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Jirou's POV

I was nervous as I ate breakfast that morning, I looked at my mom and it seemed like she wasn't very sure either, but she said nothing about it as she put a plate in front of me, "Here Jirou you need your strength for today. I know you're nervous but your friends and siblings will get your through the day then you can come home and sleep okay?" she asked kissing the side of my head. I nodded a bit and let her kiss the side of my head as I started eating.

Apparently Taro has a bike but he decided not to drive it today. He walked with the rest of us to school, he said he was going to supervise me today. It was Friday, so I can take a day to get comfortable then rest up during the weekend. Seemed smart enough.

It was a little overwhelming to be honest, when I first stepped onto the school grounds, all those people suddenly stopped and stared at me. It was huge news in the school about my accident. Some people whispered behind their hands, others walked up to me asking how I was, but Taro kept them at arm's length.

"H-Hey they don't mean harm," I protested him. Taro just stared at me.

"Look, you can get friendly later, right now, you focus on school, focus on adjusting then you can get all buddy buddy again," he turned his head to the crowd of students, "Alright listen up! Yeah, Jirou is back, that does not mean you crowd him, He's not at 100% and until he is, he is not leaving my sight. If you overwhelm him he will lose consciousness or worse, and if you cause that I will drag your sorry ass behind a dumpster and you will not like our trip behind the dumpster. Am I clear?"

The guys all paled a bit and nodded, though the girls, strangely looked at him like a dog in heat.

"Good, you can say hi, just don't overwhelm him," he added, "spread this like wildfire, I want the entire school to know," he said waving his hand in a dismissive manner.

I was in shock, well... he certainly had pull around the school. Didn't have to be so rude about it though. As the crowd dispersed a group of girls came over to us.

"Oh Taro you're such a caring brother, if you or Jirou need anything at all, anything," she added with a wink, I shuttered slightly at it, "let us know," she purred slightly.

"Yeah yeah," Taro grumbled, he glanced at me, "lets get to homeroom."

The girls followed us, "Hey Taro."

"You think you have time to help me?"

"Taro," another purred.

My elder brother got agitated, I saw the twitching of the eye as the girls crowded him with questions and trying to get his attention. Seems he's a really popular guy despite being a meanie head. He only took it for a couple of minutes before pinching the bridge of his nose. "Look I obviously don't have time for any of you right now okay? I have more important matters at hand. Bother me later if you need to," he said grabbing my arm and dragging me away. I heard them swooning at him even as we left.

"He doesn't have time for us, what a hulk."

"What a family man, sticking up for his little brother."

"I'd kill to be his Mrs. Uchiha."

"I'd kill just for his baby."

"I wish he'd drag me behind a dumpster."

I paled and hurried ahead to keep pace with Taro. Teenage girls are scary creatures!

Taro was given permission by the principle to shadow me until I settled back into my routine. He lead me to all my classes and didn't allow anyone, not even Kairi near me. I tried arguing with him about it, like seriously he was going to have to get over I had a girlfriend. But he was kinda right, seeing all these faces and having to learn so many things, I had a headache starting to brew by the time he lead me to my swimming class. I just weakly waved at Kairi told her I'd text her later and she can show me around on Monday but right now I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I pouted when she didn't seem happy but well I just didn't feel up to arguing with Taro, the strength wasn't in me today.

When we walked into the pool area my team jumped out shouting 'SURPRISE' to which I lost balance in shock but my brother managed to save me from landing on my ass, or bashing my head again.

They had food and sweets so we could all eat and I could get frequented with everyone. Coach seemed like a decent guy, he patted my shoulder and welcomed me back, told me to enjoy today because on Monday he was throwing me headfirst into the pool, I just need to pray I didn't forget how to swim. I gulped and nodded at him, he only chuckled and said he was glad to have his best swimmer back. My teammates all seemed happy I was back, though one of them dragged Taro off and seemed to be talking with him about something. All I heard was Taro saying, "wait until he's better, then do whatever you promised him alright?"

Hm... wonder what the guy promised me?

The rest of the day went without anything really note worthy, my classes set the day aside so I could try to get re-accumulated, though the girls that were following Taro around earlier were being really nice to me, winking at me and stuff, I don't get it, if they are interested in my brother why are they looking at me?

I was a bit relived when I got home, finally some familiarity. Mom greeted me at the door with pain killers and sweets, then ushered me to my room to rest before dinner. I happy took some painkillers then ate the sweets while I texted Kairi, again apologizing about today and promising to make it up to her, then decided to take a nap before dinner. All and all, the day went over pretty well... but I just had this nagging sensation that something was wrong, what? Well... that's what I'm not sure of... I really want to find out though. The girl in my dreams still haunted me, and the only thing I knew was it wasn't Kairi... but who was it?


I couldn’t bring myself to do it. The food in front of me was mocking me, telling me how fat I was. I tried to measure out the amounts in my head. This was about 500 calories, I think. I could skip this easily. But Amaya was staring me down across the table, wanting me to eat. So I did, piece by piece. Guilt wracked my body each time I swallowed a fry. But she seemed to relax a little bit, and I knew this would get her off my back. Ever since Dad locked all the alcohol in a cupboard and told Mom not to buy me anymore, not eating became my way of controlling something in my life. I used to be able to control my level of intoxication. It was fun to just let go. But when I lost that? Well, I just wanted to have something.
   Unfortunately, I couldn’t even have this.
Finally, I pushed the empty plate toward Amaya.
“Can I go now?” I asked. “I have dance.”
She sighed, “yeah, sure. Just eat something later, okay? I don’t want you winding up in the hospital.” I nodded and left the cafeteria. I slipped into the bathroom, hid in a stall and shoved a finger down my throat so that everything I ate came right back up. I could see why some people chose bulimia. Nobody could really expect a thing.
“One, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight,” Tachibana said, slamming her cane against the floor to keep the beat. We had been going over my routine for what seemed like hours. I adjusted my elbows, went for the twirl and leap and blacked out, crashing down onto the floor.
I woke up in the nurses office, Daichi sitting by the bed.
“Thank goodness you’re awake, Ai,” he said, look relieved. “Come on, I’ll take you home. The others would be here but I promised to stay and look after you so they could go to their clubs. None of them were too happy about it, though.”
“Thanks, Daichi,” I said weakly. I tried to sit up, but became dizzy and plopped back against the pillow. “Oh god, my head.”
“Come on, I’ll help you stand,” Daichi said, helping me sit up. I swung my legs over the side of the cot and tried to find my foot. Daichi held onto my waist and helped me stay on my own two feet. We made our way toward a cab waiting outside and got in. Daichi rattled off my address and the cab driver took us to my place. Daichi unlocked the door and helped me up the stairs to my bedroom.
“Can you go into the drop drawer and grab leggings and a t-shirt for me? I can’t stay in this damn uniform,” I groaned as he helped me sit on the bed.
“Yeah sure,” he said, heading to my dresser. He dug around then tossed me a pair of black leggings and an All Time Low t-shirt, then turned back around. I unbuttoned the dress shirt, shimmied off my shirt and shoved the leggings on. But when I stood up to pull the leggings up over my butt, I fell forward. Daichi turned around to see what had happened. 
“Don’t look! Just get out!” I hollared, panic washing over me. He came over to me anyway.
“Ai, you need help. Come off it, let me help you up,” he said. I pulled me up and sat me back on the bed, then froze. The second that look of pure panic crossed his face, I felt the tears fill my eyes.
My shirt was unbuttoned. He could see my rib cage. I looked sick and disgusting and ugly. This wasn’t some fashion trend, this is a disease. A very real disease that seemed far too real when he could see one of the physical side effects of it.
“A-Ai,” he stuttered. He took note of how visiably upset I was and turned around as quickly as he could manage. I shrugged off my shirt, then pulled the tee on and crawled under the covers.
“Please leave,” I whispered. “Please just go.” Everything inside of me was snapping. I justed wanted to fold myself up, over and over again until I disappeared completely. I had laid on my side, back to him, not able to bear the pity I figured his gaze must have held.
Instead of hearing him shut my bredroom door behind him as he walked out, I felt the covers rustle against me, the mattress shift and him crawl in next to me.
“I don’t want you to be alone right now, Aika,” he whispered in my ear. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulled me against him, held all the little pieces I had together like duct tape. I snuggled against him, felt his breath on my neck. My entire body tingled. I rolled over so I could face him, look him in the eyes. Those lovely green eyes that always reminded me about the leaves on trees right after it rained.
His hand touched my cheek, his fingers strokes my face.
“Please, Ai,” he said. “Try to be healthy again, try to eat. This is killing all of us. Amaya can’t figure out what she’s doing wrong, why she can’t get food into you. You’re terrifying Tekkin, he doesn’t know what’s wrong. You’re scaring everybody.”
After what Amaya had just gone through, the scene in the bathroom, I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing her like that again. I couldn’t lose Amaya, she’s my best friend. She’s always been my best friend. We’re partners in crime, we’ve done just about everything together, ever since we were little.
And Tekkin… I couldn’t be the reason he was sad. He had enough reasons. After everything that had happened to that poor kid, I couldn’t be the reason he was sad. Not now, not ever.
Daichi was right, I did have to try to get better. I had to try really hard so I didn’t lose anybody else. But there was one problem with trying to do all of that.
“I’m so scared,” I whispered. I could feel my body trembling, tears rolled over the brim of my eyes.
“Of what, Ai?”
“Losing you all, not being enough, not being able to fix things,” I replied. Daichi pulled me closer.
“Ai, you don’t have to bear any of that alone, and you know it. There is no reason for you to do anything on your own, we’ll always be here for you. All of us, no matter what,” he said. His forehead rested against mine. I weeped, and he just held me close, let me, gave me time to get it all out.
When I managed to calm down, I cuddled into him. He held me as tight as he could.
“Daichi?” I said, looking up at him.
“Yeah, Ai?” he said.
“I love you,” I whispered. The look that passed cross his face sent a shock of fear through me. I pulled away from him, tried to calm the pain in my chest. But he cupped my face in his hands and pulled his lips against my own. I kissed him back, pulled him against me. His fingers found their way down my sides, held onto my hips. My hands pressed against his chest, clutching at his shirt, pulling him closer to me. I pulled away, tried to catch my breath, looked at him in shock.
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear that, Aika,” he whispered to me, resting his forehead against my own. I closed my eyes, curled against him and fell asleep.
I’d have to try to get better starting tomorrow. I’d have to try something.

