutz but she's not that much of a klutz."  Kairi reasoned. "Leaving the country..where?"


"Hmm" She looked thoughtfully at the desk with the bowl and the supplies. "I've never spied on Kasume in her natural habitat let's see what we could find out" Kairi in a blink of an eye practically flew over to the her desk and starting putting together the mirror bowl again. She had a mysterious look in her eye.  One that had me worried but when she put her arm around my neck. All worries faded away. "Let's see what the birdie's up too shall we?"

Beyond the Veil C.16
Believe it or not Kairi is actually one of my favorites lmao  Enjoy the drama to come 

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(Contains: sexual themes)


"There's got to be some more video somewhere I know there was" Kiseki muttered shuffling through the boxes of memory cards. His laptop resting near his leg. I moved it a good distance away until he was finished with his rummaging.   Kiseki didn't take after Dad in many ways but he was a organized neat freak when it came to his  memory cards and anything to do with his cameras. He kept his old video cameras in cases on his book shelves since he didn't have the heart to throw them away then he stored his memory cards in shoe boxes.

Mom loved buying shoes and went shopping with our little sister Saki almost every Sunday, Kiseki always collected the frilly pink or flower patterned boxes for his system. Pink boxes meant School functions or events and he stores the memory chips in rubber bands organized by dates in the box. When every box was filled he'd put the label below with the beginning and ending dates. The frilly Flower boxes were for personal Videos. He kept them all stacked in boxes by date in the closet. The older he got, the less memory cards he needed since he was able to buy ones with more memory with allowance money.

Only time I saw him mad was when accidentally mixed up his pile.  It was an accident, I wanted to get to this black box he kept hidden at the back of the pile. He'd arrange the boxes so well they were practically a barbie mansion brick wall  with all of the pink and flowers moving one box in the wrong way could collapse his entire pile.  I had a good memory but even I couldn't match Kiseki's accuracy especially if he reused and arranged the cards by events. That way the Christmas chip would have every single Christmas from middle school to high school to make it easier.

"We watched every single Video from Middle school up, there's nothing that can really disprove what Kairi says Kiseki"  The second the news of what Kairi had tricked Jirou into believing  that she was his girlfriend, everyone started collecting books,  videos, old drawings and other materials that can help with his memory loss and hopefully shatter Kairi's lie. 

"No! it's here I know it is there was this teasing thing Ria, Saya and I did to him once, telling him he had to confess while he was in middle school or Freshmen year or something and he totally got flustered all embarrassed and for a Christmas prank we put up Mistletoe everywhere and tried to trap them" He said almost in one breath.    I put my hand on his shoulder to assure him he wasn't going to crazy.

"I remember"

"Then why isn't it here I put it here?" He looked back. "Saki!"  Our bubblegum pink haired sister peaked into the room. Her onyx eyes confused as her brow arched in suspicion.  She was only a few years younger than us but after she realized she wasn't in trouble for one of the other countless pranks Kiseki might stumble upon later she put on a grin on her face and threw her arms around our necks.


"You saw the other day when I gave Dad my camera to take to send back to the factory for repairs right?" She thought on it her eyes gazing to the ceiling.

"Yea what about it?"

"Did you see if I took out the memory card?"

"I dunno" she shrugged. "I was eating Uncle's cookies"

"Please think hard, I can be a ditz sometimes" he pleaded. "What was I doing then I don't remember?"

"You were skyping Ria-nii, I remember because  he was asking you about Track practice with Roxi and Dad was getting annoyed you weren't listening to him, so he picked up the camera off the table"

"Aw man" Kiseki entire form seemed to deflate instantly. "I won't get that camera back for another six weeks" Kiseki looked completely panicked. Saki looked worried as he stared at him.

"Six weeks isn't that long" She soothed. "Just marathon something long like game of thrones!" I frowned giving a curious side glance at Saki.

"Why  do you know of Game of thrones?"

"Because I don't live under a rock" She teased sticking out her tongue.

"That show isn't in your age group, you better not be watching it"

"No Mom" She pouted. "I'm not and technically it's not your age group either yah know"

"I don't watch it neither does Kiseki" Kiseki's eyes swayed to the side momentarily. Sighing I turned to Saki who shrugged her shoulders. Everyonxe always wondered where to group us, who was more like my father or mother. I couldn't exactly figure out where I was despite everyone I know calling me mother but I wasn't anything like her, not nearly as smart, and kind or that great a cook and not to mention Mom had a backbone. She had enough guts to confess to my Dad in highschool while I could barely talk to Aika without tripping over my words. Dad was the quiet silent type like most Uchihas, only spoke up if he was annoyed or needed something.  

