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"Holy crap its cold!" Ria whined as he clung onto his gray blanket for dear life, one thing he and his father shared besides their love for ramen and tendency to be hyper active both dreaded the snow. He just couldn't take the ice, the cold breezes, if weren't for gifts, food and mistletoes seeing two mismatched people bound together by a cursed plant they'd be nothing to look forward to.

"Quit your whining Ria, we have work to do" Amaya reminded as she playfully began pulling on the blanket, his grip on the warm sheet tightened and he ended up being pulled to the ground onto his side still holding onto it for dear life. "You've got to be kidding me, It's not that cold Ria"

"Says you! You're wearing a jacket!" He said his voice still in its whining tone making reference to her opened white long sleeve sweater.

"So are you" Remembering that he himself had been wearing a black long sleeved sweater closed along with froggy socks. 

"Mine's defective!" Groaning she brought up the strength to do once last yank by the arm to pull the Blonde boy out his warm corner.  "Nooooo" He complained clinging onto his blanket home.

"Do you wanna prepare for the party or do you want to stay in the corner all day" She saw the look of hesitation on the boy's face as his eyes wondered to each direction holding his chin his between his thumb and index finger. "That wasn't a real question" She said pulling the boy to his feet. "Now Madana and the others are going to be here soon, now, the three of us" she said making reference to herself his sister and Saya, "have already put up some of the decorations while Aika and the others went for more groceries, you better start helping before you become the main course understand?"

"Yes" He managed to squeak out, he understood why Amaya had been taking this party so serious, only once a year the teens were able to sneak out their parents family drama and reunions and have a party together, it was a nice way to hang out and have fun before the dreaded family reunions normally brought on by the Christmas season. And as much as Ria didn't mind it the only part of reunions he dreaded was the fact that his mother's half of the family scared him almost as bad as Sasuke did. Not to mention what happened last family reunion, he prayed mentally that Yuiko would manage to keep her cool around Hitoshi since Harumi had invited him this year, much to Amaya's dismay as well.
"Good boy now get to work, why don't you start with these" She said handing him a heavy box of ornaments and Christmas lights having his long pony tail in her hand. "Don't mess it up" She sang in a dangerous tone as she skipped away, her long brown hair which was loose was soon tied back into its normal braid and hung off her shoulder.  Regaining the color in his face after that chucky like tone Amaya gave him, he began putting up the ornaments, holding an ornament that resembled a wedge of cheese.  His pale lavender eyes stared at the ornament for a while and smiled to himself remembering a few months back when he and Madana had to go grocery shopping for cheese for the Konoha family gathering, which was even worse than the normal family reunions, people bragging and comparing their kids, boastfully fighting over whose better while the kids suffer in between caught up with parent drama, so being chosen to pick up extra groceries was everyone's main dream.
That was the first of the few following times he had been alone with Madana, there weren't many since Ria always had this growing fear that he was being watched, some would call it paranoia if Ria swore he saw Sasuke following him in either a car or hiding behind a buildings or even in bushes. 
Madana had been adopted from a young birth without her parents, Sasuke and his wife Sakura knowledge and it's because of this reason Sasuke had been so protective of her even though she might not of known it but she was happy with her current family and no one had knew besides her parents and Sasuke and Sakura. 
"Hey" "Ria heard a voice say behind him as he froze, realizing he had been staring at piece of fake cheese for the last few moments probably made him look crazy and branded his name on the menu for tonight. Turning around he gazed at the short, dark blue haired girl with onyx eyes, hair just above her shoulders wearing an orange open long sleeved jacket, white undershirt and socks, since shoes weren't allowed inside. His face burnt up as he wondered how long she had been standing there, if she had been watching him for the past few moments staring at practically nothing. 
"The cheese is a lie" He responding shaking as Madana titled her head to the side. 
"You're so weird" 
Ria laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his head "M-merry Christmas!" 
"Merry Christmas to you too" She replied standing to him "Need some help?" 
Together they began putting up Christmas lights onto door frames and window frames, both gazing outside at the snow falling outside, parents struggling as they held countless heavy bags of gifts that, Santa was going to present to the children Christmas morning. Children holding their parents hand, laughing, smiling and giggling as they slowly made their way home
. Ria sighed slightly gazing at the families as they passed, he couldn't help but wonder what would it have been like to have a family Christmas like that, throughout most of his childhood his father had always been busy and at work, even during the holidays. So he spent it mostly with his sister and mother, and other times with his mother's half of the family, he didn't mind it, he was just too used to it but seeing all these happy families, shopping together, he couldn't help but imagine what it would have been like to build a snow man with his dad, almost every year he would build them with Yuiko as their mother made hot chocolate in the kitchen. 
Realizing how Ria was gazing at the families as they passed by, Madana sighed taking out a tiny package out of her bag. She wasn't a person to be too into the holidays even though she had a great family Christmas when it wasn't reunion time but she knew that Ria resented his dad for not being there but she also knew the main reason was because he felt that he missed out on things in his childhood.
"Hey ria" 
Turning to face her he titled his head slightly "Yeah?"
"I got something for you" She started feeling her face burn slightly pink as she looked away, holding out the tiny red package from her bag. "I was going to give this to you on Christmas, but I don't know if my dad would let me leave~ especially since my mom's inviting uncle Yoichi this year so, it's not really much"
Rai's own face burn, mostly since he hadn't gotten her a gift as yet, he figured he had a few more days' time to even think about what he was getting, he didn't even know what to give his mother or Yuiko but he accepted the gift.