Eri's POV

Madara hadn't come to bed yet, and it was getting late. I sighed softly and looked at the clock, 11:30, he was usually in bed about 11. I rose from the bed and walked out of the room to his study.

I opened the door and stepped into the office, he didn't even notice, his attention glued to his computer screen. It was easy to tell when he was tired, he'd rub his forehead, his chin would rest on his hand as he'd stare blankly at the computer screen, slight bags would form under his eyes.. I knew the thought that was running his head, Just five more minutes, then I'll call it quits.

"Five more minutes never comes does it dear?" I announced myself.

His head gave a slight jolt as he looked at me, then he gave a me a tired smile as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Never comes until you remind me they've already gone."

I came over to him, only stopping to grab his glass and pour some brandy. Carrying the crystal glass over to him I kissed his forehead and put the glass on his desk. "What has you up?"

"Everything," he grunted slightly taking the glass. He slipped the brandy down his throat and sighed returning his attention to the screen. I looked at the computer screen as I put a hand on his shoulder.

"... 'This company wouldn't be anything without my partner and wife Eri'... You know you don't need to try so hard to get laid," I offered a light joke.

"So I can delete this then?" he gave a small chuckle.

"No I like it when you try hard," I smiled kissing his cheek. He only smirked and moved his arm around my waist, effectively scooping me into his lap. I giggled and put my arms around his neck giving him a kiss on the lips. "Now really, whats bothering you?"

"I don't think I should go to this opening, between Jirou and the investigation, I don't think it's a good idea to leave you all."

"There's nothing you can do."

"If this was an attack on the family-"

"If this was an attack on our family, you not going shows whoever did this that we're weakened," I reminded him sternly, "You think I can't handle the house for one weekend? Are you insulting me Uchiha?"

He uttered a soft laugh downing the rest of the brandy, "Never, I don't know what I was thinking Mrs. Uchiha."

"Bad things happen when you don't listen to me Mr. Uchiha," I teased a bit.

"I know full well."

"Well good it only took... what? More then twenty years? Twenty one or twenty two..."

"Are we counting when we met or when we started dating?"

"Hmm, I was counting dating, but what would it be if it was from when we met."

"Then it would be... I believe twenty-four years... maybe twenty five..." he mused slightly.

"God your skull is thick."

I always loved his chuckle, how deep it was, how I can feel it form in his chest how it build deep inside him. I put my head on his shoulder as his hand went to my upper arm, rubbing it slightly with his rough hands.

"I guess they haven't called with any progress?"

I was referring to the Guardians. The specialists they had spoke of came to Jirou's hospital room a couple of days before his release. I watched them as they looked over my sleeping boy with tools and spells. Their white coats surrounding him making me uneasy. I couldn't see him between all the people. Soon they finally left the room, the only words one said to me was that their tests turned positive, and a investigation would be opened. They only proved what I already knew, something magical caused Jirou's accident.

"I wish, it takes time to track magic... but since they waited the trail was probably too cold for them to get anything strong enough to go on..." I heard the slight growl in his tone.

"Madara... don't make me be the voice of reason here, I'm just as pissed as you are."

A slight snort came from his nose as he sat back. He was getting agitated, and frankly so was I. "You might getting me more? Maybe get some for yourself," he half joked referring to the brandy.

"I've been sober for twenty years darling, I don't think now would be a good time to break my sobriety when I need my wits about me," but still I took his glass and got up to refill it, "the children need their mother more then I need to feel better, and they need you too so don't go hitting the bottle in my place."

"I was mostly joking... I know you swore to not drink again," he said taking the glass and scooping me back into his lap, "Besides I'm proud of you for holding that promise, I know it's difficult."

"Then don't go and tempt me," I pouted, "You're my husband I trust you to make sure I uphold my promises if I seem to lose my way."

"Of course, I was teasing."

"We should head to bed soon, I need to check on Taro anyways."

Madara looked at me, "Is he pulling all nighters doing research?"

"Workaholic just like his father," I smiled softly, "I swear I need to buckle you both down to bed."

He snorted a bit, "oh I'm sorry, I recall a time when I yelled at you to go to bed, not vice versa. Having to go so far as to having a bet in place to make you go to sleep. Maybe he got the disregard for sleep from you. I recall actually having to tie you to the bed to win that bet," he smirked.

I felt the heat rushing to my cheeks, I remembered that night very well, "See now Uchiha I don't like your tone, that sounds very accusational," I frowned at him, "also you totally cheated that night."

"You only say I cheated because I won."

"No I say you cheated because you cheated!" I said in a hushed tone. He only laughed and swallowed remaining liquid the glass.

"You're just a sore loser."

"Fuck you."

"The night is still young dear, we can squeeze that in if you want."

I rolled my eyes, "Well Mr. Comedian I need to check on our son."

"Be my guest."

With that he turned off his computer and we both got up making our way to Taro's room. As I opened the door, I couldn't help but smile. The soft familiar snoring that greeted my ears as I looked in and saw him sound asleep at his desk. Madara walked past me and nudged our eldest on the shoulder, "Son... your mother wants you in bed," he said simply. Taro gave a slight snort as he blinked and yawned as his head raised from the book that was his pillow.


"Bed son," he repeated.

Taro rubbed his eye and looked from the book to his bed, "Y-Yeah... okay..." he said tiredly getting up from his desk. He looked towards the door and saw me standing there, "Night Mom."

"Good night baby," I said stepping in and planting a kiss on his cheek, since I couldn't reach his forehead when he was standing. "Don't forget to change."

He just nodded, "Night Dad."

"Good night son." Madara replied before stepping out of the room closing the door behind him. I smiled at the man as he only gave me a look of confusion, "What?"

"I half expected you to pick him up and tuck him in," I giggled.

"Yes if he was still seven. I think that would be odd to do to an eighteen year old."

"Would have been funny," I smiled.

He shook his head at me, then guided me to bed. It had been a long couple of weeks, and until Jirou got his memories back, it would continue to be trying.

Mai's POV

The moon light illuminated the buildings in a silver twilight. I tried not to think of the implications behind the idea of someone checking my room at  Usually, Mom would make one last check at around 11 to ensure we were all alseep and ready for school. With Jirou condition, she did multiple checks throughout the night. I hope my spell worked, the one that replayed an image of me sleeping in bed. To anyone at the door, it would be enough of a mirage to fool them, considering exhaustion.

I couldn't dwell on it anymore. Getting caught mattered little if I could come back with the prize.  Yesterday night Mom and Dad decided to pass off Mac's case to another Guardian. I had been walking by the hall in my pajamas looking to sneak a light yogurt as a snack when I heard voices in Dad's study which wasn't unusual. Dad usually had late night meetings like this.  It wasn't until I heard someone in particular that I was frozen in my tracks. 

"It's completely understandable"  Mac replied. "I do hope Jirou gets better soon though. When I heard of his accident I was going to come sooner but unfortunately got delayed" 

"I'm so sorry Max" Mom said apologetically. "If hadn't had a time frame we would have tried to do so after but it wouldn't be fair of us for our personal life with our family to disrupt finding closure over who took yours away and with Jirou down, Madara focusing on the books, Taro and I focusing on helping Jirou recover. This was our only option" 

"We're passing it off to a capable bunch. No worries. They will get the job done" My father assured. 

My hands curled to fists, blood rushing through my ears blocking out the rest of the conversation. 'What about me?  I wanted to scream.  Years of training apparently did not make me equal in the eyes of my father to my brothers. Who got their first chances when they were younger than I was! I wanted to march in there and tell Mac that I could handle it, that I would find the person and prove that they murdered your sister or at least bust them for the illegal activity.  I wanted to assure him that the Uchiha house hold wasn't down for the count because my brother and parents had their hands tied but instead, I stood straight and silently made my way to my room.

Sneaking in my Dad's study after he left for work wasn't hard. Finding the Guardian files was. I knew even if he passed the original files, he always kept digital copies. I just needed to find his flash drive. It was a slender chrome plated thing, shaped like a ball point pen with the uchiha symbol engraved on it and stained with ruby paint. Izuna had designed it for him, it held a shit ton of information. Several terra bytes or something. It was one of Dad's proudest held items.  I checked his drawers, picking the locks of the ones that had them, magically or otherwise.  I checked the safe that was hidden in the floorboards. Mom was downstairs,  I had to be careful with how I dealt with it.  I removed the lose tiles under the carpet and it showed the ebony colored box beneath with an electronic keypad for combinations. I had seen him gone into it once before, his fingers only clicking around 6 times. 6 digit combination. 

"Okay, think if I was dad.." 

I tried Mom's birthday, it popped into mind. I put the digits only to get rejected. Izuna must have designed this thing too, it didn't even budge under a spell or attempts at removing it from the ground. The buzzing it made at the error made me thankful I had the room spelled against sounds but god only knew what else this box would do.

I tried everyone's birthday in order and I was running out of tries.  Only two more attempts before the box would do whatever it pleased. Dad wasn't twisted enough to make it self destruct so that wasn't in the line of worries. Two more attempts. I chewed on my thumb, trying to think of anything Dad like.  I tried the Date of Mom and Dad's wedding only to be denied again.

"God damnit Dad" Taro would know the combination. Jirou might have if his memory wasn't fried. Mom would too for obvious reasons. I sat crossed legged on the floor. Dad was so family oriented it was hard to imagine a code that didn't have something to do with it.  His computer password was Taro and Jirou's birthday, his phone his and Mom's wedding. I was missing something. Some important date and I hadn't had much chance to figure it out. 

Guardian files, what was the day Dad became a Guardian? God It made me wish I listened to his stories more often.  My fingers started moving against the keyboard. Dad told us the reason why he became a Guardian. Not in detail, he barely ever talked about his family but it all started when his little brother Izuna died. I remembered the date because it was right before Christmas. I waited for the  buzz but all I heard was a subtle click. I couldn't believe I remembered that old story but my heart deflated when I opened the safe. Guardian records, weaponry, spell achieve, dates and pass codes but no pen. 

What would possibly be safer than a bloody SAFE?