I remembered the weeks before school opened and everyone was getting ready for the big opening. I had already went shopping with Mom for school books the month before to avoid the rush. Everyone was busy with their school shopping or away like Kasume and Saya. Kasume was in France for the summer holiday last two weeks while Saya had taken a cruise with her family.

She kept sending Kiseki and I pictures of all the stunts Raiden pulled as evidence to justify a possible murder. Regardless I sat by the old tree house with my dark blue guitar in hand laying on back facing the sky trying to find all of the funny shapes. Sector K was in pretty good shape even after all these years, Uncle Itachi and Uncle Shisui built the tree house with Dad when we were little. 

We were all such Codename Kids Next Door fan we even had our own codenames. The bronze wood had splintered in some places, the painted KND sign above the entrance. It was so large it took up the other two trees nearby. It had a section for every one, Amaya, Akina, Kiseki and I and a guest play room for everyone else. It didn't seem as spacious ten years later but nostalgia was there.

"Daichi?" I almost hit my head on the roof with how fast I sit up to meet a pair of onyx eyes looking at me in amusement. Aika stood by the foot of the treehouse with a water balloon in her hand. Her hair was ruffled, dark shirt with great  Gatsby quote on it with shaggy pants.  "Good thing I looked before I threw, thought you were Amaya. She said if I had liquor she'd pull out her guitar during my hang over" She mused.

As it usually was when she was around my face got hot and tongue became dumb. "Y-you don't look so good" I stuttered. She shrugged a shoulder and climbed up sitting right next to me resting the water balloon near me.  "Long night?"

"Shitty morning" She groaned. "Has the sprinklers always been that annoying? Fucking christ it's grating my ears" She ran her hand through her hair. I wasn't sure whether I should be more worried about Aika's seemingly choice to self medicate stress using parties or not. On one hand she was getting better, up beat happier, on the other I was worried that she might have been going at it far too much.

"Guess my music hasn't been as soothing as I thought" I joked. She gave me a smile and bumped my shoulder with hers. 

"I wouldn't say that. Got me out of the bed"

"Yeah with Ammunition" I said pointing out to the water balloon. "I'll play later tomorrow when you're feeling better"

"I didn't know you still played"  She pointed out.  "And you don't have to stop, I wouldn't mind hearing another song"

"Even with your hang over?"

"This one ranks pretty low of all the fucked up mornings I've had so yeah"  She gave me another smile her eyes moving to the Guitar. Suddenly my hands had no where to go. My mind blanked on all the songs I've learnt under her stare. "You always have a knack for making me feel better anyway"

"Is this apart of that Mom joke again?" She laughed shaking her head. It was such a light bubbly laugh that one might not have connected with Aika at all. She waved her hand dismissively.

"No no, we've just..known each other forever and you have that effect on people is all." she looked hopeful. "So...a song?"

I stared at my guitar my blank mind still plaguing me. I thought over my possible options despite the know seemingly packed up early for the vacation. Aika had horrid memory on her hang overs, everyone knew it. She retained more thought of the night of the party than the morning after. Kiseki realizing this always asked her for favors during the mornings knowing she'd completely forget about it after her evening nap. 

I wanted the song to be memorable for her. I made up an excuse about my fingers hurting my heart shriveling at the disappointment in her eyes and voice. 

"I'm sorry"

"No problem really I guess i'll write this up as an IOU" She joked. The topic shifted about school and instantly the mood deflated. Aika looked just about ready to run back for that bottle. I couldn't blame her with the hectic drama from last year.  Aika had gotten much better than last year, even though she was far from filling out her shirt, her eyes didn't have dark shadowy hallowed eyes, her color looked healthier and while she still was underweight. It was still a move forward, every little improvement mattered no matter how small. She looked beautiful none the less but now she was healthier, happier and that was more than I could ask for.

"If you ever...need anyone to talk know I'm um" I forced out in pieces. "I'll always be there for matter what..just ..know that" She leaned on my shoulder. I could hear a mini cupid on my shoulder, oddly dressed as Amaya screaming at me to kiss her right then. Just as she told me she knew that and that she trusted me more than she did herself. The voice nagged and teased but I couldn't take the plunge.

Her Mom called her about lunch and she headed off home after we talked about the coming school year, our hopes and wishes. All Aika seemed to want was peace but knowing our tormentors it was to be anything but. 

This year hasn't got the greatest of starts either with Jirou's accident.  Kiseki was completely lost from the guilt, I felt like the one shot he thought he had at helping was completely ripped from him. It hurt to see him like that. Kiseki was alot like Mom in always seeing the positive.  