"What is it?"

"Just open it"

Nodding he opened the package to see a rare coupon for a year's supply of free ramen plus a shiver cheese chain with a note beside it saying "remember that day ". "W-ow, this is so great" he grinned capturing the tiny girl in a hug. "I love it!! I wish I had something to give you now" He whined slightly. Looking away slightly her face still as red as ever she nodded.

"Yeah yeah you can let go of me now"

Letting go he rubbed the back of his head. "S-orry, I'll get something to you I promise" 
"You don't have to" 

"But I want to, and you'll love it!" he grinned "Guaranteed!" Madana smiled and he gently smiled back soon after Yuiko hoped over to Ria, clearly hyper from sneaking pocky from the cupboards before the party started, her shoulder length pale blond hair with dark tips moving with every hop. 
"Nii-san are you done with the lights? Taro and the others are gonna be here soon!"
A sudden look of panic crossed his paled face as he recalled Amaya's previous threat. "Tell Amaya don't kill me and that I'll be finished in a minute"
"You want me to lie?" Yuiko chuckled as she pointed to the other room, no Christmas lights or decoration hung up as yet. "I can stall her in the kitchen with Daichi but you have a lot left Nii-san make It count"
Picking up the box from the floor he ran into the other room "I will!" He said as he quickly began putting up the decorations, Yuiko giggled before she walked away, standing in the doorway, Madana smiled looking at the blonde boy's actions.

"Merry Christmas Ria"

"Eh? Say something?
sjahdjshdsdsqad stupid artblock, i had this in the works since christmas weekend.

This is my late so so very late .
Christmas gift tooo :iconannria2002: Such an amazing hard worker and sweet amazingly funny person ;u; dun overwork urself!!

And i hope chu like it mama~ ;u;

I miss a good Ria X Madana stuff ..
LOL! i turned sasuke into a creeper

Btw this is the Family Reunion event that was talked about

Ria (c) *annria2002
Madana (c) Danna~
Yuiko (c) *CheshireNova
Amaya (c) me

-any errors i'll fix after some food :iconlazycryplz:-
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annria2002 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha i love it when ria shows sasukephobia! XD
;w; sweet SWEET madaria MOMENTZ and i miss them tooo!!!! just a lil more time imma get everything done and have my own sets of shiz posted again! ;w;

thank u so much for the gift!! i appreciated and LOVE this forever! i promise.. to get ur surprise soon too

muuch love! :heart:
uve done so much for me u dont know how grateful i am!!:iconlazycryplz:
CookieZoela Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
sjdhdadasasd a surprise? honey you don't have to really :icontearplz: im glad to help u out i know your life's a bit busy i just want people to understand that :iconcryforeverplz:
OTL I miss everythingg about thoosee buggers~ and nextt gen in generalll~ :iconmiseryplz:

ROFL ria will forever have sasukephobia :iconplanningplz:

Im soo glad chu like it :icontearplz: :icontearplz: :iconiomegacameplz:
annria2002 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
11dfhasdfakfas!!! reading it now******
CookieZoela Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
-runs and hides- :iconruncryplz:
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