 I shut the safe and move the tiles and carpet back into place even when he wasn't here Dad manages to piss me off with his thinking. I searched everyone, unless he walked with the pen then I was 50 different kinds of screwed. I looked around the room. I checked everywhere where the fuck could it be?  I found myself staring at the portrait of Mom and Dad's wedding. Frame of hard hazel wood. With carved flowers, vines that were stained to a coffee brown to match the rest oft he furniture. The roses and vines individual painted. 

Jirou had made it two years ago as an anniversary gift. Dad commissioned it from him and I remembered how nervous he was presenting it. I felt the rough contorts of the frame.  

"So there was no diary in his room? are you sure?" I asked Amaya in the cafeteria line. She rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I checked everywhere. Jirou even had this hidden compartment in the wall that he hid a box in but no dice dude" 

I never knew Jirou had a knack for making compartments in his works but judging on Taro I could see why he'd have a reason to. Dad commissioned it from Jirou, after he got the pen. I searched the sides and curves until I found a little loose piece to the side, it took a while since it was pretty wedged in there but when I pressed it inwards I heard a click but when I pulled on it, a wooden hidden square shaped pen holder slide out, with the pen promptly on it's side on the mini hidden shelf. If only Mom could see me now. Figuring out and putting together clues like a Guardian would. 

I got the files and headed out that night. I sat on the roof of the building across the street. Staying low to the ground while I had the museum in full binocular view.  The binoculars were spelled to give me vision beyond the walls. The wards kept me out but nothing kept me from seeing or hearing in.

Ali sat behind of her desk, legs propped up on the table, her shiny red heels matching her silk vest stop. She laid back on the chair with a phone pressed against her ear. Tight strawberry blond curls held back by a red bandanna.

"But ZUKOOO" She whined over the phone. The ward I drew under my ear to hear wasn't the most guardian approved one but it wasn't permanent. The noises of the town buzzed in my ear. Every pin that fell, every bug that buzzed in the trees miles around. I could hear clearly and it gave me a damn headache. I tried sorting through the noise, focusing on the scene in front of me. Slowly they began cancelling each other out. 

 I tried to relay the facts over my head about Ali Minsuko, mid twenties, owner of a museum, suspected of trafficking illegal magical items through her artifacts shipment. Metal user.  Suspected of killing Mac's younger sister Lilith in a car accident after she may have discovered her stash.  Looking at her frail figure, it was hard to believe she was capable of killing a fly. Her limbs were lanky and frail, my mother was slim but her limbs were toned, hardened by the muscles that shaped her body. She radiated with strength even with her looks. Ali didn't look it much,  freckles dusted her shoulders and cheeks but tattoos covered her cover bone and both her arms. Tattoos that gave her strength that defied her body stature. 

"But nothing you're not supposed to be in the city Ali"

"I can't just leave my babies behind and run" She stroked an old relic, a book. Yellowed pages that crunched and flaked whenever she turned the pages. Worn leather exterior. "I have a museum to run a life to live"

"Yeah Let's keep that last part going won't you? You're leaving. Tomorrow end of story even if I have to drag you onto the plane myself"

"You're starting to sound like my brother." She grumbled. "None of you ever let me handle things on my own.  I'm 25 and I still need chaperons? when will you guys see I could handle myself?"

"The city isn't safe anymore, we know you can handle yourself but if things keep going the way they are. This will end in suffering. Luckily, I still have some say in who will suffer." Ali snickered. "It's my job to make sure you're not one of them"

"Whatever man, have I ever told you you need a vacation? take the kids, go and have a blast, maybe crack a joke everyone in a while. If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, I’d be happy to do it for you"

"Tomorrow Ali" He finished and the line cut. Ali pushed her lips into a pout. 

"He really needs to get laid or something......"   I scanned her immediate surroundings. Glass cases of artifacts on stands, boxes of carefully preserved unsorted artifacts. Some of those have to be illegal then again if she left it out in the open it wouldn't be this hard to pin it. She yawned rubbing her eye arranging her deck of cards on the desk and putting them in her bag. The windows in the room were all sealed and the doors locked. Security systems both magical and otherwise were armed.

I saw the faint dome of symbols covering the walls of the building that shimmered silver in the moonlight. Almost impossible to see unless you're looking for it. Many barely even felt it. Projecting by the paper stamps placed at the four corners. I smirked opening my bag and taking out a few darts. Paper wards were a bitch. They made bubble barriers that kept anything by owner description out, in this case Guardians and thieves.   

I loaded the darts onto the sniper rifle. Modified, smaller version for this task, looking through the scope. Another reason why Dad would kill me. These things weren't 100% safe. The dart was filled with spelled ink, that basically hacked into the paper wards and modified it. It had a 40% success rate.  I caught all of the paper wards in sight. One millimeter off where I was supposed to hit, and I may be switching the doom from "Keep Guardians out' to 'Evaporate all Guardians' instead of simply approving Guardians to enter.
I managed to get the dart in place. The black ink swallowing the ivory paper which left a tear in the dome at the east side. I slid into the opening before the rest of the wards replaced the damage. Scorching the blackened paper from it's position. I slipped into the vents and followed the map I had on my phone of the inner workings of the buildings. The space cramped, the freezing cold metal against my knees and smelled of old clothes hampers. I could start to see why Jirou hated this job but the excitement pumping through my veins wasn't quelled by anything. I peeped through the vent opening into the main office where Ali slept. Head down on the desk lights off except for a crystal that illuminated a space in the room. I recognized that crystal. Mom used it back when the twins were scared of the dark, Tsuneo at least.  Mom spent an entire afternoon, embedding smaller versions onto the roof of their bedroom, that way when the lights came off it illuminated the rooms like tiny stars. Tsuneo slept great after that.

"So our little bad guy's scared of the dark" I thought my lips turning to a smirk, I could use it to my advantage somehow. Dad always said, any and all weaknesses could be exploited when the time came.   I slipped into a closet picking the lock with my kit before peering into the dark hallways. I zipped my black hoodie up and pulled the hood tightly over, putting on the shades so I could see the lines that guarded the hallway. Dancing helped with being flexible, standing on my hands for long periods of time. Slipping through spaces that Taro and Jirou could never dream of doing.

Dad would finally see after this night, I could be as good a player as them.   I checked the entire building, sneaking through files, folders, boxes looking for anything remotely illegal. Mermaid pearls, Rune makers, Illegal weaponry, Lycan Venom, or even Pixie dust. Nothing illegal or magical or any sort. 

"Where the hell could she possibly be keeping them" The handle of the door wrapped around my wrist when I closed it. Bend and put together like a handcuff. I froze trying to tug myself free as the lights went on. 

"Aw damnit." She whined down the hall. I wiped around to face her. "Thanks to you I'm going to be hearing an endless amount of I told you so's"

"How the..when did" She pointed to the tiles.

"Those flower tiles aren't just for decoration hon. They're made of steel even asleep I heard your tiny little footsteps vibrate on them." I couldn't escape the tiny voice in my head. 'Taro would have noticed that'  "Now since this is technically a break in. How about you leave? and I don't call the cops"

I growled tugging the post free from the door, leaving wooden splints on the floor, leaving the metal attached around my wrist. "I don't think so." going into my stance. Mom did always say the good old fashion way of getting information was the best. 

"You're just a kid? God you Guardians must be out of juice lately. I can't really claim self defense on a kid but we'll see" She smirked. My wrist was bleeding when I worked the metal off and onto the floor kicking it over to her, and with a movement of her arm she moved it off to the wall.  I took out my plastic gun and fired two bullets at her, silicone bullets with sleeping spell engraved. Two tiles flew up and took the bullets as she raced over to me. 

I dodged her punch that knocked concrete off the wall. It barely missed my head but I managed a kick to her ribs using my hand to flip and regain balance.  She winced moving to the side.

"You're actually not bad" She croaked then went at me again. Punching, kicking and moving tiles into place to shallow my bullets in the metal.  I dodged most of her attacks, but when she started throwing metal pieces at me. Sharpening the edges to razor proportions it got difficult. The hoodie I wore, were spelled just like Jirou's and Taro's. It protected from extreme cold, bullets and in this case razor sharp Metal pieces but it wasn't perfect.

I ended up looking like a porcupine when I pressed my back to the wall. Few deep cuts on my face and ribs If i hadn't worn this. She clearly had no problems in going all out. I had read the reports of the Guardians who tried this case before me. All had to be hospitalized, the police not being involved only meant she had them in her pocket. She could kill anyone, in this case, Lillth and not pay a single year for her crimes.  Fury filled me as my blood boiled. I hated people like that, Those who think they could do what they want, ruin others lives without consequence. There were consequences and Guardians ensured that. 

"Come out, come out" She rang. "I know where you are no use."  My mind went to the sparring room at home, I held my knees panting my breath away while my Father stood near me. My mother standing to the side.

"I can't beat you if you're stronger than me" I snapped after the comments. "I need more training for that. So train me and stop bitching"

"Mai" Mom said. "Beating people, isn't about being stronger than them. It's about outsmarting them, out thinking them, using the environment to your advantage even the strongest of people can be beaten if you think quickly enough" 

I aimed my gun higher with my shots, knocking out all of the lights in the hallway. I saw her tense when the first rain of glass showered and the first half of the hallway darkened. She really was afraid. I used that moment to launch at her, burying my fist in her rib cage. Her hand grabbed me after flinching and swung me into a wall hard enough to shake the hung paintings to the ground. 

She coughed out blood into her hands. I saw the liquid, even in the dark. I pushed myself to my feet.  I shouldn't have come without backup. That much I was willing to admit. Missions were two man jobs for a reason, maybe I could have convinced Taro to come along but my pride kept me from considering it.
Pain swimming throughout my body, my visioned blurred. My body protested every movement but nothing in me wanted to stop. Nothing in me could stop. I was my parent's child after all. Nothing in our genes knew when to give up. I kept going at her, swinging at her connecting my kicks and punches, but even with her distracted by the dark. I couldn't land a shot. The metal always crept up and swallowed the bullet. 

Ali groaned holding her chest. "Mamoru i could use some help here" I heard her mutter under her breath before she bolted down the hall. My mind took a while to process it. 

"She's getting away" I told my legs. "Move damnit" I pushed myself forward. She ran into the main office, I saw her packing her bags frantically, shoving stacks of playing cards in her bag. I shot at her and she ducked beneath the desk. Metal from the floor shooting upwards.  Embedding into my sleeve when I shielded my face. She looked paled and sickly. Dad always said most people with abilities had terrible side effects to them. It was what made Mom's bloodline so coveted, powers without the price. She ran all the way in here over the playing cards.  They weren't special by the looks of it, bigger than normal. Decorative designs at the back, usual playing cards. 