"Tell you what"  I pitched getting off my knees. "I'll go check Uncle's camera, he's always recording and video taping stuff. He's got to have something that could help but you keep looking here"

"Why do you need the memory card?" Saki asked adjusting herself onto Kiseki's back.

"Jirou got into an accident" I said. "He fell down the stairs now he lost his memory"  Her eyes widened in horror and immediately she removed herself off Kiseki's back and began helping him with the memory cards. 

"Maybe Dad put the memory card in his room"

"You are the only one who can go through his drawers without being yelled at so by all means" Kiseki sighed. Saki nodded and made a beeline for our parents bedroom.  Leaving Kiseki to run through his cards a second time I headed over Uncle's house by bike. It wasn't too far a journey either, everyone relatively lived nearby except for Taro and the others and Saya lived in the other neighborhood. It was a Saturday so I wasn't surprised on seeing Uncle's Car in the driveway. He always called Saturday his Me times. He'd go out running with Roxy, invite us over for movies or curled up in his personal library with a book in hand while Roxy resting on his lap and that's exactly where I expected to meet him.

Though his Grey Prius was parked the door was locked. Uncle never locked the door when he was home. Peeping into the window near the door, a cup of coffee had been rolling steam on the table, the TV was on with Roxy comfortably asleep on the couch. He was definitely home. I rang the door bell several times enough that Roxy woke up and started scratching at the door whimpering in an attempt to let me in. 

"It's okay girl I'll just use the back entrance"  I froze replaying the line again in my mind knowing Yuiko and Amaya would have had a field day twisting that sentence around.  Roxy greeted me at the back sliding door after I unlocked the fence and I slid it open instantly having the black shepherd pounce on me in joy. I ruffled her head. 

"Hey girl where's uncle at?" She barked and whined before moving herself back onto the couch. I shuffled through the house, I always adored coming here. Everything about the house was sleep and modern, Uncle had classic white walls with charcoal colored furniture, sleek leather couches and chairs, satin snow colored pillows on the couch, photos hung up on the walls in Auburn frames and rested on the cupboards all around. 

Pictures of my Dad and Auntie Azami as kids, wedding photos of my Mom and Dad and tons of baby pictures of Kiseki, Saki, Akina, Amaya and I. Old Elementary awards from all of us that cluttered our houses and Uncle gladly displayed in his house. Uncle did always say he felt no need to have kids of his own because we were all the kids he needed. 

The kitchen was empty but the oven had several pies inside with three timers set five minutes after the other.  The wall of aromas hit me before I even entered the room. Cinnamon, apples, nutmeg, Coconut, ginger and other scents I couldn't identify. I checked the pies for good measure but from all indication they had just gone into the oven not too long before yet when I searched the house Uncle was no where to be found.

He wasn't in his study, his room, the bathroom doors were wide open and the basement was empty. "He wouldn't leave things in the oven" I muttered walking through the halls. "Where are you Uncle?"

I decided it would have been best to wait in the living room until he got back looking at his memory cards with his computer. Instantly headed into his bedroom and pulled out the drawer near the nightstand besides his bed when I heard muffled voices. I blinked looking around. "Uncle?" 

No reply. 

The muffling only got quieter as I walked further away from the room and louder when I entered deeper into it. "What the hell?" I let my feet follow the noise and it led me to the closet door. 

My mind reeled as broken memories from the dream I had as a kid came back. My hand fumbled at the doorknob, palms sweating and on opening the door the muffling got louder. The closer I got the more I understood the voices.

One was from my Uncle and the other I didn't recognize. 

"What the fucking hell is all the trouble over these old as dirt books anyway?" The voice as I maneuvered through uncle's heavy clothing until I reached the staircase that opened up to the large library. The very one in my dreams, the same tall shelves with aged yellow books, only a few changes than my broken mind can remember.  There was a large screen panel build in on the wall with a symbol as the screensaver, symbols and lettering faded in the background that I had never seen before. The pathway stretched onward to the door on the other end of the room. The longer I walked to it, the further away it seemed. 

"They aren't ordinarily books Hidan" Uncle said smoothly. "You remember the old rumored stories, about the spells that had caused so much chaos a millennium ago that the Order back then had the copies of the spells destroyed and the users of the spells executed. It was so bad that anyone who had even seen the spells for a second had to be killed for fear of a memory searcher using it to their advantage.   The only copies of the spells were kept on the Orders record and sealed away, The original holders had their memory erased after they divided the spells based on their usage into four books.  The book of Life, deals with spells that affect living things, The book of dead deal with necromancy of the cruelest orders, The book of creation then the Book of the Elements.  These are worse than just ordinary forbidden spells. These spells almost wiped humanity off the map." 

"What in this shit filled world is ordinary anyway?" He grumbled. "If the spells are so fucking dangerous why in the everloving fuck would they have kept even one copy of them?"

"The books have a binding spell in their bindings that can't be recreated since alot of the plants are extinct I believe and a containment unit keeps people from rediscovering the spells on their own. They needed the copies to keep it from manifesting elsewhere. Spells are living instructions, they always pop up if you don't seal them. That's why I always say there's a spell for everything, it's all about finding them or in this case, hoping humanity never does"

"And Boss wants us to find them? Fucking hell do I look like Google maps? Library GPS? Bitches and Monsters fine but How in the fuck do we find four books that constantly moves around before they nuke the world?"

"We can't." Uncle deadpanned. "I've been helping searching for these books for years the second their burial grounds were disturbed and from experience the only way to find them is for them to have found an owner. The books only move around if they don't. The spells unlock the longer it's used. It has thousands of pages and the side effects are hard to miss after a while especially with the cost of casting these spells. We'll have the satellite try to pick up the spells signals but, these spells are so ancient they barely have a power signature to pin point on and"  He started. Books? Spells? My mind began fogging over suddenly the room blurred and the shelved area began looking more like a maze.

"And it'd be hard to tell them apart from the spells of the rest of the fucking world, brilliant. Who are the dumb sack of shits that lost the books in the first place?"

"Madara had them to be delivered to headquarters to return to the Containment Unit, he had 894 undercover trucks on different routes as decoys for any bandits but they still managed to get the right truck, heard his kids didn't get a wink of sleep that night with how bad he was screaming" he joked. "It was the night before the first day of school too" My legs suddenly became undercook noodles under me. My entire weight collapsed from below me. 

The voices were beginning to become less distant. Louder, clearer until I heard footsteps. My head was seering and my breathing hallowed as the air suddenly went thin.

What was..happening? 

"Un..cle.." I croaked out but my lungs burnt 

"Boo fucking woo, i'm going to have to clean up some other dipshit's mess. I was perfectly fine with Monster recall but no y'all had to fuck things up"

"Just keep an eye on the weather patterns. The book of priority is the Book of Elements, we have to secure it as soon as possible" 

"Yeah yeah can I take off this dumb ass belt now?"

"Sure if you want the room to suck the life out of you by all means" 

"Fuck off" 

"I got pies in the oven so mind hurrying along?" He chuckled. 

They sounded close. So close. My lungs felt like they were on fire, my eyes began watering as my vision continued to blur. I awkwardly shifted my arm to the shelf besides me. Everything was starting to get dark. The voices began getting quieter even though I could feel the heavy tremble of their footsteps that quicken into runs. I looked up in time to see two blurry images running towards me before everything turned black. 

"How in the hell did he get in?"


"Look's whose back with the land of the living" I heard my Uncle's voice say the second I opened my eyes.  "You took quite a tumble had me worried for a second there"

"Huh?" I said sitting up my head in a complete fog as I looked around the room. Uncle gave me an amused look as he sat on the couch in a grey robe a cup of tea in one hand. Running my hand through hair.

"You hit your head pretty hard, luckily you were going down the stairs and not up" 

"Up? stairs?" He gave me a worried look standing up and putting his hand on my forehead. I winced on contact and moved my hand to the swollen mark on my forehead. 

"Maybe I should have dropped you by the clinic" 

"What happened?"

"We were heading back down to my room when you slipped on your shoe lace. You seemed a bit dizzy after so I let you nap"

"Slipped?" I searched through my memories and came up blank. "Must have been pretty hard I don't even remember.."

"Well you were napping for quite a while" Roxy nuzzled my hand and I rubbed the top of her head.  "I would have made some snacks but I was too glued to the phone and monitoring you to make sure you were okay"

"Didn't you make pies?" His eyes widened as he blinked.

"You're making me wish I had" He sighed. "I could use some right about now" I peaked into the kitchen seeing the oven light off, no scent of cinnamon that usually took an entire day to clear out after baking even with air fresheners. The dishes had been untouched, no dirty bowls in the sink. "did you dream of pies?" He joked.

"Yeah I guess I did" I smiled stretching my arms. 

"You didn't get a chance to tell me what you needed before you tumbled? or do you not feel well I could drop you home"

"...Right, um" I laid back in the seat. "No I'm fine, I just needed to check for the memory help with gaining Jirou's memory back" I stuttered. My stomach was in knots and I felt completely nauseous. Good thing Uncle didn't have pies or I would have been torture being unable to eat them. I could have sworn he had made them, they smelt and looked as real as can be. A sheering pain silenced the thought and brushed it away. "Kiseki sent his camera off to get repaired but he left the memory card in it and.." I stood up unbalanced and Uncle quickly stood to steady me.