. I Lunged forward, she was weak. I could take her in, question her but then a piercing sound of bullets roared. My head snapped around to the other person in the room. Dressed in all black, gloves, motorcycle helmet. The person went over to Ali, dodging my bullets putting his arm on her as his other fired at me but before I could land a hit, in a blink of an eye, they both disappeared.  

My heart sunk to my feet standing alone in the empty room. My limbs screaming, vision blurry.  My knees buckled and I fell over my hands meeting the floor. On the floor, the scattered files and holed filled desk, I saw a single card resting barely few feet away. I crawled over to it, holding it in my hands. It felt heavy, extremely heavy for something made of mere paper. Then at the corner, I saw a metal tab with an engraving on it. A spell. 

"So that's how you hide..your shipments" I muttered. I couldn't bring this to Dad or the Guardians. Not without simultaneously admitting to being the reason she got away. i had to fix this myself. I studied the engraving and the card glowed after I repeated the words, holding it upside down, something fell onto my lap out of the card.  A golden paw shoe. Encrusted with diamonds and engraved with Lilith's name. Mac's family pen.  

My eyes burnt, First thing tomorrow before school. I was going to give this back to him. Mac seemed like the type to keep a secret. This mission wasn't a complete failure after all. Sneaking back into my room was the easiest thing of the night and it hadn't been easy at all. I had to focus on healing my outside wounds before Mom noticed. Healing may work superficially but the pain lingered. It hadn't changed my mind that this was what I wanted to do. I needed to get out there more, with every mission I'd get better and I wouldn't stop until Ali paid for what she had done. 


Natsuko appeared with Ali in hand, panting and pale. She looked like she was going to collapse onto the floor if it wasn't for his support. Mizu and Dishu rushed past us and loaded her onto a medical bed. "How is she?" I asked Natsuko he held her bag in his hand and took out a deck of cards. Ali hid her most valuable items in there. He counted them and cursed under his breath.  

"Exhausted for good reason. Guardian attacked her place. She used up alot of her energy fighting" He pulled off the motorcycle helmet. Ruffling his hair. Teleporting took alot out of him, I saw him take out a few chocolate pieces and shove them into his mouth before turning to me. 

"Rai being missing, Four magical books that could seriously fuck everyone up are on the loose and Guardian attacking constantly it's like the whole god dam place is on edge" I muttered. He nodded looking concerned as his Mother and Dishu worked on Ali. 

"It's late you should get some sleep" He smiled "Your birthday coming up I'd imagine you'd have some plans for it." Natsuko mused. "Besides you have school tomorrow"

"So do you" I countered. 

"I still have some business to do for another hour" 

"I want to help Natsuko"

"You know the deal Aika. Your Mom doesn't want you in this life and frankly neither do I and nothing about this life is about helping, you know that" 

"I beg to differ" I pointed out Ali. "The way Mamoru, you and your Dad worked to get her out of there, that was helping."

"We help our own. It's how we work." He said. "There's alot about this life that you won't be able to handle Aika." It was too late to deal with his criptic nonsense that only meant a simple 'no"

"Do we at least know which Guardian did it?" I asked. "Someone's got to at least pay for this" Natsuko went silent, looking at me before sighing then stuffing a loli into his mouth. 

"Not exactly. We have an idea. A few new people were assigned to find her stash according to our sources so we'll work on that."  He said. "But Dad said we're not retaliating"

"Why the hell not?"

"We can't afford to get into it with the Guardians right now" He said. "Trust me, if you knew the whole story. You'd be thankful about this" I frowned and headed off to my room, Ali was one of the nicest people in this life, talked to her products, enjoyed her art, dance and sung more beautifully than I've seen and seeing her exhausted like that made me angrier than I imagine. The life was dangerous I knew that, from all the times those I love came back at the brink of death and I hated not being able to do anything about it. Not anymore.  A smirk formed on my lips.   What my folks didn't know couldn't hurt them. 
Beyond the Veil Chapter. 20
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Amaya's pov

Have you ever felt a knife in your gut? Chances are you haven't but I could help you understand the feeling. The sharp pain that rips through you as the knife sinks into your body?  The lasting pain but even longer lasting weakness from the bleeding wound. Now imagine that knife being placed there by a friend. Several friends you taught you could trust to hold that knife as close as possible without hurting you and You got the jist of how everyone, mostly reacted to the news. Naturally I was exaggerating but it still hurt like hell. When you trust someone and it turned out they they didn't trust you as much as you thought, it stings and the salt on the wound was the idea that they thought we'd mooch off of them. 

Adding insult to injury. 

"Um...." Aika started looking at Mai with the blankest expression she could pull off.  "You thought we'd do what?"

"N-not you guys!'s always been a worry that people would befriend us for what we have and know us.." Still sat there silent on at the table. Since Jirou had been released from the hospital, it meant the only way we could visit him was if we went to his house. To be honest all the years I've known these guys never did I ever think the reason I'd never went by their house would be that. I just figured it was an Uchiha thing. Sometimes they were weird. My own grandfather has issues with me popping by unannounced, it was practically in their wiring. 

"That's a great speech and all for like the 2nd date" I stated simply with crossed arms. I didn't even want to bother hiding how annoyed I was.  "We've known you guys for years. Years and you didn't trust us enough to tell us that? It's not even a big fucking deal to begin with, who gives to shits about money here?"

"It's not that we didn't trust you" Madana said calmly taking a side glance at Ria who was just as upset.

"Sounds like it to me" He said with a mumble.

"Does it matter? you know now." Taro said matching my glare. "And if you guys didn't care it wouldn't have mattered when we told you"

"That is so not the point" Yukio said after finishing her smoothie.  "Had Jirou never gotten hurt , we wouldn't have known.....I asked you...Mai..I asked you hey Maybe i could come by your house to study...and you just brushed me off..gave me an excuse...that was a few weeks ago.....did you really think we'd react like that? see dollar signs? seriously thats all you've picked up from knowing us all this time? It's not about when you told us it's the fact if circumstances were different you wouldn't. You didn't trust us enough to think we wouldn't use you... Did you really think that low of us that?"


"You're saying one thing but did another" Aika said looking straight at her. "We tell you guys everything, Money related or not.....You know my mom's side is well off or Kasume's hasn't been an issue with our why did you think it would be?"

"Just.." Madana started trying to figure out how to pace her words. "It just never left us I guess,  we grew up with the idea in our heads for so long and it was an automatic reaction..." She paled when even Ria frowned at her. 

"6th grade. We met you guys at 6th grade."  Ria spoke sadly. "How automatic can that reaction be by now?"

"It was awkward for us being well off , how were we supposed to tell you guys without sounding like we were bragging?"  I gave a harsh laugh as she bit her lip. I rested my forehead in the palm of my hand feeling a headache come on. 

"That and our dad doesn't really like guests because he'd think we were being used. He's a bit paranoid and so we're uncomfortable having anyone over"

"The dad part I get" Aika explained. "But jesus Mai it's not rocket should have just said're the last person on earth we'd ever think would be bragging. Any of you! come on give us a little credit here. We've known you guys how long? "

"6th grade" Ria repeated.

Aika gave a little point in his direction.  "Anything would have done it really, literally anything. We talk about parents all the damn time, relatives, uncles. millions of scenarios and questions and any one of them could have done good in opening that can of worms."   Yukio said with an exhausted sigh before her eyes landed on Mai. "Wait a minute.......that anonymous donation..." Mai's face paled just as our reactions understood just what she was saying. "Well if that wasn't an opening I don't know what is."

"You got your family to make that donation." Aika reasoned before Mae nodded. "And you pretended not to have a single clue about it....."

"To think I told Yui she was being paranoid when she thought it was you"  Boy did this conversation hurt, seemed like more knives for lining up to stab us in the gut. "That was literally the perfect timing to say it, we wouldn't have cared about the fact you had money just excited about the epic move you did to stick one to those bitches who tried to close the clubs."  I said with a shake of my head. "God I feel so stupid."

"We're sorry alright?" Taro said with a sigh. "We're sorry."

Kasume only looked sadly at them but managed a weak smile. "Guys, calm down please..just try to take a breather here?"

"I'm sorry if i'm pissed off that my friends think i'd was a gold digger. I solemnly apologize." I pushed myself from the seat. It squealed dragging against the tiles.. "We'll be there okay? obviously we want to know how Jirou's doing....i'll be sure to keep my hands off everything" I said putting up my hands dramatically. 

"Amaya come on" Mai pleaded.

"Guys trust works both ways......and each of us trusted you guys with literally everything. There isn't much we don't know about each other outside our underwear choices...and I know some of those too.......I get your dad wouldn't have any reason to trust us...but he's not the one we've known for years...You guys were ..and if you honestly couldn't tell him we weren't like that.....then  I don't have time for this. I'm heading to track.. 4:00pm right to meet outside the school after club meetings to head to the house? I'll be there but till then I don't have to be here."   Mai tried to stop me but I just shrugged her off. Therapy at least has taught me that if an environment is upsetting you distance yourself from it until you're calm and that's exactly what I did.

I'd much rather run until my legs were like burnt rubber then stayed another minute in that Cafeteria. 

Aika's POV

Part of me figured that I should have stopped Amaya from leaving but I think she needed her breathing room. The air in the cafeteria was still tensed but it simmered down from the original anger just to everyone being upset at each other. Mai looked like she was seconds away from bursting into tears when Amaya shrugged her off. I know Amaya would have hated to make her cry but I also knew that she didn't handle stress that well either.

"Guys please" she pleaded practically begged. "There's way too much going on right now can you just be mad at us later?"

"'Yeah okay we didn't really intentionally hid this from you it's just we're not comfortable talking about it can you get that at least? If you haven't noticed our brother had is mind screwed around don't you think that a bit more important right now?'" Taro said with a frustrated sigh. They didn't get it, at least he didn't seem to. I didn't exactly fancy being upset with them not when all of this was going on but it didn't seem like they understood just why everyone was so upset. Madana wasn't even saying audible things anymore she just kept looking apologetically over at Ria who seemed far more sad than angry at her. 