"T-hanks.." I smiled rubbing my forehead. "And with Jirou's memory loss we needed everything we could to help and we were sort of hoping your camera would have helpful footage" Uncle gave me a sheepish look as he smiled.

"That's a great way for you all to help your friend.I have tons of footage from get togethers and such but they're all in my storage unit in town." I raised a brow. "I like to keep them there with the rest of my books, tell you what I'll drive over for them and meet you at your place in say a half an hour?" 

"Alright, thanks Uncle" My phone vibrated in my pocket. It was Yuiko asking about homework. "I'll head home now actually Yuiko needs something" I muttered. He nodded and gave me another one of his smiles yet..somehow..there was something off about that one.  I petted Roxy before biking back to my place, not even my bike was where I thought I had left it. 

I got home with the headache still persisting despite the painkillers I took before I left from Uncle's place. It must have been an obvious look of pain on my face since My mother stopped unpacking her groceries in the kitchen and instantly her eyes flashed with concerned. "Daichi honey are you okay?"

"Fine mom" I smiled. "Don't worry it's just a headache" She moved passed her paper bags and stooped infront of me checking my eyes. "Mom really it's just a headache"

"You have a bump"

"I took a little fall" That was all it took to set her off, she instantly seated me onto one of the kitchen chairs and pulled out her first aid kit for home. It was far more packed than the average home first aid kit since she did work at a hospital.  Dad sat on the other end of the table drinking his evening coffee, I eyed him for help from Mom's over protective care before I ended up bandaged up like a mummy but he only glanced at me from behind of his mug in a 'You did this to yourself' sort of look. 

There was my Dad helpful as ever.  Mom treated the bump and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't less sore after. Mom always knew how to make me feel better which wasn't what I was opposed to. I hated making her worry, for years she carried a slight weight on her shoulder that always seemed veiled around her and Dad no matter how happy the days were. Everyone in Dad's family had a way of speaking with their eyes rather than with words. 

"Sweetie you have to watch where you're going.. Falling can cause massive head injuries even the lightest of bumps" She said packing the case up.  Her eyes continued scanning me as if debating whether to haul me to her work for a head scan. I was about to speak up when she went over to the kettle to make hot water for tea. "Naruto told me about your friend, the one who fell down the stairs? Sweetie why didn't you guys tell me one of your friends were hurt?"

"It's still hard to believe you know"  I said. "I-i guess we've been so busy trying to help his memory come back I forgot to mention it"

"How's his reports going?" She set the steaming cup in front of me. 

"They're alright I guess, I mean if anything bad happened his Brother or sisters would tell us but they're not letting alot of people see him"

"I know it sucks but it's hospital policy" She sighed. "Especially with head injuries, overwhelming patients with too much too fast can damage their psyche"  She sighed. "I can't imagine what it would be like to be in his mother's shoes.." She smiled at me just as Kiseki and Saki walked into the kitchen. "You kids are my world, so be careful out there. Don't make me have to wrap you in bubble wrap okay?"

"Right Mom" I smiled.

"Dude where the hell were you I called you like six times" Kiseki said taking a seat next to me. "Were in some sort of tunnel or something?" I blinked picking up the steaming cup.

"What do you mean? I mean Uncle said I was out for a bit but for the most part my phone was on"

"It kept saying something about unable to connect , so I asked Yuiko to text you on homework and said you didn't respond"

"Yes I did, I got the text when I left" Kiseki gave me a face.

"Did you hit your head into last week? Yuiko texted you an hour ago, then I called Uncle's house phone and there was no answer so spill it, where did you two go? some sort of secret Mini-me hang out trip you didn't want to invite me too?" I stared at my twin for what felt like forever. My phone was on me the entire time, there was no reason for it not to reach me.  

"No secret anything, My phone must have hit the floor to hard and bugged out for a bit" He frowned not convinced.  "It's true"

"Well, whatever don't tell me but it seems like I forgot the chip inside of the camera. All of the others show us hanging out but none with us teasing Jirou about his crushes or his active horror of Kairi on flim."

"It's alright Kiseki. Uncle has some footage he thinks, he's going to pick them up"

"That's a relief. I hope it's something good."  Kiseki passed a smile over to Mom asking her about Dinner, which was going to be coconut shrimp rice stir fry. I opted to help her as I would usually do while Kiseki and Saki watched TV In the livingroom, I saw Aika strolling into her front yard and I was still far too distracted to keep that on my mind for long. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and I couldn't figure out why.