"okay we get it you're hurt we didn't trust you and that's not even why we didn't say so but whatever if that's what you're going to believe fine. Then tell me how do we make it right? Obviously offering you things will make it worse so what do you want exactly?" Taro looked so frustrated I knew it took him everything in his power not to walk away but he couldn't. He didn't want us upset with him, or any of them. He clearly didn't need that on him with the stress going on at him "Look our brother almost died and now for whatever reason he's in love with that bitch and THIS is what you're gonna grill us over? our minds are kinda elsewhere currently we don't need our friends pissed cause we didn't tell them ours dad is a founder and ceo of a company"

Yukio only looked to her feet. No doubt like everyone else feeling guilty about he had just said.  "We can't help being upset Taro" 

"But he's...right" Daichi spoke up after a while with all eyes turning on him when he had. "At least on the priorities we should be finding a way to help Jirou."

"Thank you" Taro said practically half relieved. It didn't help lift the atmosphere any brighter  but we did all agree that we'd push the issue for another time. 

" last thing?" I said. "Mai were the first person who found out about my eating disorder.....I didn't tell you about it because it was easy to talk about....I didn't tell you because I was comfortable in saying it to a person. I hated it. I didn't want to talk about it. It made me feel so uncomfortable and guilty that even thinking about saying something would leave me ill but I told you....and everyone else...because you're my're all my took a while but I told you guys because I trusted you......It didn't matter what the secret was Taro,  whether the secret was that Mai was depressed, you were gay, had eight toes on a foot or was getting married...and didn't tell us we'd still all be upset.  Part of having friends...or being friends isn't being there for the easy's trusting each other and being there for each other for the moments we wouldn't let anyone else help us with.....We get you guys were uncomfortable....we do.......but we all shared our uncomfortable moments .....just sort of wish you trusted us with yours...." I sighed but I didn't want to dwell on it much longer. Least I end up having to leave to leave as well which would no doubt send Mai into tears if I had.

Madana spoke up . "'it just didn't seem that important to us for you to know, we believed it wouldn't affect our friendship that much is true, and Jirou was even a bit worried you guys would be upset with us if you found out on your own but it just wasn't that beg a deal to us, a simple fact that we didn't think would really impact anything but at the same time we couldn't get ourselves to say it.'it just didn't seem that important to us for you to know, we believed it wouldn't affect our friendship that much is true,but it just wasn't that beg a deal to us, a simple fact that we didn't think would really impact anything but at the same time we couldn't get ourselves to say it." She just groaned sneaking one last look at Ria before looking away. "This this whole thing, was exactly what Jirou was scared of"

"It's not like we want to be upset with you guys" Ria said. "Believe me we don't. This sucks just as much for us too but it would have been alot worse if we laughed, joked and pretended it didn't bother us when it did. That wouldn't have been fair to anyone." The rest of us nodded.

"You guys pretty much said in not so many words you think we're shallow enough to be unable to handle the fact you guys have money" Kiseki pushed around his peas on his plate. His eyes glued to his tray. "Honestly I'm too exhausted to be madder than this." 

Kasume sighed and Akina kept her eyes at the hallway Amaya disappeared too. "Guys I get it okay? It's only natural to be worried about people taking advantage of you" Kasume said. "Whether it's for money, skills or just using you in general that's all normal but like Amaya and Aika said, friendship is all about trust isn't it? of course you have to feel comfortable with us to share your story which is why it hurts so much. Not just because you didn't seem to trust us but because you may not have been comfortable enough with us too."

"That isn't the case though" Taro said. "We just didn't know how"

"I swear the god Taro, it's as simple as saying 'oh by the way family has money hahaha funny right?' It's not as difficult as you're making it seem and honestly I want to be done with this conversation because I'll end up leaving right along with Amaya." I hated that my own mind was guilt tripping me, being mad at people who already had so much of their plate but I couldn't help it.  The urge to get out of the room was only growing. No wonder Amaya had to bolt. "We're still your friends.....we're upset yeah but we get's what important so......" I took a deep breathe trying to push down the hurt ."how do we go about getting this done ....stopping the bitch from stringing your brother along that is" 

Everyone was still in a sulky mood but Ria managed to pipe up again still not catching Madana's glance. "Have you tried finding his journal?"  Taro raised an eyebrow at him. "He keeps one. He mentioned it to me before he's got to have something about Kairi in it. I had a journal once and I wrote down a bunch of nightmares about- " His eyes glanced at Taro. "Not important.....point is he's got to have something"

"If the idiot didn't want his journal found we're not going to find it."

"That's not the attitude that'll find that thing that's for sure" I joked forcing my lips to a smile. "If all of us look we'll be able to find it no doubt. Maybe that'd help jog his repulsed memories for her"

"And if it doesn't?" Yukio asked  

"We'll have to try plan C"

"We just thought of plan A what the hell is Plan C" She asked.

"We put him in a nun school....away from vile's worth  a shot" It did manage to make everyone laugh but Taro seemed like he seriously considered it as a viable option. "Dude i'm kidding."

"Never know" he shrugged.  "But that's as good a plan as any" He looked off a bit in the direction Amaya went. "Remember 4:00 okay?" We all nodded before he nodded at us on his own and left.  Mai sat down near me and I rubbed her hand. She was still pretty upset, we all were but when she turned I gave her a smile.

"Let's forget about that right now and just focus on getting brother back alright?" She gave me a a smile. 


Kairi's POV

I was on my bed when my phone had vibrated to life. I raised an eyebrow. Harumi was on her way here what would be the point in texting me? Then I realized it was from Jirou and instantly I sat up after reading the message.

From: Jirou

To: Kairi

Message:  Hey sweetie!  So um, So a bunch of people from school are coming to my house later today and it wouldn't be fair if my beautiful girlfriend wasn't there right? So ugh here's my address can't wait to see you

He left little hearts at the end of the message. My cheeks bubbled with warmed that spread all the way to my toes. There hasn't been a day before this year that I hadn't tried to figure out where he had lived and now here he was sending me his address without a single second thought. This was just beautiful. I wanted to dance and scream how I was so happy. 

I looked at the time and realized that staying home today payed off. I couldn't do any spells my body felt too weak and I needed to sleep it off and thank goodness I had. I flew over to the closet and started scouting for an outfit.  This had to be my best looking one yet. Casual but stylish and not too revealing after all his parents were going to be there and I knew he had young siblings.

Moms fell in love with me all the time but from meeting her at Parents Day I knew that Jirou's mom was going to be a challenge to win over. I couldn't do any mistakes  with this one it was all or nothing. I bit my lip after choosing a dark one sleeved shirt with shimmering silver feather designs on it and the words "Angel" with a halo on it. It was one of my favorites so I paired it with my white jeans and figured it was perfect.

Harumi arrived just as I finished my makeup.   "Where are you going dressed like that?"

"Jirou's house" her eyes widen as I smirked twirling on my flats. "How do I look?"

"Bombing and what he invited you over to his house?!"

"I know! Unfortunately the stooges would be there too. I have to get there before they do"

"Wait can I go? I mean if you're going to be there with them you'll need all the support you can get"

"No, you stay here. I promise next trip which will happen you'd get to come okay? I need to find something in Jirou's room and I don't want it to be obvious" 

Her shoulders fell. "But I've been helping you for so long and I don't even get to see it?"
"You will just not today. I need to go alone for now Harumi" I placed my hands on her shoulder. "You've done great you have and  I promise you'll get to see it just not now?  She nodded after a while and I kissed her forehead. "Good girl. I'll text you okay?" I patted her shoulder and grabbed my bad. "Got to get there before the stooges...Wish me luck"

"I'll be watching from the mirror bowl then" I winked.

"That a girl"

I took a cab to a few blocks to the location and walked the rest of the way there. I kept staring at the phone to make sure I didn't get lost or anything. It wasn't that far away from where I lived, it was about an hour drive before I made a stop. That was good to know for convenience's sake. I walked along the blocks looking at the mail boxes.  Then I got to the end of the lane and my jaw almost hit the floor. That couldn't be right. I kept looking at the  phone making sure I had the address right. 

I couldn't believe my eyes . The houses on the street were pretty great, huge actually but this house was absolutely gorgeous. Large black iron fencing and gate it was one of those traditional styled Japanese  mansion, it rested on the end of a long road stretch of road, there were a few dozen trees to the back and few in the front. Cars were parked in the driveway and I saw what looked like motorcycle tracks no doubt from Taro's bike.

My heart threatened to leap out of my chest. I could have been staring for a half an hour straight I wouldn't have noticed.  Talk about being lucky with my choice of guys. I was seconds away from taking a picture or something to send to Harumi but I bit off the urge and simply sent a text to Jirou to say I was there. 

The drive way slid open making a grinding noise as the large iron gates slid open and I made my way inside.  When I got to the entrance the door opened just as I was going to ring the doorbell.  Eri had a surprise look on her when she saw me there.   "Hello ma'am nice to meet you again" I said with a bow.

She blinked and tilted her head in confusion. "Um" Then her look turned to one of concerned when she saw the time. "Hello, um isn't school still going on? Taro said he would't be here with the others till Four"

"Today's my day off" she looked even more confused. "You see since I have so many positions in school, head of student console, hall monitor and a few clubs to run, I typically give myself a day off every two weeks" I giggled. "Got to rest up or i'd be running on zero" She nodded understandbly.

"Jirou did say he had invited someone else" I gave the sweetest smile I could and nodded before she directed me inside. "Well he's in his room"  The sound of running me took my attention to the living room. I recognized one of the kids from meeting Eri on parents day. The little girl was playing with no doubt her younger twin brother. 

"Hey there" I knelt in front of them. The second the boy saw me he made a beeline behind of Eri's leg. "It's okay you don't have to be scared of me.." But he only kept hiding. The girl looked straight at me.

"Hello" she said simply. 

"Remember me from parents day?" she nodded. "Great..Yasu right?" She nodded again. Her expression didn't have anything you'd usually see, not curiosity, happiness or excitement. Just a blank look as if she was studying me. It sent a little chill down my spine but I brushed it off feeling ridiculous. What was she like four? 

"Well I have to keep an eye on the young ones" Eri said putting a hand on the little boy's shoulder. He still didn't peek out to look at me so I only sighed. "Sorry about that Tsuneo's always been a shy boy" I smiled waving my hand dismissively.

"Don't worry about it." I kept my smile on trying not to let the fact Yasu was still staring get to me.  