I went out into the hallway to charge my phone when I saw an item I hadn't seen before. A Vase, it stood out against mom's honey colored walls with it's mix of almond colored painting with chocolate colored map that didn't seem to lead to anywhere designed all around it. It looked all shiny and already had some of Mom's lilies from the garden in them. Mom must have saw my confusion from the kitchen since she called out.

"OH i got that at a garage sale" She smiled soon after standing besides me. "Naruto saw it and bought the two of us the matching sets."

"It's a bit ugly looking don't you think?" Kiseki pipped up.

"Should fit you just fine then" Saki teased. Kiseki frowned and began chasing her while Mom gave a slight frown. 

"Be careful you two don't hit yourselves" she sighed hopelessly smiling at me. "Ready to finish dinner?"

"Course Mom"  She smiled making her way into the kitchen, my mind and stomach turned hopelessly despite Mom's treatments before I couldn't shake the feeling something was off about the day now I couldn't shake the off feeling about the hallway.


"What was that honey? do you want to make pies?" Did my mother had super hearing? I smiled best I could ignoring the creepy vase and made my way into the kitchen. 


I paced about the room uneasily, past musical posters on the walls and shelves holding books with fandom themed book ends to hold them up. Natsuko sat on the edge of my bed, tugging at his new plugs a little bit in earnest.
“You’re going to make yourself sick if you keep pacing like that,” he said easily. I turned to him with an exasperated looking painting my face.
“Last time you were here someone cast a lust charm on us,” I said irritably. “I need to figure out who did it and what’s going on. Especially after what happened to Jirou.”
“Well,” Natsuko said, hinting toward a joke. “I was going to suggest a blow job, but since you’re all up tight I guess it’s out of the question.”
“Last time, I was about to do more than suck your dick, Natsuko, so I think those jokes have gone out the window.”

“My hopes of getting laid tonight are out the window, it looks like.” I gave him a warning look, to which he held up his hands in self defense. “Yo, jokes. Don’t fret.”

I continued my pacing while Natsuko watched, his eyes gazing up and down my body. I needed to stop wearing crop tops when he was around, because he loved lingering on my stomach.

“We should go to a party tonight,” he suggested. “We could do body shots. You're way to tense right now and you need to relax”

I ran a hand through my dark brown hair and sat next to him with a sigh. “We’ll celebrate after we figure this out. I can’t tell anybody about magic, so I can’t tell them I know, Natsu. Even though them knowing will seriously help.”

“It won’t help me,” he warned. “Or my family, or your Mom. I know you want to help Jirou, but we can’t do anything rash and there's no actual evidence anyhow that Kairi or Harumi can do magic. Lust charms can be sold anywhere even some good ones online besides you're supposed to be on the down low with magic involvement yah know, if my Dad found out he'll chuck me out the window for even having this conversation but I did give him the lust charm to examine just in case anyway, just said some girl tried to magically roofie me...which isn't a lie"

"You know my Mom wouldn't let that happen, she's one of the few things that can actually scare him. Nothing's scarier than a little sister's wrath" I reasoned. My Mother was adopted by Natsuko's grandmother, all things legally applied that made us cousins. "What are the chances of the one time she bought a lust charm it actually worked?"

"You'd be surprised" He said smoothly. "People can use magic intentionally without actually knowing about Magic, Old remedies, superstitions and stories that elderly often pass down are often dealing with it or maybe someone else gave it to her. We could sit here all night thinking of the possibilities of how Kairi and Harumi could have known about magic indirectly but sitting and obsessing isn't healthy, Now it's my job to protect you that means your mind too babe and right now you need some drinks in you."

I sat there for a second, feeling anger flare in me at the sound of those two witches names. Literally, witches. How did that even work out at this point? We sat in silence, Natsuko waiting for me to say something.

“Let’s go to that party,” I finally said.

“Sounds good to me, Princess,” he said. “But you can’t go looking like you’re a student at Konoha. I mean, you’re verging on punk rock, but let’s do something to get the ball rolling, shall we?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow. He pulled tapers and a lip stud out of his sweater pocket and held them up.
“I thought you’d never ask, sweetheart,” he grinned. “All I need is an electric razor and some vaseline.”

I walked into that party feeling like a different person. Half my head was shaved, I had size 14 tapers in, a monro piercing. Natsuko did a good job. My high waisted, acid washed skinny jeans and black crop top made it almost impossible for him to keep his hands off of me, too. Outside the house,  he kissed me hard while I sat on the seat of his motor bike.