"Jirou's in his room like I said but please don't overload him with information or have him move around too much. He's still very fragile and the doctor said he needs all the rest he can get alright?

"I understand believe me the last thing I want to do is hurt him" She nodded her features still showing concern.

"Alright, my husband's in his study so you won't be seeing him until dinner and everyone would be here at four" I followed her to Jirou's room. Smiling when she opened the door meeting on his own smile.  He was sitting up in his bed with sheets covering his leg. He had a few books at his bed side and was in the middle of finishing one no doubt. 

"Mom" he beamed and looked excited even with me there. "K-kairi"

Eri went over to him checking the sheets and putting her hand lightly on his head."Are you comfortable baby? does your head hurt? do you need anything?" the speed at which she spouted out the questions made it a little hard for me to keep up but Jirou seemed to pick up every one of them.

"Yes mom, No mom  and don't worry about it i'm alright" he smiled. She gave him a soft smile of her own before kissing his forehead.

"If you need anything, I mean anything."

He held up the tiny string and pulled a small button from under his shirt. "I know mom, don't worry I'm okay"

"Sweetie you're my baby, all I do right now is worry" she smiled before adjusting his covers and putting her hand on his cheek. "Have to go keep an eye on the twins......remember..every and need"

"I'll call I will" She smiled. I knew the last thing she wanted to do was leave his side but after a while she reluctantly left.  I went over and sat down besides him on the bed.  His cheeks lit up and I gave a little laugh. "You're nervous around me...I get it I do...don't worry I don't bite"

He nodded and I rubbed my thumb across his hand when I placed it on top of his. "What are you reading hmm?"

"Um..j-ust an adventure novel...n-not sure"

"That's alright, You  used to read those alot" I laughed "sometimes I thought you liked them more than always had at least one in your hand. You had the cutest look and pout whenever something happened to one of your favorite characters...It was so funny" 

"W-e-ll...i-if I like the character I wouldn't want t hem t-to die....some authors are just cruel" he stammered. 

"You said that all the time too" I smiled. "You full on cried after reading mockingjay. That much I remember.......I'd read it with you but I don't want to make you cry" he looked horrified.

'I think I just read...catching fire.....If i cried in the last book...something bad must have happened."

"I don't..want to spoiler you" I smiled. "I'll be there to wipe your tears when you read it though alright?" He blushed even deeper with a nod.   He stayed quiet for a little while. I told him he could keep reading that I didn't want to disturb him and after a while he did. He looked really into the story but I was more proud of myself that I remembered that mockingjay thing.

When I was with Harumi in the library and Jirou, Amaya and Aika just happened to be nearby when we were. Jirou started tearing up and complaining to Aika about the ending of Mockingjay and about how just yesterday he finished catching fire and she didn't even blink or warn him. He apparently really liked some guy named Finnick and a little girl name Trim, or Prim I believe. She only smiled sadly telling him that 'true friends give friends books to ruin their lives' 

Saya was confused and only patted his back while he sobbed for a good twenty minutes. He couldn't even explain why to Taro knowing he'd get smacked if he had. 

During the time though, I used my mind to figure out just where exactly he'd hide a journal if he kept one. The usual suspects were under the bed or hidden in his dresser but those were far too simple. Anyone looking to hide something would hide it right. I glanced around the room during those moments he kept his eyes on the pages and when my eyes fell on a poster an idea came to mind.

The poster was a simple enlarged picture of his swim team at a regional competition holding up their trophies. It was the only one that was that massive. Why was that? Every other poster around was about medium to smaller size. Jirou did woodshop in school and I was willing to bet there was a hidden compartment in the wall behind that poster. 

"Um....I have to go use the bathroom" He said getting up.  "I'll be right back...." I smiled nodding just as he left the room. I knew I had only five minutes at the most before someone walked past that door. No doubt his mother who loved checking up on him was the biggest concern. The second she heard movement upstairs she would be there before I could blink.

I  carefully removed the poster off the wall and just like I thought there was a box perfectly fitted in the wall. Pulling it out I opened it my eyes landing on a few things I recognized from years before. A wooden rapidash sculpture, he carved it as his first woodshop project back in 9th grade, a few photos of his family and a few old items no doubt having some meaning to him. I took out the brown leather back book that was tucked at the bottom and shoved it into my bag before putting everything back in place. I couldn't risk having him walking in while reading it. My curiosity just had to wait until I got home. 

Jirou walked in a few moments later and climbed back onto bed. Soon enough he started asking me questions, about our first date, how we met and why was it that the others didn't seem to like me much. I took the opportunity to plant seeds of distrust about them. Flipping the story wherever I needed to suite.  I warned him especially about how manipulative Kasume could be and that he shouldn't trust her, that she played innocent knowing that the others would back her up no matter what might even going as far as to suggest she might have been the one to push him after all she did find him first. 

He seemed a bit concerned that his sister and brother would have friends like that but I told him not to worry too much about it and went on telling more positive things to make him smile. I couldn't wait until 4:00 came, If i can manage to get Amaya to cause a scene during dinner no doubt that'd aid my plans even further. This was their first time coming here as well and first impressions always mattered. I highly doubt Eri would want fighting, so I was going to do exactly that.

This day couldn't possibly get any better only I knew it was and that brought a genuine smile to my face as I started telling Jirou another story.

Amaya's POV

Turns out running did absolutely nothing to help at least not the way I thought it would.  I kept my soaked rag on my face trying to  soothe my splitting headache.  Coach told me to take a breather that I had met my quota for the day and then some so I did. My legs were secretly thankful but if she hadn't told me to stop I probably would have kept running.

What the hell was I doing? Their brother almost died and here I am being pissed off at them and being unable to stop it on top of that which only made me feel worse. They just didn't want to talk about it, Why couldn't I get that? Why couldn't my head get the idea that it wasn't because they didn't trust me? or thought I was shallow? I hated the fact my feelings were hurt so much for something that seemingly shouldn't matter. It was only 2:00 pm so I figured I had two hours to cool off when I felt someone approach where I was.

"You're still invited you know.." Taro spoke up.  "And for what it's worth we really are sorry"

I just gave a frustrated sigh. I so didn't need that right now. I felt like crap enough all on my own. Kendo club and Track were very close to each other meeting room wise. The sports clubs typically were all close to each other in general.  "Dude, I was always going but can you please leave ? I really can't handle this right now."  I really didn't want to sound irritated because I knew he'd think it was more at him than myself. "You know though last year when I had my accident. I didn't want a soul to bug me. I literally  told the nurse to tell everyone I really didn't want any visitors. Most people minus my mom listened and as you know. You didn't."

I kept my back to the door and the sheet over my head. Part of me hoped I was invisible because god knew I wanted to be. When I heard heavy feet walk in I knew it couldn't be a nurse. "Go away."

"You're not going to get rid of me that easily" I heard Taro say. 

I moved the rag looking straight at him.  "when I had my breakdown last year the person who convinced me at the hospital to talk about it and agree to therapy was you. I didn't want to talk about it. Every fiber of my being wanted to evaporate but you didn't have it and in the end I didn't tell you because i finally suddenly got happy about talking about talking about it wasn't because you were being so persistent either.  I trusted you, it wasn't easy to say it wasn't comfortable to hear the words out my mouth but I trust you...Trusted that you wouldn't judge me or something...I just wish you guys trusted us is all. It didn't matter what you hid just that you guys felt the need to hide it" I put the rag back over my face so I couldn't see his reaction but his voice portrayed it well enough.

"It didn't seem important to us to tell you since we didn't think it'd impact our friendship, we didn't think it'd be important to you guys either... and i'll let you know one thing... our dad doesn't even trust his own family, he doesn't like dealing with anyone in the Uchiha clan, and not even we know why. He only seems to trust our mom and us" I took my rag off of my face and sat up in my seat. 

"That seems to be an Uchiha thing since my mom and uncles don't exactly trust many people in their family either but if it wasn't important then why lie? People don't lie about things that didn't matter....we don't care about the secret taro..its the fact you guys lied about it just seemed like you didn't trust us at all. You barged into my hospital room and practically didn't want to leave till i told you why i almost know..and that wasn't comfortable ..i didn't think it already happened..why was the why important?..but i told you said see a therapist that people were worried and that they could help. I hate therapists but you know what i gave it a try because i trusted you....three therapists i went to before I saw doc...three.....all because i didn't want go give in that wouldn't have been important to us..we don't care who your dad is..what he does..only thing that mattered is you guys felt the need to hide it or something and that's what bothers me.."

I didn't have to look at him to know he was getting irritated. I heard the light ruffle of his shirt when he crossed his arms and the low growl that past his lips. Hell even I was getting annoyed. 

"well you know now, and we're trusting you not to tell the school, i don't want more damn groupies then i can handle, you think if we wanted to continue hiding it we wouldn't have told you?"

I frowned laying back down putting the rag back on. "dude do not get on my nerves..i'm trying to calm down. You think I want to be pissed at you guys? I don't I'm completely hating myself and I feel like shit just being mad this long after whats all that's happened...I'm already pissed at Kairi and Harumi and their zombie minions I do not need to feel like I'm angry at my friends too. I get it. You guys didn't think it was didn't feel're trusting us now I get all of that but I cant help the nagging voice in my head that's saying stupid things in my head. I'd like it to stop im trying to make it stop I need some alone time to try I cant get annoyed with you right now cause it'll end up in an argument and i don't want that so please go"

I peep past the cloth to see him raise an eyebrow before shrugging. "you're joining us after you're done with track, don't make me hunt you down" he warned.

I almost scoffed and shot him a look that clearly challenged that notion. "Right"

"'Trust me don't I'm aggravated enough"  Wait did he actually believe me? I sat up the rag falling into my lap. 

"Of course i'm coming just cause I'm pissed doesn't mean I'm heartless even if you guys are all fucking idiots"  He started walking past me just as his hand patted my head.

"I know you aren't" He said before leaving.  I groaned laying back down on the couch the feeling of the headache only getting worse but a slight sigh left my lips. I couldn't ever stay mad at those idiots for long anyway.

When 4:00 hit I found myself at the school gate. A little disturbed some seemed surprised I'd be there at all. Mai looked incredibly happy and looked like she was seconds away from hugging me. That fact she felt the need to restrain that made me hate myself a little more so I warped my arms around her in a quick hug. 