“Fuck you look sexy,” he whispered seductively, kissing below my ear. I bit my lip and melted into his touch. Finally he pulled away and smirked. “Let’s get going, . I need a drink.” I smirked and went into the house with him. We weaved through the crowd and Natsuko grabbed a bottle of tequila.

“If we’re doing drinks when you look like that, we’re doing it right. Take off your pants, babe,” he said.

“Pardon?” I said, sounding shocked.

“Babe, in those jeans, I can’t do a body shot off of you. Take off the jeans.”

I bit my lip and slid them off, instantly gaining me some attention.  I propped myself up on the edge of the counter and laid back. Natsuko poured some tequila into my belly button, sprinkled some salt on my thigh and put a slice of lime in my mouth. He licked the salt, earning a moan from me and then sucked back the shot and bit the lime, taking it from my mouth. He pulled it out, set it down next to me and kissed me until my head spun. Next thing I knew, he had pulled me off the counter and tugged his shirt off over his head. He sat on the counter and laid back, putting the lime in his mouth and putting salt on his neck. I managed to get myself on top of him, kissed him and then made my way down his jaw, to his neck where I slowly licked off the salt, down his chest, kissing over his tattoo, down to his stomach. I paused only to pour the tequila onto him then suck it back. A small group of people hooted and hollared as I went back up to suck the lime and take it out of his mouth to kiss him, pulling him close to me. Natsuko looked at me and smirked when I pulled away. “Since you’re so close, I have something else for you to suck.” Some of the guys hooted at us.

“Maybe later, babe,” I chuckled. He shrugged and sat up, tugging his shirt back on as I pulled on my jeans. Then he pulled me in, pressed me against the wall and kissed and nipped at my neck until he earned a few moans, making the guys whistle and hoot at us again.
“Fuck that’s hot. I’d do her in a heart beat,” I heard one of the guys say.
“Too bad she’s doing me,” Natsuko said back to him. “At least I can make a girls toes curl.” The guy turned red at the insult and backed off. We walked off and found ourselves in a bedroom. He propped himself above me and kissed me hard.
“Y’know, babe, I didn’t think you could get any hotter. But damn, you out did yourself,” he said. “It’s taking all of my self control right now.”

I stumbled into school the next day on weak legs with a pounding head. Instantly, people were staring at me and whispering. I thought they were going off about my apperance, until I heard Harumi and Kairi snickering about something stupid while looking at their phones.
“Oh look, everybody, it’s the town slut,” Kairi announced. I could see my friends turn around a little bit, jaws dropping at the sight of me.

“Shove the fuck off, Kairi before I shove my docs up your fucking ass,” I spat.

“Or do body shots off of me? Y’know, you’re little boyfriend is kind of cute. What did you have to pay to get him to screw you last night?” I went to speak but she cut me off. “Don’t lie, everybody at the party heard the two of you last night.” She moved closer to me so few could hear. “I wonder how Daichi would like to find out about you fucking some guy? Bet he wouldn’t want to date you, hm?”

“Kairi, you’re just jealous cause my friend is hotter than half the guys you’ve fucked and I didn’t have to trick him to make him want to screw me,” I said loudly before walking past them to my group of friends.

“So that picture of you on facebook doing body shots wasn’t photoshopped?” Ria said
“Nope,” I admitted easily. Taro almost looked impressed at my outburst at Kairi.
“D-Did you actually…” Daichi trailed off, like he didn’t quite want an answer to the question we all knew he was trying to spit out.
“Screw him? Yeah. No strings attached, though. We, uhh, we’re just friends. We got kind of carried away when we were drunk though. Shit happens, I guess,” I said easily, hoping he wouldn’t take me screwing Natsuko as me not being into him. Because I was, I really was. Natsuko was just tempting in so many different ways. But he was something I could stop easily at any time. I just liked feeling like I mattered to someone that I knew I could trust. I wanted that person to be Daichi, but I don’t think he wanted me to be.
“Oh,” he said, sounding at least a little hopeful but still sad.
“Look, Daichi, I don’t like Natsuko in that way, really. I-“ I didn’t get to finish as Amaya walked over and her jaw dropped.
“Aika, what the fuck. We talked about this. If you don’t want to fuck me, you can’t keep giving me lady boners. This gives me a lady boner,” she said. Yuiko shot her a glare and mouthed something at her. Amaya cursed under her breath. “Fuck whatever continue, town slut. Go on with what you were about to say.”
“I am not the town slut!” I snapped at her. 
“Well, everybody has seen you with your pants off. Though I know Daichi would like to see you with a lot more off and in his bed,” she said with a sly smirk.
“Amaya, oh my god,” Daichi said, his face bright red.