"Everyone here?" Taro asked and we looked around to check. Yui and Ria were next to each other, my sis and Aika were near Daichi, Saya and Kiseki,  Mai  and Madana were standing near Taro and Kasume was leaning on the school gate.  

"Seems like it" Kasume said with a smile. 

"Alright" He said getting on his phone and in a few moments a black mini limousine came from the road and drove into the school grounds. "Let's get going then"

We went into the limo while Taro and Mai used the back in front of us. None of us really said anything just kept looking on the road trying to figure out the streets we were in.  For a while I didn't recognize them but I knew the general direction so that was good enough.  Eventually we pulled up to this large house that was fenced by huge iron gates.  The gates slid open allowing the bike and car into the long drive way.  The house on the end of the path was gorgeous, I didn't care much for how fancy a building looked but I gave credit where credit was due.  An old Japanese style mansion  was the best way I could describe it though another word I'd use for the place was definitely big.

Kasume was probably having a field day looking at it. She loved designs and appreciated it in any form. When the limo parked we all got out of it with Taro walking towards us after parking his bike.  I knew he and the others were watching our reactions. Part of me questioned whether why and didn't feel like showing any outward care for it. It was a house after all.

Kasume looked like she wanted to kiss, sketch or marry the thing which was a tad concerning. Waved my hand in front of her a few times but she didn't seem to notice me. 

Mai giggled a bit before leading us to the front door. I had to guide Kasume along since I knew if I left her staring any other she'd pull out a sketch book and probably never leave till she was done.  When we got inside, we were met with a taller woman who looked alot like Mai and otherwise looked way too young to be a mom.

"Hey mom." Taro, Mai and Madana said.

"hello my name is Eri, please welcome to our home,"  Taro stepped in front of us and started introducing us one by one. When he got to Ria and Yuikio though Eri made a smile and mentioned how she'd met the duo previously as Ria and Yuikio grinned.

"Nice meeting you again!" They both said. Ria threw his arms to the back of his head as Eri giggled.   " well I'm very happy to finally meet the friends of my children, Thank you for visiting my son, he's been getting lonely, his girlfriend is already here though."

The general reaction was probably alot like my mental one. Taro did his best not to hide his mental annoyance but I knew behind that calm demeanor he was letting out a string of curse words internally.  My eyes drifted around the corner and saw the flash of red hair by the couch.  Taro eased into me when his mother had turned to guide us into the living room.

"You have to calm down during this okay? if anyone causes a scene my mom will throw you out" He warned in a harsh whisper.  I gave him a surprised look before I rolled my eyes. I was absolutely furious. Naturally. There was no denying the idea of dinner with Kairi there or her being anywhere around Jirou made me ill but I wasn't an idiot.

"I know that smart ass. I can control myself." he gave me a doubtful look. Which I admit was a tad hurtful but then again I hadn't exactly shown a track record of control. Considering him and his siblings were on thin ice with us I didn't feel the need to point out the hypocrisy of him getting mad at me.  "You think I'm going to risk being kicked out? forget it I got this"  

He didn't seem all to convinced but he didn't grill me about it any further. Just before we had gotten to the living-room I heard Daichi pip up.

"So what do you think of Kairi?" Eri gave one of those smiles mothers typically gave. You know the ones when they're trying to be fair but are truly lying through their teeth. 

"Well any mother would be wary of a girl thinking she's good enough to date her son until she proves she's worthy"  I liked that answer. Hopefully she'd realize the answer to her whether she was worthy or not soon enough.  When we got into the living the sound of running feet practically came to a halt. Two kids seemed to be playing before we got in, the smaller boy had a look of panic mixed with worry.  He was about to duck behind his mother's leg when his eyes fell on mine and stopped. Looking a tad bit scared so I tried my best to give the warmest smile I could. 

"Oh hey buddy" I said going on my knee. "Remember me? We met when you were with your uncle at Parents day?" He nodded and I titled my head with a grin. "How's it been ? these are my friends....and don't worry they're cool too"

Kasume smiled near me. "You must be Tsuneo right?  He nodded hesitantly. "It's okay to be nervous sweetie but I promise we're not here to scare you or be mean at all. You don't have to be scared" 

"You know I'm not a meanie right bud?" He nodded before whispering a 'right'. 

"Hi" he said softly and Kasume and I smiled. Everyone gave him a small wave while Eri seemed a bit shocked.  She managed to shake out of it long enough to point out the small girl not much further away.

"And this is his twin Yasu"

I heard Ria let out a tiny squeak and when I turned around he was huddling behind of Saya who looked so confused.  Eri seemed a tad lost as well but Yasu only gave a smile to all of us.


"Hey" we all responded but Ria kept his eyes from her view. It could have been my imagination but at the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw that kid smirking at him. The second I focused my gaze though it was a regular smile. She even turned and faced me with a little bow. I figured I was seeing things until I heard Ria whisper over to Saya.

"You've got to save me. She's a demon"  

"Please Ria I could only deal with one headcase friend at a time thank you." She whispered back.

Kairi and Jirou were on the couch watching television when he turned to face us.  She had the smuggest smile on her face looking at us and of course it turned to picture perfect smile she developed specifically to win parents over when Eri had turned to look at her before her own cheeks turned a bit pink.

"Forgive me though I completely forgot do any of you have any allergies? I'm just so used to cooking for my family I forgot to have Taro find out for me"

"That's alright" Aika smiled with a giggle. "No allergies."

"Nuts" Kasume answered and Kairi laid back into the couch completely relaxed.

"Only shell fish and peppers" She said hesitantly sneaking a look at us. What she think I'd do poison her? It was a thought but I wasn't her. I didn't fight dirty nor was I homicidal. 

Eri breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. You all can still eat the meal then. I'm making a sweet beef stew with potatoes carrots and green beans" Jirou's entire face seemed to light up with joy. Eri giggled at his reaction.

"That's my favorite! are you going to make those little cheddar biscuits I liked too?"

"Of course sweetie if I'm going to make your favorite stew I'm going to make your favorite biscuits" Jirou gave a fist bump to the air practically hopping in his seat.

"YAY!" He cheered. We all couldn't help but smile. Kasume giggled and Eri just laughed before petting his hair and kissing his forehead. He was practically a little kid the way he was reacting and Kairi had the nerve to try to string him along like that?  Her little kiss on his cheek made me want to punch  those lips right off of her. Leaving gaps in those pretty white teeth of hers. Taro gave me a little bit of a look as if he could read my mind or something. I just rolled my eyes and mouthed 'I know' over to him.

When Eri left the room Jirou started playing with his fingers. We all took a sweet, I was seated on the floor opposite to where he was near Aika. 

"How have you been feeling?" Aika asked.  He seemed nervous but gave a few small answers.

"P-pretty good...just tired sometimes especially in the morning"

"You never were a morning person" Kasume added with a giggle "You always used to complain about whose bright idea was it to have school start in the morning"

"Then you said you wish you were a vampire sometimes just to have night school" Yukio added.  I'm sure we all felt a little happy seeing him crack a smile at us.

"T-h-hat does sound like me" He laughed. "I-i guess. Night school thing sounds like a good idea though but I do love sleep"

"Don't we all" I smiled.  It felt like those moments at the cafeteria, though Jirou was a tad more nervous here than there it was still pretty close and I'm sure we all missed that.   Suddenly a small black tabby ran into the room dressed in a light blue skirt and polka dot top adorn with a bow.  It meowed and ran up to Jirou's leg.

"That's quite the fashion statement" Ria said with a snicker.  Eri walked in with her hand on her hips just as Yasu came closer to the kitten. 

"Sweetie are you torturing the poor thing again?" She gave her mother a little smile.

"It's not torture it's dress up. " She answered simply and Eri gave an exasperated sigh.

"You have dolls for that sweetie, cats aren't even supposed to wear clothes. It's lucky that dear wouldn't hurt a fly" It didn't seem to matter to Yasu who only shrugged and walked away. 

"Aww, Ko right you're such a sweetie?" Kairi asked with a smile putting her hand on Jirou's hand.  Ko hissed at the contact which surprised the two on the couch especially Jirou. Eri looked puzzle but her expression seemed a little suspicious as well. 

"Huh? buddy that isn't nice" Jirou said petting the kitten's ear.  "Is Ko usually mean mom?" She shook her head hesitantly before shrugging. 

"Not at all really, maybe he's just over protective." She suggested. "Or jealous"

"I don't know" I said with a smile rubbing the tabby's ears. He purred and rubbed his head against my hand. "He seems like an excellent judge of character to me"  The others gave a slight chuckle and Kairi sent a glare at me. Jirou only pouted holding Kairi a bit closer. 

"That's not nice"

"Glad we're getting that surprise out of the way then" I said with a wink. Though it was time to end the poor thing's torture so Akina and Saya removed the clothing. It was a bit tricky since they were on pretty snug but we managed to get it done before I lost my patience and scissored the damn thing.  "Freedom" I cheered. Ko only stretched his limbs before jumping on the chair besides Ria and rested on his leg, nothing but the low grumble of his purrs were heard from him after that. 

"Food's almost ready alright guys" Eri said with a smile. Jirou was shaking with excitement. How good was that stew? I certainly couldn't wait to find out.  Taro gave me a look and I figured that was the signal. 

"Hey Taro where's the bathroom?" I asked getting up. He got up out of his own seat and ushered me upstairs.  When we got to the entrance of the bathroom he pointed further down the hall . 

"That's Jirou's room you have 5 minutes at the most before they get suspicious. I'd help but I need to make sure no one else goes upstairs alright? Hurry up."  He whispered. Taro would have looked for it himself if Jirou actually left his room long enough and was comfortable enough around him. They still had a bit of tension from what he had described. "Go." he whispered. "You better find that thing"

"I live on searching for dairies my friend. If there is one i'll find it." He left and I went into Jirou's room and closed the door quietly behind of me. The room was fairly large, bigger than mine that was for sure and filled with bookshelves, marvel and Supernatural figurines, posters and clothes scattered across the floor. I checked all the obvious spots first despite knowing Jirou was too smart for that you never knew for sure. Sometimes the answers were in the most obvious of places. Under the bed and his clothes drawer was empty. Not a thing in his closet besides lots of wooden pieces no doubt from past projects he'd dump in there. Found his consoles, texts books and a few drawings no doubt from Kasume but no book. Checked for false bottoms, hidden panels in the floorboards or drawers in the closets and nada.