“Don’t act as if you didn’t jack off to the pictures of her from last night, cousin of mine,” Amaya said.
“I-I don’t, I-I would n-never, A-Amaya th-that’s so,”  he ran off, flustered and upset. I was too in shock at the reaction he gave to move.
“Oh my god,” Yuiko said, squealing with laughter. “Fricking priceless! I thought he was going to pass out when he saw you, Ai. Then Amaya went off about the pictures and, jesus christ, I swear to fuck. You guys need a reality show. I’m fucking done. I’m gonna go check on him, try not to give anybody else a boner, Ai.”
“Not like you try to hold back, Yui,” I said back.
“My sexy can’t be contained. I look hot all the time,” she said before walking away to go find Daichi.
I punched Amaya in the arm without hesitation, my face burning red. “Could you have been a little more subtle?”
“Probably not,” she said with a smirk. “Though I am shocked about you and Natsuko.”
“It happened, it’s over with, move on with your lives,” I said.
“Can I see your phone for a second?” Amaya said.
“It’s important.”
“Use your own phone.” 
She slipped into my sweater pocket and took out my phone, unlocked it and fired off a quick text. I was too in shock that she knew my password to stop her.
“How the fuck did you know it?” I asked. “And what the fuck did you just send out?”
“I see all, Princess. And look for yourself,” she said, passing it back to me.

To: Daichi
From: Aika
Message: Y’know, if you’re doing that to my picture, I can help you out next time 
“I could actually murder you, Amaya,” I said, wide eyed.
“Tell it to your psychiatrist, Ai,” she said back casually. “Also, why the hell is it you’re fucking everybody but me? This is bullshit. I’m hot.”
“Apparently not hot enough,” Saya commented, jumping into our conversation. “Did you see the guy she screwed? He’s gorgeous. He’s a sex god, Amaya. Step up your game.”
“He wasn’t that great,” Kiseki muttered under his breath, looking a little ticked off.
“Taro, can I talk to you in private for a second?” I said, trying to slip away from the conversation. Taro nodded and walked toward a quiter area.
“What is it, Aika?” he asked, looking fairly curious.

“How’s Jirou doing? What does the doctor's say? How's Mai holding up she hasn't been to dance practice naturally and I haven’t seen Kasume much since we went to see him in the hospital, I’m really worried. Has he talked to her at all? Kairi isn’t making him bad mouth her or something, is he? I know he’s not that person but-“

“Ai,” Taro said with a sigh. “I said I’d keep you all posted. I’m keeping an eye on him, don’t worry. And if he steps out of line, I’ll deal with it best I can but with no memory there's no much I can do so soon. Just focus on Kasume for now, okay? Everyone else is handling it alot better than her it seems.  I don’t want you to get all worked up like that.” Taro was being almost sweet about the whole thing, which came as a bit of a shock to me while we were all friends he never seemed to care for me all that much.  I guess with recent events, everybody realized we have to stick together. We don’t have much of a choice.

“Taro  This whole thing needs to stop. Now.”

“I know, Aika. Believe me, I know.” Taro said.

“If? Taro, there can’t be an if right now. He has to come to, he has to know that Kairi and Harumi are using him, we can’t lose him like that! We can’t lose our friend-“

“Aika! I’m losing more than a friend, I’m losing my brother in a way! Do you think I want him to be this way? I I’m trying. But I know that the reality of the situation is he might not come to,” Taro snapped, his patience with me wearing. “Don’t snap at me about it. I know what’s going on, I sure as hell don’t need your help figuring it out.” With that, he stormed off back down the hallway toward the group, leaving me there looking lost and hurt.
He didn’t even know what he was dealing with, didn't know about magic. So how could he possibly figure it out if he had no idea what was really going on?
Beyond the Veil C.14
Chapter 13 ->

Wooot, all the juicy things are starting to unfold, Aika's POV was written by her lovely owner Aria-Abomination
and sorry for the uber late chapter release, I got sick, and I moved back home took a while to adjust to being back not to mention my PC froze

Enjoy the chaptery goodness 
Aika Inuzuka - Aria-Abomination
Eri Sincera Jirou, Taro, Mai Uchiha - :iconaisteachsam:
Yuiko Uzumaki - CheshireNova
Amaya and Akina Shiranui, Kasume Aio, Kairi Hozuki, Harumi Yamanaka (c) Me
Ria Uzamaki, Madana Uchiha and Kiseki Uchiha - annria2002
Daichi Uchiha (c) ch3rryb3rry101
Saya (c) Pelissa
Saki (c) KawaChou

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