I looked around before looking to my wrist. Barely two minutes left and nothing. I bit my lip. "Come on Amaya, if you were a shy dorky teenager with a  wood-shop major and a moody twin that'd live to embarrass you...where would you hide..your journal..."   I found my eyes rested on the rather large poster on the wall left to the bed. Why was that thing so huge? I knocked my fist against it lightly and heard a hallow sound. I smirked. Gotchya.

 Moving the poster carefully there was a box wedged and fitted in a space in the wall. How he managed to carve that out without anyone noticing? I was a bit impressed but none the less  I checked in the box and my soul deflated. Small wooden pieces and other stuff no doubt with some importance to him but no book. "You have got to be kidding me"  I groaned but quickly put back everything the way it was and headed back downstairs.
"Took you long enough" Kairi said with a tilt of her head. I only gave her a forced smile before sitting down.  Taro gave me a look when the conversations started back up again and I gave him a little shake of my head and mouthed 'none' .   He sulked back into his seat with arms crossed. My mood fell for a while and didn't seem to get better when we sat down to eat either. Taro and the other's dad had emerged from his study and joined us for dinner. I could see where Taro got alot of his charm from. Eri smiled and greeted him with a kiss on his cheek.

"This is my husband, Madara" She introduced and began recalling our names. We all said our good evenings and he nodded at us before taking a seat and eating his plate. He seemed a tad upset which Eri caught onto and gave him a smile.  "Is everything alright hon?"

"Just the stress that comes with idiots working under me"  I few of us snickered a bit. Definitely where Taro got his charm. Kairi didn't waste any time milking that situation.

"I know what you mean, being in leadership positions tend to raise the blood pressure" She said but he only nodded. He didn't talk much after that and mostly for a while everyone was too busy enjoying the food.

Yasu had taken a seat near Ria which seemed to freak him out. He barely touched his food at first.  I was in love with the thing. Stews were always my favorite things, only more on tons of beans side rather than the meaty side.  

"I think I'm going to need a new favorite" I heard Yuikio said with a dreamy look. "This is delicious."  

"Thank you dear" She smiled.

"Closet thing to anything this good would be the Culinary Meet we had last year" Aika said with a smile.

"Culinary meet?" She asked. 

"It was this event we had in 10th grade, we invited a few top chiefs to participate in contest. It was held by the Culinary club, everyone had to try to match each of the chiefs dishes in their time frame. The food was so so great but still pales in comparison to thIs" Kairi added much to Aika's annoyance then she turned to me. "You remember right Amaya? the food was to die for."

I blinked feeling my mind go blank.  ""

"She wasn't there" Aika said with a quick stare. 

"Oh right, forgive me. It was around the time of your accident right? My bad....just so used to seeing you close to club activities I completely forgot" I almost bent the spoon in my hand. I knew she was trying to bait me but that was so fucking low.

Jirou shot her a confused look. "Accident?"

"Amaya had a little bit of an incident last year in the girl's bathroom. Who knows what would have happened if Yuiko and Saya hadn't found her. She ended up having to go to the hospital for a long while just before the dance. She worked really hard that year...sometimes that can get to even the strongest of people. We're all happy she's okay, no relapses and she's taking her medication"  She explained with a smile at him. Taro gave me a side glance knowing in my head I kept replaying the scenario where I stabbed her with a fork for saying that but I kept it calm on the outside despite the fact my blood was about to steam over. My hand shook a little but I kept it under the table. 

"Oh." He said. "Well glad you're okay now"  I knew Aika and Yukio were pissed off but they did an excellent job at hiding it. I was almost a little proud. Akina laced her fingers between mine under the table. I knew the only thing going through her mind was all the ways to get the bitch back. Eri turned to look at me with a soft smile.

"Oh so you're the patient Yoichi bumped into then? He really likes you"  I perked up as my eyes lifted off the food and onto her.  Stabbing the biscuits with my fork was the only way I could keep it out of Kairi's face. 

"Really? I don't annoy the living day lights out of him?" I sighed slumping back into the chair. "Well that's a relief." 

She only smiled after taking a bite. "No, he really likes you even said something about being a younger version of me" She scratched her cheek a little. "Not sure what he means by that but he wouldn't give puppies to anyone how are they doing by the way?" I grinned and snickered a little when I saw Mai grumbling in the corner. Eri turned to look at her. "you know the deal darling straight A's like you promise your father in return for helping with the budget then you can pick a couple of your choosing from the pound, child and cat friendly requirement of course"

I blinked at her a little. Me? a younger version of her?  "You don't look like you could have been the hell raiser I currently am" Aika gave a small bow though.

 "Thank you and your family again for the donation"

"Yeah it saved our skin a ton" I added. "And  the puppies are doing awesome and getting along with my kitten misha too so that's a plus"

She only shrugged. "i'd ask but doctor/patient confidentiality, so only you're able to ask him, he certainly didn't call you any variation of hell raiser though. and that's good to hear, he was so proud of himself for thinking of using the pups as part of therapy" 

"He should be proud those puppies help tons!" I grinned "No matter how bad her day got..or how..troublesome some people got" I said wearily trying my best not to look at Kairi though I'm sure she knew I was talking about her.  "Snuggling with pups helped a ton...and well...I'm not exactly the calmest person in the world....or the most peaceful"

"Glad to hear it, Yoichi always puts so much into his patients so I like hearing about the results" Then she shrugged and mentioned how people tend to calm down after having kids. I only paled at that revelation. "I'm utterly doomed then but Yoichi's pretty much the best therapist I've ever had and he hasn't gotten fed up of me or judged me so much like my middle school counselors did."

She let out a laugh. "You never know Amaya, I'm very proud of him because he's a very good person and quite frankly I don't  know where I'd be without him"  I could practically feel the anger radiating from Kairi from afar. She looked very pleased with the conversation but I knew otherwise. She was absolutely furious that her attempts for me to cause a scene backfired like this and I was damn happy about that too."I was quite a different person before having the twins, never fancied myself a mother before I was pregnant with them and now my children are my world" she commented.

Taro raised an eyebrow mid way lifting his spoon. "How different?"

She waved her hand dismissively. "The past is in the past darling. I've changed" A small scoff was heard from her husband besides her. She only pouted before turning to him. "I have"

"I didn't say anything" he responded with a smirk before continuing his meal. My fear only deepened. While the spat with her husband was funny it did nothing to help. 

"My mom said the same thing about me and my sister....maybe if i say I want kids i'll escape...." She held her hand to her mouth as another laugh escaped. 

"Kids aren't for everyone but no one said you needed to change dear" I only rubbed my shoulder with a pout. No one said directly I needed to change but teachers all taught it. 

"It's not that I need to change...I just need to yah know calm down sometimes....well ...triple digits detentions from middle school don't exactly look good..I mean teachers decided whether to like me or not on the first day of high school"

She had a really pretty smile so it was good to see her do it often. "Well the puppies will help, they're like children in a sense" I thought on that for a while before crossing my arms in another pout. 

"I do like puppies..I could live with puppies..." She laughed at my reaction. Glad to know my horror amused her. The puppy idea wasn't a  bad one for the future though. Kairi shoulders seemed to tense up and I gave her a little smile. "I think you should get a bubble bath or something when you get home Kairi. You seem tense"

"I'll be sure to remember that suggestion" she said calmly. "Thank you" It's amazing how threatening a simple thank you could sound with the right pair of hatred emanating from her eyes. I've never felt more proud of myself and that was the honest truth. 

The dinner conversations lasted another thirty minutes or so before we had to leave. Eri had the limo drop us off at our individual houses since it was a tad late. I had no problems with that. I would consider the night to have been a mini success. Unfortunately while Jirou didn't seem to have a diary I may have won over his Mom which is always good and succeeded where Kairi obviously failed which made me feel even better. In fact I was in such a good mood I didn't punch out a few of her teeth the next day for dealing such a low blow at dinner, nope the utter realization her bitchy tactic only got me on Eri's good side was enough of a win for that week. 

The next day started out pretty mediocre. All of my prefects were late and Kairi wasn't in school that day. I snickered picturing her tearing her clothing apart at how bad her plan failed. Opening the locker door I started sorting out my books. 

 I didn't see just when Taro had ended up behind of me but luckily no one was around to see that startled jump. He raised an eyebrow me and I stared at him.

"That never happened" He only shrugged before I leaned against my locker door after closing it. 

"Are you sure you looked everywhere?" He started.

"Dude I'm a master diary finder. Ask, Saya, Daichi or Kiseki" or you. I wanted to say, I did take a second bathroom break and found Taro's journal though I figured to keep that to myself "I checked everywhere even the floorboards, see if there were any hidden compartments, false bottoms, believe me the places people hide their diaries can be unbelievable sometimes and I checked every one of them. The only weird part was the fact there was secret compartment in the wall behind his largest poster but all it had in were pictures and a few other stuff" I crossed my arms. "I didn't get why he went through the trouble putting that there......Thought for sure I had found it.."

"There are some pictures my dad definitely doesn't want around..even my'd make sense for him to hide those..I guess" he groaned. "That nunnery idea is sounding better by the second"

"Might be the only thing to cleanse him of whatever evil Kairi put on him maybe an exorcism or something" I finished arranging my bag and turned to meet him. "because I swear magic's the only way Jirou would ever fall for Kairi" His entire body seemed to tense as he looked straight at me. "What?"

"Say that again exactly how you said it"

"What?" I repeated.

"No. The thing before that"

"That magic was the only way Jirou would ever fall for Kairi?" I asked confusingly. He frowned his mind clearly elsewhere. "Um i'm not following how that's an idea"

"I got to go research some things now. Thanks" He practically power walked down the hall the way he was going so fast. 

"You're welcome?" I groaned. It seemed like my friends were losing their marbles far too quickly for me to catch them. 

Beyond the Veil C.18
Kairi's still my favorite character yah know lmfao ~ 

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Next chapter: 10/19/14

Aika Inuzuka - Aria-Abomination
Eri Sincera Jirou, Taro, Mai Uchiha - :iconaisteachsam:
Yuiko Uzumaki - CheshireNova
Amaya and Akina Shiranui, Kasume Aio, Kairi Hozuki, Harumi Yamanaka (c) Me
Ria Uzamaki, Madana Uchiha and Kiseki Uchiha - annria2002
Daichi Uchiha (c) ch3rryb3rry101
Saya (c) Pelissa

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